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South Carolina Concealed Carry FAQ’s

Does South Carolina issue concealed carry permits?

South Carolina is a Shall Issue State and issues concealed weapons permits to residents of South Carolina as well as out-of-state/non-residents with exceptions. Non-residents must own property in South Carolina or if you are Military stations in South Carolina. If you are applying as a Non-resident and own property in South Carolina, you must fill out this form and have the Assessor sign it. Shall Issue means that the sheriff must issue you a permit even after meeting all requirements for an South Carolina Handgun Permit. The relevant South Carolina gun law can be read here.

South Carolina became a shall issue state in 1996.

Who issues South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits

South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits are issued by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). You can visit their Concealed Weapons Permit Program website here.

As of January 14, 2015, all renewals can be made online and soon new applicants will be able to apply online.

Are background checks required for a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit?

Yes, background checks are required when applying for an South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit.

Does having a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit exempt you from the background check when purchasing a firearm South Carolina?

Yes. Having a South Carolina Handgun License does exempt you from a National Instant Criminal System (NICS) check when purchasing a firearm.

How long is a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit valid for?

South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits are valid for 5 years if issued after February 11, 2014.

What is the processing time for a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit?

The processing time for new South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits is up to 90 days from the date they receive your application. For renewals, the processing time is up to 30 days.

How much does an South Carolina Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit cost?

The fee for a five year license (new or renewal ) is a $50 which can be a certified check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to SLED.

What are the requirements for a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit?

The following are requirements to obtain a South Carolina Handgun License:

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Complete an application signed by the applicant
  • Submit a photocopy of your driver’s license or photographic identification card
    • Photographic identification card must be issued by the state in which the applicant resides or by the Department of Revenue, a federal or state law enforcement agency, an agency of the United States Department of defense, or the United States Department of State.
  • Submit proof of residence if you are a Resident of South Carolina
    • You are considered a resident if you are present in South Carolina with the intention of making a permanent home in South Carolina or military personnel on permanent change of station orders.
  • Submit proof of ownership of real property in South Carolina if you are not a resident of South Carolina.  You must fill out this form and have the Assessor sign it.
  • Submit proof of actual or corrected vision rated at 20/40 within six (6) months of the date of application. (Not needed if you have a valid driver’s license.)
  • Submit proof of training
    • Original or certified copy of training certificate
      • Must be within three (3) years before filing an application
      • Shows that you successfully completed a basic or advanced handgun education course offered by a state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency or a nationally recognized organization that promotes gun safety
        • Must included information on the statutory and case law of South Carolina relating to handguns and to the use of deadly force
        • Must include information on handgun use and safety
        • Must include information on the proper storage practice for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that reduces the possibility of accidental injury to a child
        • Must involve the actual firing of the handgun in the presence of the instructor
    • Any military that can demonstrate the completion of basic military training provided by any branch of the United States military by submitting their DD214 form
    • Any retired law enforcement officer who produces proof that he is a graduate of the Criminal Justice Academy or that he was a law enforcement officer prior to the requirement for graduation from the Criminal Justice Academy
    • Any instructor certified by the National Rifle Association or another SLED-approved competent national organization that promotes the safe use of handguns
    • Any person who can demonstrate to the Director of SLED or his designee that he has a proficiency in both the use of handguns and state laws pertaining to handguns
    • Any active duty police handgun instructor
    • Any person who has a SLED-certified or approved competitive handgun shooting classification
    • Any member of the active or reserve military, or a member of the National Guard
  • Payment of the $50 application fee. This fee is waived for disabled veterans and retired law enforcement officers
  • Submit a complete set of fingerprints
    • Unless because of a medical condition verified in writing by a licensed medical doctor, a complete set of fingerprints is impossible to submit. In lieu of the submission of fingerprints, the applicant must submit the written statement from a licensed medical doctor specifying the reason or reasons why the applicant’s fingerprints may not be taken. If all other qualifications are met, the Chief of SLED may waive the fingerprint requirements of this item. The statement of medical limitation must be attached to the copy of the application retained by SLED. A law enforcement agency may charge a fee not to exceed five dollars for fingerprinting an applicant

How do I renew my South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit and what is the cost?

You can renew your South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit using the online form and the cost is $50. This fee is waived for disabled veterans and retired law enforcement officers. You will receive a notification about your permit expiring from the SLED at least thirty days before it expires via mail or online. You can also use the USA Carry Permit Reminder to help you remember to renew your permits, licenses and other items.

How do you change a name or address on an South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit?

You must notify SLED in writing within 10 days of your change of name or address along with a $5 fee. Failure to notify SLED is considered a misdemeanor with a $25 fine. Here is a link download the South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Duplication/Replacement form.

If I get arrested or convicted, do I have to notify the South Carolina State Police about the arrest or conviction?

You must surrender your South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit to SLED immediately if you become prohibited under state law from possessing a weapon. You also must surrender your permit if you are charged for an offense that, upon conviction, would prohibit the person from possessing a firearm. However, if the person subsequently is found not guilty of the offense, then his permit must be reinstated at no charge. A person who fails to surrender his permit in accordance with this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined twenty-five dollars.

If I move my permanent residence to another state, is my South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit still valid?

No. One you have moved your permanent resident to another state and no longer own real property in the State, the permit is revoked and you must surrender your South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit to SLED immediately. A person who fails to surrender his permit in accordance with this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined twenty-five dollars.

Can I transfer another state’s concealed carry permit or license to South Carolina?

South Carolina does not allow you to transfer another state’s concealed carry permit or license to South Carolina. You must apply for a new South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit.

Does South Carolina accept any other state's concealed carry permits or licenses?

Yes, South Carolina has reciprocity with and accepts resident permits of the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Idaho (Enhanced Only)
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming.

Do I need to inform Law Enforcement that I am carrying a concealed weapon?

Yes, as a permit holder you must have your permit in your possession whenever you are carrying a concealed weapon. You also must inform law enforcement that you are a permit holster and present the permit when he identifies himself as law enforcement and he requests your driver’s license. You can find a big discussion about informing LEO of concealed carry by clicking here.

Does South Carolina issue South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit to resident aliens with a green card?

Yes. South Carolina does issue South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits to lawful permanent resident aliens that have been deemed so by Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). You must provide your Alien # on the application along with a copy of your alien card.

What are the laws for carrying a firearm in an automobile in South Carolina?

You may carry concealed in a vehicle with an South Carolina Handgun License or a recognized state’s permit or license. Without a recognized license or permit, loaded handguns may be carried in a closed glove compartment. Rifles and shotguns may be loaded while in the trunk or passenger area unless you are in a state park, recreational area or wildlife area during hunting season. In this case, all long guns must be unloaded and secured in cases even if you have a permit.

What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in South Carolina?

The following is a list of places that are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in South Carolina:

  1. Law enforcement office or facility
  2. Detention or correctional facility
  3. Courthouse or courtroom
  4. Polling place on election days
  5. Office of or the business meeting the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special purpose district
  6. School or college athletic event not related to firearms
  7. Daycare or preschool facility
  8. Place where federal law prohibits the carrying of firearms
  9. Church or other established religious sanctuary unless express permission is given by the appropriate church official or governing body
  10. Medical services facilities unless expressly authorized by the employer.
  11. Place clearly marked with a sign prohibiting the carrying of a concealable weapon on the premises pursuant to Sections 23-31-220 and 23-31-235. Except that a property owner or an agent acting on his behalf, by express written consent, may allow individuals of his choosing to enter onto property regardless of any posted sign to the contrary. A person who violates a provision of this item, whether the violation is wilful or not, may only be charged with a violation of Section 16-11-620 and must not be charged with or penalized for a violation of this subsection.

Except as provided for in item (11), a person who wilfully violates a provision of this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not less than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, at the discretion of the court and have his permit revoked for five years.

What are the laws involving alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon in South Carolina?

You must not consume alcoholic liquor, beer, or wine while carrying a concealed weapon. You may carry in places that serve food or alcohol. USA Carry always recommends never to carry a firearm while drinking alcohol. Anyone caught drinking alcohol while carrying concealed will get their permit revoked for five years, plus face up to two years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

Does South Carolina have laws for No Gun signs?

Yes, No Gun signs have the force of law.

SECTION 23-31-235. Sign requirements.

  1. Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, any requirement of or allowance for the posting of signs prohibiting the carrying of a concealable weapon upon any premises shall only be satisfied by a sign expressing the prohibition in both written language interdict and universal sign language.
  2. All signs must be posted at each entrance into a building where a concealable weapon permit holder is prohibited from carrying a concealable weapon and must be:
    1. clearly visible from outside the building;
    2. eight inches wide by twelve inches tall in size;
    3. contain the words “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” in black one-inch tall uppercase type at the bottom of the sign and centered between the lateral edges of the sign;
    4. contain a black silhouette of a handgun inside a circle seven inches in diameter with a diagonal line that runs from the lower left to the upper right at a forty-five degree angle from the horizontal;
    5. a diameter of a circle; and
    6. placed not less than forty inches and not more than sixty inches from the bottom of the building’s entrance door.
  3. If the premises where concealable weapons are prohibited does not have doors, then the signs contained in subsection (A) must be:
    1. thirty-six inches wide by forty-eight inches tall in size;
    2. contain the words “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” in black three- inch tall uppercase type at the bottom of the sign and centered between the lateral edges of the sign;
    3. contain a black silhouette of a handgun inside a circle thirty-four inches in diameter with a diagonal line that is two inches wide and runs from the lower left to the upper right at a forty-five degree angle from the horizontal and must be a diameter of a circle whose circumference is two inches wide;
    4. placed not less than forty inches and not more than ninety-six inches above the ground;
    5. posted in sufficient quantities to be clearly visible from any point of entry onto the premises.

I am a South Carolina resident but am currently deployed with the Military. Can I still obtain a South Carolina Handgun License?

If you are deployed with the Military, in most cases you will have to wait to get home because you have to get fingerprinted and visit  your local law enforcement agency for approval. You may try contacting your local law enforcement agency to see if they can accommodate you while deployed.

South Carolina Concealed Carry Maps


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  • Leroy Sumter

    What do you mean?  SC RES OERMITS ONLY:??

    • Anonymous

      What is your question in reference to?

  • Leroy Sumter

    I owned property in Rembert, SC.  I am a (Florida Resident) and resides in Ft Walton Beach, Fl.  I am a retired military member and have a conceal Weapon Permit from the State of Florida.  What do I need to obtain a Conceal Permit from South Carolina?  .   

    • Rion

      if this has not already been answered, you will need the fingerprint cards, a copy of the tax form for the property and possibly a deed to the land, and the application form and proof af training.

    • avtx1300

      SC honors your Florida permit.

  • Leroy Sumter

    I owned property in Rembert, SC.  I am a (Florida Resident) and resides in Ft Walton Beach, Fl.  I am a retired military member and have a conceal Weapon Permit from the State of Florida.  What do I need to obtain a Conceal Permit from South Carolina?  .   

  • Anonymous

    I need to change my address on my CWP in SC . Dose anybody know how I do that ?

    • 10412Tom

       Write a letter to SLED and tell them old and new addresses, and I recommend a copy of the face of your SC CWP be included.  Mail it to: SLED Data Center, P.O. Box 21398, Columbia, S.C. 29221‐1398

    • I just posted the link on the SLED webpage of the form to fill out.

  • Tplace1

    I will be traveling from PA (where I have a ccw, which SC does not honor) to GA in a few weeks.  My question is: what is the law in SC regarding transportation of a weapon through the state?  If I’m reading the law correctly, as long as it is in a locked glove box it can be loaded.  Anyone know for sure?

    • BorderSniper

      That is absolutely correct.  You can even keep it in the console as long as it is closed.  I bought a push button lock box with a steel cord tether and keep it on the floor behind the passenger seat for when I drive through SC.  Reduces time spent securing it if i have to jump out quickly and push button code means easy access in an emergency.

    • Mickeys

       If it is in the glove box, or console, it does not have to be locked and can be loaded. 

    • scresident

      no lock required. Only a latchable compartment…its a 2 step rule….step 1 – unlatch/open compartment….step 2 hands on loaded and cocked weapon.

  • Luke

    I live and work in SC.  I carry money from one business to another.  Do I need a concealed Weapon Permit to keep a loaded gun in my console?

    • Matt Smith

      No, the law states a “closed console” although some local jurisdictions take that to mean “locked”

  • Tim

    Another place off-limits when carrying is any placed licensed to serve alcoholic beverages on premises. 

    • Ryanard

      So NO Carry in Applebees, Chilis, or other type of resturants that sell beer and wine????

      • Correct Ryanard, As of now 7/25/2012 you can NOT carry in any place that servers alcohol for consumption on premises.

      • SCSLEDinvestigator


        • Rich

          CONCEALED is the key word

      • Jesse Johnson

        Well not anymore as of Feb 2014 so long as you do not drink while there and I think you cannot sit at the bar.

        • avtx1300

          Can sit anywhere you want as long as you do not consume alcohol.

          • Tish Todd

            So, just to be extra clear……I CAN conceal carry while in Copper River, Applebee’s, etc….?

          • Jesse Johnson

            There is no reason to get a VA permit if you live here in SC and have an SC permit we have reciprocity with VA. You can get a non resident VA permit though and there is pretty much nothing you can do about getting a permit in MD and really nothing in DC. Even if you lived in DC it is almost impossible so they def aren’t issuing them to any non residents. The law has been passed you can def carry into restaurants that serve alcohol just can’t drink while you are there.

    • Tinymane72

      Not completely true. If its an eating establishment that has a bar in it like Applebee’s outback or others like these you can still carry. Just not a Place who’s main business is the sale of alcohol

      • SCSooner

        False, in SC cant carry in those places.

        • Sabbyk

          I just took my CWP  and I asked that specific question and the answer was YOU CANNOT carry a weapon in the premises that sales alcohol for comsumption ON THE PREMISES.  I asked specifically Applebee’s and was told absolutely NOT.  So SCSooner is correct. 

      • Tinymane72 you are incorrect. What you are stating is what the current BILL in the house states. It has not been passed yet.
        As of now 7/25/2012 you can NOT carry in any place that servers alcohol for consumption on premises no matter how much food they sell. If you can open a beer top inside you better not have a gun in there.

        • avtx1300

          It has been passed now. Signed into law Feb 11,2014

    • john

      It says any place where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed. So that means the alcohol has to be both sold and consumed on site. Walmart and other places that simply sale alcohol are not off limits for concealed carry.

  • Bairdsamueld

    i am NC resident Stationed in SC, i am active duty USMC…i have SC CCP.. so am i legal to carry concealed in FLA?

    • darkhorse

      Your situation is a bit different.  You say you’re a NC resident stationed in SC, but have a SC  permit, so:
      1.  As a NC resident, you’d have to own property in SC to get a permit (it would be a non-resident permit)
      2.  A SC non-resident permit would not be honored in FL (they honor SC resident permits only)
      3.  If you have a NC permit, it would be honored by SC and FL
      4.  I believe most states would honor your resident NC or SC permit (whichever one you have) because you’re active duty military. Best to check, just to make sure 

  • Wyndee54

    Well i am a 23 year old female.. It says u have to own property in SC.. I dont own any property. Can i still get a CWP?

    • Uswards

       Sorry u can’t get a permit without owning property in SC

      • Cofferyb

        not true, i have mine and i dont own property in SC 

        • SB

          How did you go about getting it?

          • Jesse Johnson

            You do not have to own property to get a resident permit but you must be a resident of SC, if you are a non resident and want a non resident permit the only way its possible is if you own land here. Either way both have to take the same class. When I took mine years ago there was a few couples that were from NY and wherever else up north that owned condos or whatever vacation property here since I live in Myrtle Beach and since they owned that property they could get the non resident permit.

      • This is not true Uswards

      • SCSLEDinvestigator

        NOT TRUE my friend. The SC gun laws do not contain any reference to a person’s requirement to own real property in our state for the purposes of obtaining a SC CWP.
        Please do your research before posting incorrect information. I sincerely hope that the person you were foolishly responding to didn’t actually listen to you and NOT get their Permit.
        Shame on you if they did!

        • doodfus


          Non Resident Permit/License is Valid in:


          Non Resident Permit/License is Valid in:

          AK, AL, AR, AZ, DE, IA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NM, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WV, WY

          Non residents who own property in South Carolina and certain Military Personnel can now apply for a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit. Contact SLED or visit their web site to see what other requirements you must meet. Emergency permits are available to those who can prove need no matter their state of resident even if they don’t have property in South Carolina but are present in South Carolina.

          Section 23-31-210.

          Non residents who own property in South Carolina and certain Military Personnel can now apply for a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit. Contact SLED or visit their web site to see what other requirements you must meet. Emergency permits are available to those who can prove need no matter their state of resident even if they don’t have property in South Carolina but are present in South Carolina.

          Section 23-31-210.

          Section 23-31-210.

          . As Used in This Article:

          (1) ‘Resident’ means an individual who is present in South Carolina with the intention of making a permanent home in South Carolina or military personnel on permanent change of station orders.

          (2) ‘Qualified nonresident’ means an individual who owns real property in South Carolina, but who resides in another state.

          (1) ‘Resident’ means an individual who is present in South Carolina with the intention of making a permanent home in South Carolina or military personnel on permanent change of station orders.

          (2) ‘Qualified nonresident’ means an individual who owns real property in South Carolina, but who resides in another state.

        • SB

          I just got off the phone with SLED and the woman on the phone said that the Non-Resident has to own property in order to get a CWP. I’m trying to get my girlfriend (who is an NJ resident) a CWP. How would she get one if she doesn’t own property?

    • Jkwinters64

       Are you a RESIDENT of South Carolina?  If you reside in South Carolina and have a South Carolina Drivers License, you’re good to go.  If you reside in another state, then they may recognize your license, but will not issue you a non-resident license.

    • Mickeys

      You do not have to own property. You do have to be 21 years of age and live in South Carolina. All my family have permits, but I own the property.

    • darkhorse

      If you’re a resident of SC you don’t have to own property.  If you’re a non-resident of SC and you want to get a non-resident permit, you have to own property in SC.

      • SCSLEDinvestigator


    • Jr

       Yes you can as long as you are SC resident

    • SCSLEDinvestigator

      Well, you have at least one of the qulifications needed for a CWP. You are at least 21 years of age. Additionally, you must meet the guidelines and qualifications setforth by SC Legislation. Look on SLED’s website for details.
      Hope this helps.:-)

    • If you live in SC, yes. The requirement to own property in SC is for those who do not live in SC but want an SC non-resident CWP.

  • jesse irby

    am i ineligible for a concealed weapons permit due to a minor traffic offence

    • darkhorse



      traffic offenses dont make you ineligible,  only felonies and violent crimes.

    • RDS

      I had the same issue, I just received mine, You just have to go to the court house and they will provide you with proof that everything has been settles and taken care of, forget what its called but call sled and they will tell you everything you have to have to resolve the issue

  • Eastag

    I will be traveling from Pennsylvania to South Carolina staying in a condo in Hilton Head.  Am I legal to keep my gun in the condo in S.C.?

    • darkhorse

      SC does not recognize a PA permit.

    • 10412Tom

       You may have a gun in your condo, and in South
      Carolina anyone who may legally own a gun may carry it in either the glove
      compartment or the console compartment in an automobile. SC Code SECTION 16-23-20 (9)a.

      You may NOT carry concealed on your person unless you have a permit from SC or
      from a state with which SC reciprocates.    Since SC does not currently reciprocate with PA, you may not carry concealed in SC.

      • Starrfish

         Check the regs of the states you are passing through too. NC wants weapon visable in vehicle, NOT in glove box. Each state is different, best to know each laws for transporting.

  • Guest

    I just realized that my SC CWP expired in June.  I can’t renew online because it’s been more than 60 days, but will I need to take the class again?


      dont think you need to retake the training, you will however need to reapply

  • Rs4010

    Hello I am from NC. I just got my CCH. If I came to SC and wanted to unholster my new gun and show it to my brother. In a public parking lot would that be a vilation? thanks  

    • scooter

      you do not need to pull your gun out in public. if you do it to save your life. in sc the law is to keep your gun from being seen.


      its a “concealed” weapons permit,  show it to someone in your home,  dont be pulling guns out in public unless you are about to use it to protect yourself.

  • Lkurgan7788

    Is a sneaky Pete cell phone like holster legal in sc

    • If you have a CWP and the pistol is concealed then yes. There is no requirement for “how” it must be concealed.

  • Wiredbymike

    what does SC RES mean?

    • screisident

      reciprocity…..i.e. other states that will honor your home state’s permit.

  • Chrstnmsc9

    I have my SC Concealed Weapons Permit. Must travel to GA for work — possibly will be working there a couple of months. i would like to carry a gun for protection, but have been unable to find laws related to this. SC CWP is not recognized in GA. Can I still carry a gun if I keep it locked in my glove compartment?

    • avtx1300


    • Jesse Johnson

      You can still carry in the glove box but you would be far better off just getting a UT, or FL non resident permit then you can carry on you’re person when in GA. No big deal just sign up for a UT class offered all over and I think the price was $50 to UT with the fingerprint cards, photo, proof of taking the class from a certified instructor. My class was $100 but prices will vary with whoever you take the class with.

  • Missyseal1

    my permit will expire next month…..will i receive anything in the mail to renew my permit

    • No, it is up to you to know when you are expiring and submitting your renewal. They do not send you notification that it will expire.

      • Missyseal1

        Thank you. Wasn’t sure what i needed to do.

    • Missyseal1

      Thank you.  Wasn’t sure what I needed to do.


  • Owenmarkcowen29

    I know that in GA if you are a member of the military you can carry without an actual permit. Is the same true in south carolina?

    • Jesse Johnson


  • Jla66

    Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:
    A permit holder must inform a law enforcement officer of the fact that he is a permit holder and present the permit identification card when an officer (1) identifies himself as a law enforcement officer and (2) requests identification or a driver’s license from a permit holder. IS THIS STILL TRUE?  Can the officer during a stop take my gun from my glove box without my premission and take it to his vehicle while writting up a ticket?

    • Sidearmer

      I’d like to know that as well. I was pulled over by a rogue cop in Campobello, SC. I gave the office my license and my CWP. He asked to see my gun and took it! When he returned it, he had completely unloaded every bullet from the clip!
      Is that lawful?

      • avtx1300

        Yes it is lawful. The officer can take any steps he feels is necessary to insure his safety while you are detained and he is not required to reload your weapon for you.



      • CWP HOLDER

        They may ask you but ultimately it is your decision. If you refuse, they may ask you to exit the vehicle and have you stand in plain view. Officers in SC are mostly pro CC. They will respect you as long as you remain respectable towards them and they have no reason to believe that you pose a threat. Granted, if you appear upset that you were pulled over, the situation may change and the officer may become concerned for the safety of both parties. The thing to remember is that the officer is in charge and the laws governing your permit read that way. Be safe, keep calm and listen to the officer. The officer has no right to disarm you unless you give them good reason to.

  • Wayne

    Can I carry my pistol on my belt while driving a car ?

    • scooter

      if you have a cwp and your pistol is not showing.

    • If you have a CWP yes.

    • SCSLEDinvestigator

      Both Paul and Scooter are correct. In order to carry your handgun on your person while operating a motor vehicle, you must be a current lawful SC CWP holder or a legal resident of a state that has recipricoty with our state’s CWP laws. The weapon must be covered by clothing. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! IF YOU HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR SIDEARM AND FIRMLY ON THE STEERING WHEEL. TELL THE OFFICER THAT YOU ARE A CWP HOLDER AND THAT YOU HAVE A GUN, YOUR CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT AND PROPER PHOTO IDENTIFICATION ON YOUR PERSON. ASK THE OFFICER- “WHAT WOULD YOU
      The officer that you are interacting with is now at ease. In my experience, most officers are very appreciative of your going above-and-beyond to put them at ease.
      **Quick Tip- I have encountered many, many people who are only given a warning vs. a hight dollar ticket for being astute, respectful and honest with us.

      • Danny

        concealed on or about his person, and he has a valid concealed weapons permit. does this mean that I can have my weapon concealed in a seat next to me?

    • CWP carrier

      If you don’t have CWP you can still carry only if you are going to or from hunting/fishing in south Carolina

  • guest

    I have a North Carolina concealed handgun permit and will be vacationing in South Carolina. SC does honor my permit, but can I carry my handgun concealed into the resort I am staying in.

    • SCCCWholder

      Yes, you can carry into your room because when you pay for that room you are the resident of that room during your stay. You can carry your handgun any place on the resort except for the resort bar (if it has one) or areas marked with legal signs saying you cannot carry concealed. Just because there is a sign up does not mean it is legal binding. Look up the SC requirements for sign size and wording. There is even a certain color and style I think SC requires the sign to be. A hand writen, computer printed, and/or any other sign that does not match the SC sign requirement is not legal binding.

      • SClegal

        SCCCWholder is right. It’s this section below in SC.
        SECTION 23-31-235. Sign requirements.
        (A) Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, any requirement of or allowance for the posting of signs prohibiting the carrying of a concealable weapon upon any premises shall only be satisfied by a sign expressing the prohibition in both written language interdict and universal sign language.
        (B) All signs must be posted at each entrance into a building where a concealable weapon permit holder is prohibited from carrying a concealable weapon and must be:
          (1) clearly visible from outside the building;
          (2) eight inches wide by twelve inches tall in size;
          (3) contain the words “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” in black one inch tall uppercase type at the bottom of the sign and centered between the lateral edges of the sign;
          (4) contain a black silhouette of a handgun inside a circle seven inches in diameter with a diagonal line that runs from the lower left to the upper right at a forty five degree angle from the horizontal;
          (5) a diameter of a circle; and
          (6) placed not less than forty inches and not more than sixty inches from the bottom of the building’s entrance door.
        (C) If the premises where concealable weapons are prohibited does not have doors, then the signs contained in subsection (A) must be:
          (1) thirty six inches wide by forty eight inches tall in size;
          (2) contain the words “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” in black three inch tall uppercase type at the bottom of the sign and centered between the lateral edges of the sign;
          (3) contain a black silhouette of a handgun inside a circle thirty four inches in diameter with a diagonal line that is two inches wide and runs from the lower left to the upper right at a forty five degree angle from the horizontal and must be a diameter of a circle whose circumference is two inches wide;
          (4) placed not less than forty inches and not more than ninety six inches above the ground;
          (5) posted in sufficient quantities to be clearly visible from any point of entry onto the premises.

      • AMEN, so many people don’t know about the sign requirements. I ignore those printed and non legal signs.

        • SCSLEDinvestigator

          THANK YOU MY FRIEND. Personally, I wouldn’t do business with anyone who will not allow me to exercise my Constitutional rights. As a former small business owner myself, I am comforted by the knowledge that those around me are also Law-Abiding, Upstanding citizens who carry!

  • Is it hard to obtain a Carry Permit in the state of SC?

    • sc resident

      no. SC is a “must issue” state. So if your not a felon and dont have domestic violence charges they “must issue” you a permit….and they will.

  • Steve Bales

    I hold a Nebraska permit. I will be heading to SC in September. All of the states I will be pasing through honor my permit except SC. What, if any options do I have?

    • scresident

      put it in you glove compartment til your out of the state

    • NC-Medic

      Federal law trumps state law. Glove compartment is not allowed because it is within reach of the driver and passengers. You need to have it unloaded and secured in the trunk or if no trunk it must be unloaded and secured in a lock box that is out of reach of the driver and any other passengers in the vehicle. This law is in effect so long as it is legal for you to poses the weapon at both ends of your trip.

      • Jomomma

        Not true in SC. You CAN have a gun loaded and in your glove box or center console. You DO NOT need a permit to do this. Also if you are on a motorcycle you can have it in your saddle bags or tool bag as long as the bag or pouch is attached to the bike and not the person. So if traveling through SC, just put in in your glove box. It does not need to be unloaded or locked.

  • Green

    I have a military concealed weapons permit in SC I was just stationed in NC how can I get my permit transferred to NC because this is where I will be living for some years, does anyone know?

  • Firefighter20711

    I may be moving to south Carolina in the near future. Does south Carolina honor pennsylvania’s conceal permit? If not could I use my pa act 235 card as identification for training so I can obtain a permit in south Carolina?

    • avtx1300

      No and no. You must have a certificate of training from an approved SC instructor to obtain a SC permit.

  • Guest

    I live in SC. I was followed to my car by much older man the other night and he tried to trap me when I was getting in my car. The cop that is paid to patrol my work was not there and didn’t call to let us know he decided not to show. Luckly, I escaped, but now I’m considering getting a carriers and a gun. I work in GA. If I was to get my carriers and had to remove it from my glove box to use it for self defense, would I be doing something illegal? 

    • Jomomma

      You CAN legally defend yourself in SC. They have a Castle Doctrine (right to protect your property and family while in your home) , a stand your ground law (you have no obligation to retreat from a threat) and a alter ego rule (you can intervene on behalf of someone else being assaulted.)

    • No, At that point a self defense element kicks in.

  • casselman1

    Today is the 90th from the day that SLED received my CWP app. Did not come in the mail today, I called SLED and the lady stated that they have not got the info back from the FBI yet! I was under the understanding that they had 90 to issue. I have no record what so ever not even a speeding ticket. She told me that they had to get my info back from the FBI before my CWP would be issued. Also my dad is in the same boat, we sent off and they received both on the same day. Can someone shed some light on this.

    • SCSLEDinvestigator

      There is a new number to call for more difficult questions like yours.
      This is the extension that SLED has recently implemented to deal with
      Concealed Weapons Permits, Security Guard, and Private Investigator Questions.
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Do you recognize T.N Carry Gun Permit?

  • RDS

    What exactly does SC Rres mean? I have my SC CWP, can I carry in florida??

    • avtx1300


  • fubar

    I have a sc cwp do I have to have my pistol in my pocket without a holster?

    • fubar

      Sorry worded that wrong i meant do I have to have in a holster?

      • No you don’t. It just has to be hidden by the normal wearing of clothing.

        • SCSLEDinvestigator

          “Printing” is absolutely in S.C.
          This refers to the outline that is made by a firearm when clothing is over it. As long as the weapon is covered, your are fine.

  • I’m looking to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon in SC and am having trouble locating a place I can go to for the training near Blacksburg SC.

    • avtx1300

      Jimmy Henson

  • I only have a PA CWP and am wondering if I am allowed to have a loaded pistol in my glove box while in SC?

    • avtx1300


  • I own property in SC and have a CWP in PA am I permitted to Carry a fire arm while on my property and does it have to be concealed?

    • avtx1300

      You can carry on your property, open or concealed.

  • Allan deValinger

    I am 100% totally and perm- disabled.. How easy can i get a Lic. for my protection. I was 22 years Military, 5 years Corrections, and 5 years concealed weapons security Officer,and sled certified 1 for Security Training.. All of my disabilities are Combat related….

    • If you can sit though the 8 hours course you’re good.

  • superspaztastic

    Um.. i was just trying to figure out what does south carolina have that is so amazing that other states in the US didnt have

    • avtx1300

      Not having you would be a good start.

    • Jamie Boo

      South Carolina has smiling faces and beautiful places.

  • ding

    I am going to be going on vacation to mrytle beach. I am from ohio. is my ccw permit good in SC

    • avtx1300


  • dudeincharleston

    i was convicted of a drug felony in 1993. served 3 years of a 10 year sentence. got parole and finished. no problems since then. have a new life now and want to have my gun rights restored. how would i go about this? any help is great. thanks.

    • google SC Pardon Process and fill out the form and hope for the best.

  • A few mistakes above, SC does not allow open carry at ANY public areas, (At this time) only on your own property. It is being considered. Just recently passed, Permit carriers CAN have pistols on School property as long as it is in a glove box or center console. This only applies to CWP holders. You also no longer have to present your CWP along with your drivers license to a law officer unless you are actually carrying at the time you are asked. If you are NOT carrying you only have to show your drivers license. Also recently passed anyone 18 or older can be in possession of a pistol in their glove box or center console BUT can not carry or obtain a carry permit. They also can NOT purchase a pistol at 18. sounds silly but a father or someone 21 or older would have to give as a gift or do a private sell.

  • Jmurray

    I am traveling to florida with my family and I have a CWP can I carry my sidearm on me from South Carolina to Floridaand what should I do about Georgia

    • avtx1300

      In Georgia you can carry the weapon anywhere inside the vehicle and on your person but I think it cannot be in plain sight, not sure.

  • Bill LaCasse

    I am about to get my CWP. I travel to Florida for vacation and visiting family. I am not sure I understand the reciprocity stipulation, SC Res Permit Only. Can anyone explain that to me? Also, I see that Georgia does not honor a SC permit. May I still have a weapon in my vehicle as I drive thru Georgia to Florida if it is in the glove box?

    • avtx1300

      Florida does not honor SC non resident permits. If you are a SC resident you are good. You may have a weapon inside your vehicle in Georgia.

  • Aaron

    I was a resident in Ohio before moving down here to South Carolina. I am a permanent resident and i was wondering if i need a new permit for SC, or if i can temporarily use my OH permit until I can obtain a SC permit. I have seen that SC honors OH permits and vise versa will i need to obtain a SC permit before i carry concealed?

  • Aaron

    Sorry if i have posted twice (didnt see my first post) I was a resident in Ohio who moved to SC. I seen that SC honors OH permits and vise versa, does this mean i have the ability to Carry concealed temporarily in SC until i can obtain a SC CWP? Or am i doomed to being unarmed until then? (i do not currently own a handgun but looking to get one due to two attempted muggings i had in downtown Greenville and near my apartment complex.)

    • avtx1300

      SC has a grace period, not sure of the time.

  • Cynth2001

    What is the process to transfer a concealed carry permit from Tennessee to South Carolina or do I need to reapply?

    • Mel

      To obtain a SC CCW you’ll need to fulfill the SC requirements (resident, training, vision, fingerprints, forms, etc).

  • I’m a veteran with 30% disability. Do I have to pay the SLED fee?

    • Disabled vets do not have to pay the SLED fee; however, one must still send in the application form with proof of disability.

  • In reference to the states where permit’s are honored, does that mean my state’s CWP is all that’s needed to carry in those states? thx

    • avtx1300


  • Thunderman189

    I am a veteran, my job was a cop in the af. Do I need to go to a cwp class?

    • avtx1300


  • Reed Parker

    Recently I moved from Casper, Wyoming to Beaufort, SC and have a concealed weapons permit from Wyoming. My permit expired and I called SLED to inquire about getting a current SC permit since SC supposidly reciprocates with WY with CWPs. The lady at SLED informed me that I would be requirred to apply for a SC permit, take the training, be fingerprinted, etc., etc. and that basically my WY permit meant nothing. She said this was SC law. If this is the case SC should NOT be allowed to represent itself as a state which reciprocates. Can someone shed some light on this situation and tell me just why I must go through the entire process of obtaining a CWP since there is already documentation of my fingerprints, training, background check, photo, etc. on file in WY that could easily transferred to SC?

    • Mel

      Since you’re no longer considered a resident of Wy and you are considered a resident of SC, you have to satisfy the SC law to obtain a SC resident CCW.

    • mike

      and you let your permit expire. anyone would have to go through the whole process again

  • J.T.

    @1e328ac98035bf71d189ebea3c14d4ef:disqus . The problem is not South Carolina, the problem was yours. YOU let your permit expire. The state will do the same thing to SC residents that let his or her permit expire. If you don’t like it here move back to where you came from.

  • safeshooter

    I have my SC CWP and drive a lot because of work. I sometimes find it uncomfortable riding distances with an IWB or pocket holster. I know non-CWP citizens must store their firearm in closed containers, but as a CWP holder, can I put my firearm in another location in the vehicle so long as it is concealed from plain site or must it be on my person at all times?

    • avtx1300

      If it is not concealed on your person then it has to be in the prescribed locations in the vehicle. Glove box, console or rearmost luggage compartment.

      • Danny

        Avtx1300, I was told a story by my SC CWP instructor about a woman being arrested in Sc that had a CWP because she had her coat only laying over her gun and if she had her gun in her coat pocket laying on the seat then she would have been legally carrying. Is this true? Does SC law say the gun can be on or about your person?

        • avtx1300

          SECTION 16-23-20. Unlawful carrying of handgun; exceptions.

          (9) a person in a vehicle if the handgun is:

          (a) secured in a closed glove compartment, closed console, closed
          trunk, or in a closed container secured by an integral fastener and
          transported in the luggage compartment of the vehicle; however, this
          item is not violated if the glove compartment, console, or trunk is
          opened in the presence of a law enforcement officer for the sole purpose
          of retrieving a driver’s license, registration, or proof of insurance;

          (b) concealed on or about his person, and he has a valid concealed
          weapons permit pursuant to the provisions of Article 4, Chapter 31,
          Title 23;

          The way I read the law concealed “on or about” the person should include under her coat on the seat beside her. It is up for interpretation and I am not a lawyer but I personally think she could beat the charge in court because of the way the law is written. Some police officers are very professional and make sure that they have grounds for a charge before the issue, others do not. I heard a South Carolina deputy sheriff state on TV news that “a person must have a permit to be in possession of a firearm outside their house” which is totally untrue. I think the lady should retain a lawyer and take the case to court.

  • steve

    I have an Indiana resident permit. I’ve had it about 2 yrs. I also have a FL non-resident permit I’ve had for about 7 yrs. Since both are current, will I have a problem when I move back to SC in a year? Or will it be a “from scratch” moment? Also FL is GREAT with their CCW’s!! They send you a package 90 days ahead of expiration with everything you need to renew! The latest CCW laws for the state, the application paperwork, even the fingerprint card!

    • avtx1300

      South Carolina does not honor Indiana permits nor Florida non resident permits.

  • Dom R

    Can I have a shot gun on my boat without a NC permit, when passing through the state?

  • Ready6Delta

    I am from Washington State but active duty military and just PCS to Fort Jackson, SC. I just took the CWP course over at Palmetto State Armory and submitted my packet with all necessary documentation 30 days ago. I just got a letter saying I need a proof of residence and a SC drivers license? I was under the impression my orders and ID covered me for this? Do I need to get a SC drivers license or am I covered with my orders and ID’s?

    • avtx1300

      Even though you are stationed in SC your state of residence is Washington. SC has no provisions for out of state residents serving in the military.

  • jdot

    What if I just got out of the Army and was a Combat Engineer, Do I need to retrain again?

    • Jesse Johnson

      You must take the class with a certified instructor like everybody else.

  • curiosenlisted

    At 18 can you obtain a carry permit if you are in the military

    • avtx1300

      No. must be 21.

  • chris w.

    is there any way to get a non resident permit if your family lives in the state? Can i still carry in my glove box or open carry?

    • avtx1300

      You must own property to get a non resident permit. You can still carry in your glovebox or console but NOT open carry.

  • Hope

    What if i just realized my SC CWP has expired? I never thought about it.

  • smbonadies

    I just moved down to SC a few months ago from VA and had my VA CCW permit. In VA, we could use a Hunter Safety Course or a CCW Course in order to apply for the permit. I didn’t take the CCW course – I did the Hunter Safety Course instead, so I don’t have the certificate from a CCW course. Do I need to take a CCW course to get my SC permit or is there a way that I could transfer my permit from VA to SC?

    • avtx1300

      You cannot transfer the permit. You must take the full qualification course to get the SC permit.

  • SLE

    Can you carry on an expired permit, just 10 days past expiration, if you are still in good standing and the renewal payment and process has already been completed online? Thanks.

    • scooter_biggs

      Per SLED, the answer is no. If your CWP is expired you cannot carry regardless of renewal status until you receive your permit. Currently, they are exceeding the 90 day window for renewals which sucks.

      • Jesse Johnson

        At least now the state is mailing out notices for your’e renewal. I know my next door neighbor got a letter few days ago and guess I have to renew next year mine expires Feb 8th. I know his wife lost her permit and they told her she could keep carrying at least that is what she told me. She actually got a letter from SLED with her permit yesterday when I was out there talking to them when she opened the letter the permit was some 75 year old man.

      • Jesse Johnson

        My renewal in Feb 2015 took about 10 days. You can carry past the expiration as well and can still renew online I think up to 60 days past it expires, then you have to mail in a form to renew I believe. I never got a notice in the mail like I thought you were supposed to know my neighbor did. I almost forgot and did the renewal online 10 days before it expired and I got it back on my birthday the day it expired it is def not taking over 90 days that is only for first time applicants not renewals.

  • equipmonk

    Hi, I live in Charlotte but found a Groupon for a CCW course in Rock Hill, SC. Does it matter that I’m not an SC resident? Will I be fine to carry in both states?

    • avtx1300

      If you live in Charlotte then you must get a North Carolina CWP. You must own property in SC to get a non resident permit. The NC permit is honored in SC.

  • Danny

    Why isn’t Florida included on the map for SC reciprocity law state?

    • Danny

      There’s obviously some updating that needs to be done

  • Country1991

    I live in nc but I’m planing a trip to myrtle beach soon with a group of friends a few of us have concealed carry permit from nc will we be able to carry in sc?

    • avtx1300


  • Tammy

    We own homes & property in SC & TX. Our residence is TX. If I get a non-resident SC CWP can I buy a handgun in SC? We are working here & don’t get to go home to TX very often.

    • avtx1300

      Yes, you can purchase a handgun in SC.

  • curious and safe

    I have a conviction of deadly conduct (discharge of a firearm within the city limits) in Texas. my probation was succesfully completed in 20023. I have since purchased a registed pistol. Does this conviction prevent me from obtaining a concealed handgun permit in South Carolina where I now reside?

    • avtx1300

      Depends. Was your conviction a felony or misdemeanor? If it was a felony you must have your record expunged before you can legally possess a firearm much less get a CWP.

  • BiGGRiGTrucker

    As a new CWP holder, I am having a hard time understanding all these rules and regulations. As a truck driver, I would like to know if I would be able to have a handgun in my vehicle as I travel through states such as GA, NC, TN, KY, IN, IL, WI, AL, MS?

    • avtx1300

      ICC regulations prohibit the carrying of weapons in regulated vehicles.

      • avtx1300

        On further investigation into the subject I found that there is no federal regulation that prohibits carrying a weapon in a commercial vehicle, the fed. gov. lets the states regulate weapons in vehicles. I checked with SLED and the SCDOT and they both told me that a commercial vehicle operator are subject to the same laws as a private individual storing a handgun in a vehicle. The only difference is that your boss can fire you for it if he wants. Different states will vary.

    • scooter_biggs

      You might as well forget Illinois and just reroute to avoid the state entirely.

      • Jonathan Lynch

        As of this year, Ill has passed a Conceal Permit Law and does issue now. Not that i would EVER live there ! Out-of-State Residents…$300 for permit. Residents…$150. And 2 eight hour classes are required. Unless you are a current license holder in your own state and you want an Ill one, then you get credit for 1 eight hour class.

  • Ron Marshall

    I have an Ohio CCW, can I legally cary in S.C. to visit my relation ?

    • avtx1300

      Yes. SC and Ohio honors each others permits.

  • Artyman

    Some states will only allow the CWP holder to carry a firearm of the same caliber or smaller than the weapon used during the training for the CWP. Does South Carolina have similar restrictions?

    • avtx1300

      No. You can carry any weapon that meets the state requirement for “”concealable weapon”.

  • Hyun Kim

    I’m currently enlisted in U.S. Marine Corps and currently stationed in Portsmouth, VA. My home of record is South Carolina. That means I’m a resident right? And can someone explain what I need in simple words please? Thank you.

    • avtx1300

      Come to South Carolina, take a SLED approved training class and send off the application with a check for $50.

  • J. Lewis

    I have a CWP for SC but travel most of the southern states. What state can I get a nonresident CWP from that will cover these other states, such as Georgia and Alabama?

    • avtx1300

      Florida or New Hampshire

    • Jesse Johnson

      I would get Florida or Utah. I actually have the class next week for my UT permit should have done it long ago. I have a lot of friends and family in GA and AL sucks I haven’t been able to carry there next trip I should be able to though. Was just at my grandparents in Gulf Shores, AL and a friends in Augusta would have been nice.

      • ray

        alabama recognizes permits from every state and has unlicensed open carry (i’m not trying to start that debate!) and as for GA, you’re spot on with UT or FL

    • matt capaldi

      AL now recognizes SC CWPs. I would say Utah and Texas are good choices to cover GA and other states.

    • F. Hayes


    • Don

      Pennsylvania is the best and least expensive.

    • Mike

      Utah, I got one for those same reasons.

    • Brittany Butler

      How long did it take for you to get your SC Permit back?

  • SCRich


    “A permit holder must inform a law enforcement officer of the fact that he is a permit holder and present the permit identification card when an officer (1) identifies himself as a law enforcement officer and (2) requests identification or a driver’s license from a permit holder.”
    I read this at any time, it does not state if you are carrying or not. One time I was stopped like everyone else at a DUI checkpoint. Showed my DL, was not carrying on my person or in my car and just never thought of it, had recently moved here from FL and 1st time stopped so I never showed my CWP since I was not carrying (not a requirement in FL unless you are carrying). The officer got all bent out of shape for me not showing my permit and said I had to. Today my wife took her CWP class and was told you DO NOT need to identify yourself as a CWP holder if you are not in possession.
    Is someone from SLED here that can answer properly if not I’ll just call next week. I don’t care either way really but want to know the facts not assume. Maybe things have changed in the past 4 years, the facts above seem different than what my wife was just told. She no longer needs a photograph (I did) I don’t believe I ever had to show 20/40 vision proof and as far as renewal you can do it on-line with a credit card…4 years ago you had to send in a hard copy.

    • avtx1300

      South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. (803) 896-7015

  • SC Vacationer

    I am a CT Resident and CCW permit holder in my state. I also hold a non-res CCW permit for NH, and was loking into getting a non-res CCW permit for AZ. Would my non-Res CCW permit in AZ provide me the ability of carrying in SC while I vacation there?

    • avtx1300

      No. South Carolina does not honor ANY non resident permits.

  • In SC, what is more severe, penalty and fines, an open carry violation, or a concealed weapons violation? Also, would either conviction prevent SLED from issuing a CWP?

    • avtx1300

      Both violations are felonies. Convicted felons cannot legally possess a handgun much less get a CWP.

  • Mandy

    I already have my fingerprints on file with SLED because I used to have a SLED license. Do I have to have them done again and send them in again when I apply for my CWP?

    • avtx1300


  • Doug smith

    I drive a 18 wheeler do they. Have a cwp. Liscense. That would. Cover all states

    • avtx1300

      No. ICC regulations prohibit carrying a weapon in a regulated vehicle.

      • avtx1300

        I must amend my reply. I can find no federal regulation prohibiting possessing a firearm in a regulated vehicle, the fed leaves that up to the individual states. There is also NO state CWP that is honored in all states.

    • 2AC

      Doug, My father drove cross-country for 15 years. His company authorized him to carry a firearm in his cab, provided he took an NRA class per their company handbook. Since each state has their own rules, he was also made to purchase a small firearm safe to lock it up in Libral-states. Hope this helps.

  • BillyT

    My Son Inlaw is a CWP holder in SC. He and my daughter are seperated. He is making threats on her and her friends via text messaging. I thought CWP holders were held to a higher standard. If we file a Police report shouldent he be in danger of losing his permit? Is there anything we should do. He also has an AR 15.

    • avtx1300

      You should get a restraining order against him. If he violates that restraining order his CWP could be suspended. An AR 15 is a semi-automatic rifle and is legal to own in SC.

  • LacyK

    is there a limit to how many concealed weapons you can carry, or have in your vehicle ?

    • avtx1300


  • Ivee Kopacz

    I’m from SC and I have a concealed weapons permit here, I know the permit is honored in North Carolina but I’m not sure about the regulations for carrying in a vehicle. Is it open carry in vehicle or is concealed carry in vehicle allowed? If you can answer my question please contact me at: [email protected]

    • avtx1300

      You can carry in your vehicle in NC either open or concealed with a SC permit.

  • ingerson

    So as a resident of GA – with a permit from GA – I cannot carry if I’m traveling though your state? – And if I decide to vacation there I cannot carry as well? Are there any exceptions to this? I’m a veteran (disabled) and would hate not to be able to travel to SC – c

    • avtx1300

      Sorry, you cannot carry concealed on you person in SC with a Ga permit. You can possess a handgun in you vehicle as long as it is stored in the glovebox, console or rearmost luggage compartment. The compartment is not required to be locked and the weapon can be loaded. If you rent a motel or hotel room you can legally transfer the weapon to and from that room and your vehicle after you have paid the tax on said room.

      • ingerson

        Thank you for your reply – would guess there’s no way for a GA resident to get a permit for SC. Seems strange two of the oldest and deepest heartbeats of the deep south. The other is good to know at least won’t be unprepared.
        The fellow who killed the woman, raped her daughter and then killed the older man – caught in Augusta – forced my bride off the road in VA – he got his hand in the window (not open very far) and when he tried to molest her she got away (thankfully). Because she’d been north of the Mason-Dixon Line she had no weapon with her. If she’d been a trifle slower on her response who knows.
        He acted like he was a police officer (off duty) – and VA State Police got mad at us for saying how he acted.
        She did an artist sketch of him (matched very well) – but to no avail as he killed two more and raped the teenager. SC police called us to tell us we didn’t have to worry about him anymore.

        • avtx1300

          Glad your wife was not injured. South Carolina will not honor permits from any state with less training requirements than their own. My understanding is that GA does not require a training class to get a permit.

          • ingerson

            You’re correct but we sure did a lot of qualifying in the military – smile – have a great day – and thank you again – c

  • Brad

    I own property in Mi. and SC. I will complete my CWP in Sc on April 7th, 2013. What does Resident permit only mean when referring to Michigan’s honoring of SC’s CWP?

    • avtx1300

      Where do you reside? Which state do you have drivers license from? If your driver’s license is from Michigan and your permit is from SC then it is a non-resident permit and not honored in Michigan.

  • sean

    I am in the US army and I was wondering do I need to do any classes for training or is my military experience enough

    • avtx1300

      You must complete the state training course to get a SC permit.

    • rdcob87

      you can actually forgo the training, however, sc has some weird ass laws as far as concealed carry so I’d splurge and take the class so you can learn the ropes here. That’s what I did.

    • 2AC

      As long as you standarized handgun training within the past three years, you will have to provide that documentation instead of a SC CWP training cert. Under the date trained, use the date trained that you last qualified in the military. You will also have to provide a front and back copy of your CAC ID and copy of your orders. Hope this helps.

  • Chris

    I just received my CC in TN 2 weeks ago….but my job in transferring me to SC. Will I need to go through the entire process again to obtain my SC carry permit?

    • avtx1300

      If you become a SC resident you must go through the SC training to get a SC permit.

  • tom

    I recently moved to south carolina from florida. I have a ccw from florida. I am now a resident of south carolina. Can I carry in south carolina with a sc dl and a florida ccw. Is this legal?

    • avtx1300

      If you are a resident of South Carolina you must get a SC permit. SC does not honor any non resident permits so that excludes you also.

  • Lt. Robert T. Jeffcoat, Sr.

    I am Retired/Disabled from SC Law Enforcement. I took the concealed weapon course and am still waiting on the ID card.. I worked with the County as a Deputy Sheriff and then worked in SC State Law Enforcement.I have also been a State Constable. I was told that if I had a copy of my State ID, I could get a Law Enforcement CWP that would allow me to carry in all 50 States. When I was told I had to retire from the State because of my injuries and from having to have both shoulders removed. They kept my ID. I get State Police retirement and Disability. How can I get the Law Enforcement CWP ? Thanks,

    • Aaron

      It’s not a LEO CCW, you can carry under the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA). You’ll need to get a retired LEO ID Card. If you were a constable, you should be able to get one from SLED (though you may need 10 years as a constable). The dept you retired from should give you a retired ID. In order to carry, you need that ID and you’ll have to qualify (yearly) with a weapon “of the same type” that you plan to carry. That qualification and a retired ID card will allow you to carry in all 50 states.

  • Freedomlover1

    Traveling from Michigan to SC FOR HOCKEY GAMES, What are my rights to carry. My rights permit in Michigan is shown as exempt as I’m am sworn but not certified. I work 3 days per week.

    • avtx1300

      SC honors Michigan permits.

  • Brandon

    I have a friend from Illinois, who is 22, and is renting an apartment in SC. Can she get a SC CWP?

    • Jesse Johnson

      No you have to be a legal SC resident or own property here to obtain a CWP.

      • matt capaldi

        Renting an apartment would make her a SC resident. So she should be eligible, yes.

        • Jesse Johnson

          Renting an apartment here does not make you a resident. Yes you can be a resident if you rent an apartment here but you must change over your license and all and I think even when you switch everything over it takes at least 6 months before you actually become a resident of SC.

          • Jamie Boo

            I’ve thought about buying a cheap acreage of land so I would be eligible for the SC permit. Living in Minnesota, it is impossible for me to get one otherwise, and I vacation in SC nearly every year.

  • SCSteve

    i moved to SC from NC and have a current NC concealed carry permit. Do I need to do the application, training, etc in order to secure my SC permit? Thanks

    • avtx1300


  • I have a SC CWP and will be traveling through NC, VA and MD. Can I secure my weapon in my luggage while passing through for a two day stay. and then retrieve it for the rest of my trip back through VA and NC?

    • avtx1300

      Q. Can I legally transport firearms interstate? (From the MD State Police)
      A. Yes, under Title 18, Section 926A, of the United States Code, a person who is not prohibited
      from possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm
      for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to
      any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the
      firearm is unloaded, neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or
      is directly accessible from the passenger compartment. In the case the vehicle does not have a
      compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in
      a locked compartment other than the glove compartment or console.

  • footballsman99

    I live in VA, but will be moving to SC in August. I will be going down there in a few weeks time to get everything sorted out job wise and finding a place to stay. I have a few friends down there that love shooting…what do I have to do to bring my guns down to SC from VA so I can shoot with them?

    • avtx1300

      Transport them in the manner prescribed by the laws of the states you travel through. North Carolina and South Carolina have different laws for transporting firearms.

  • ccjc

    If you can pass a background ck and buy a gun – shouldn’t you be able to get a cwp license after completing the class and providing all info to sled ? had a domestic violence in 2007 and nothing since then.

    • avtx1300

      Domestic violence conviction will ban you from getting a CWP in SC. Get this charged expunged from your record and you will probably be eligible.

  • ccjc

    my mother received her cwp license and SLED used an OLD drivers license picture from 10 years ago (not the picture on her current license) It looks nothing like her – cop would not think it was her How can she get a new license with up to date pic. My dad got his cwp and it used his current license picture !

    • avtx1300

      Call Sled.

  • Gerry

    I have a CWP in Ohio, When I move to S Carolina what are the requirements to get a resident permit?

    • avtx1300

      Must take the SC required training course and qualify on the range. Your Ohio permit is honored in SC, don’t know how long a grace period the state gives you.

  • VietVet

    I have 20 years military service. We were required to qualify on small arms annually. I qualified EXPERT 19 out of 20 years. (The year in Nam we were not sent to the range. We qualified two weeks prior to deployment.) This is documented on my DD 214. Does this qualify as proof of training?

    • avtx1300

      Not in SC. I am a Vietnam vet also and I had to take the full training course and qualify on the firing range.

  • Christopher Dodd

    Does SC have reciprocity with GA, or NC when it comes to conceal/carry permits?

    • avtx1300

      NC yes, GA no.

  • wck


    • avtx1300

      Yes. SC allows any law abiding person who can legally own a firearm to store that firearm in their vehicle in prescribed locations. Closed console, glovebox or rearmost storage area. The compartment does not have to be locked and the weapon may be loaded. You can also legally transport a weapon between your vehicle and a motel room after taxes are paid on said room.

      • GoGalt

        Hey there avtx1300…..I have a question for you:

        Obviously, if you are stopped by a law enforcement officer because of a traffic violation and they a)identify themselves and b)ask to see your ID…you need to make them aware of your CWP and “What would you like me to do next officer”.

        But (based on the 4th Amendment)….seeing that they need probable cause to detain you and as an average US citizen, you do not have to show your ID simply because they want to know who you are if they do not have reasonable suspicion that you’ve committed a crime and you’re not being detained……do you think you are required by law to show them the CWP?


        • avtx1300

          Yes, you are required by South Carolina law to inform the officer you are armed when he identifies himself and asks for ID. That is a provision you agreed to when you signed and submitted your application for a CWP. I inform officers 100% of the time and they ask to actually see my CWP less than 50% of the time and I have never been hassled by any of them. Most officers I have talked to like the armed citizen concept and agrees that it helps deter crime and therefore makes their job easier and the public safer. You could possibly refuse on grounds of 4th Amendment rights and be permitted to be on your merry way but I doubt that would happen often. Give it a try and let us all know how it comes out.

          • GoGalt

            Thanks for the quick reply.

            I’ve been reading/studying the cases Terry vs Ohio (Must have reasonable suspicion that a person has or is about to commit a crime; And this suspicion must be based on specific facts and not an officer’s hunch), Brown vs Texas (Do not have to identify yourself unless the officer has reasonable suspicion to believe the individual was engaged or had engaged in a criminal act), and US versus Deberry (A firearm where legally carried can’t be the only cause for reason for stopping someone). I also completely understand the South Carolina CWP requirements when asked to show the ID.

            The LAST thing I want to do is hassle a law enforcement officer and I will completely comply to what the law requires but I also do want to be able to exercise my 4th Amendment rights. I’m going to speak with an attorney who is well versed in CWP versus 4th Amendment rights as I see a possible conflict between the two if I have not had a traffic violation or committed a crime…ie being a CWP holder versus a traditional US citizen.

  • Frank

    I have a CT pistol permit and just moved to SC and own property and just got my SC drivers license. Can I carry and conceal my small Ruger LCP9 gun using my CT pistol permit or do I have to get a SC pistol permit also?

    • avtx1300

      Your CT permit is not honored in SC. You must take the SLED approved training and obtain a SC Permit to carry on your person. You can carry it in your vehicle in the prescribed locations without a permit.

      • Frank

        Thank you for your informative response. Would the training to obtain a SC permit be any different than the training I already took and passed in CT?

        • avtx1300

          I am not familiar with CT training so I cannot comment.

  • Jeff T.

    Where do we find reciprocity state for the SC CCP?

    • avtx1300

      On this website if you look for it.

  • jeab1990

    I have a CWP in Alabama and plane to vacation to South Carolina and I was trying to see if there is a temporary CWP for visitors or what are the laws regarding this?

    • avtx1300

      No there is no temp permit. You may carry your weapon in your vehicle in the prescribed locations.

  • racl3436

    I am a CT Resident, I have a Ct, N.H and Florida CWP. Can I travel through S.C carrying my handgun on my person or does it need to be locked up going throught the state?

    • avtx1300

      Not on your person. It may be in the glovebox, console, or rearmost luggage compartment. Does not have to be locked and the weapon may be loaded.

    • rdcob87

      you have a florida so yes. i know you’ve probably made this trip long ago but florida is good in sc.

      • avtx1300

        South Carolina does NOT honor any non resident permits including Florida. Florida resident yes, non resident NO. You need to get your facts correct. Posting invalid information can get someone charged with a felony.

  • CTWendel

    I just purchased property in SC, not a resident yet. I have a concealed carry permit in CT. Will SC accept a NRA certified course taken in CT as proper training, or will I have to take another (SC specific approved) class?

    • avtx1300

      You will have to take a class in SC.

      • CTWendel

        Thank you.

  • Countrygirl

    It has been past 90 days and I called and the lady on the phone said that it would be a couple more weeks could you tell me if they are running behind ?

    • avtx1300

      Very much behind. With all the new applications they have been overwhelmed.

  • GT500

    I own a timeshare in SC. Does that meet the property ownership criteria?

    • avtx1300


    • G

      GT500, Inorder to have ownership, your time share must have your name on it at the tax-assessors office. If the time share is in a hotel, most likely, the hotels name is still on it. If you have a time share that is a single home, it depends on the registration. I have a friend that has two time shares. One has his name on it and he never uses it, the other the hotels name is on it and uses it three months out of the year. Becuase, the single story home has his name on it, he qualifyes as a Non-Res for S.C.

  • RogerH

    OK, This is pretty much the same as others, but…. I have a N.C. Conceal carry permit. If I understand correctly I cannot carry my weapon legally in S.C.? They do not honor my permit? I cannot open carry? Where can I put my gun while in the State?

    • avtx1300

      SC honors NC’s permit.

  • Jim

    My home is in SC but I also live in upstate NY a few months out of the. I have a concealed weapons permit for NYS. Can I transport my weapon to SC when I return here to my home and keep my weapon on my property here?

    • avtx1300


  • Phill W Hutchins Jr

    I was in Army NG for 8 years
    do I still have to take the cwp class to get my permit ?

    • avtx1300


  • Concern Traveler

    I’m a lifetime CWP carrier in Indiana traveling to SC for vacation. Is my permit valid and can I transport my firearm to my temporary place of residence?

    • avtx1300

      SC does not honor Indiana permits but you can still carry in your vehicle in the prescribed places.

  • fibber

    I have a resident in pa but live in s.c. am planning on going to pa for a visit can I take my gun there

  • tim walker

    what other states can a sc cwp carrier goin to

    • avtx1300

      That info is posted on this USA Carry website if you will just look.

  • Metomika

    I live in S.Carolina and am traveling to FL. i have a CWP, i can not get a straight answer on how to pass through GA in my vehicle. I drive an SUV and would have a passenger, so leaving it open in the front seat is kinda out, and i really don’t think it could be legal or safe riding around with it on the dashboard. Does anyone have a real answer? can i leave it in a bag in my storage area?

    • mini-14

      In the state of Georgia, per the 2013 Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States: “loaded firearms may be transported anywhere in a private passenger vehicle”

  • Randy Byrd

    Why can you sell permits to carry a concealed gun, (for people to bare arms) but you can’t use it to defend yourself?

    • mini-14

      Randy, your statement/ question needs some clarification.

  • Michael Sawdey

    It took almost 5 months for me to receive my CWP and Finally I have it.

  • neilwest

    I put in for my license renewal in June and have yet to receive it. My credit card has been credited for $50.00 but as to this date no permit. Is SLED behind on these

    • avtx1300

      Yes, they are behind. If your renewal was submitted on time you can still carry on your expired permit.

  • SneakyGuy

    I noticed that Conway has a city ordinance banning concealed-carry. But according to Wikipedia, South Carolina has a state “pre-emption” of local ordinances. Does this mean the Conway ordinance violates state law and is therefore invalid?

    • avtx1300

      Yes, cities in South Carolina cannot pre-empt state laws

    • avtx1300

      Never heard of such a city ordinance in Conway. If it exists it is invalid.

      • Michael Brinson

        It is not invalid. It is a fact. You can conceal carry in Conway you just can not discharge a firearm with in city limits.

        • avtx1300

          The original question was “I noticed that Conway has a city ordinance banning concealed-carry.” No city in SC can have a blanket ban on concealed carry but many cities prohibit discharging weapons within the city, two different things.

          • Steve

            But does not being able to discharge a firearm inside city limits mean you cannot use a firearm in your self defense ?

          • Levon McCutcheon

            You can break any law that exists by using the necessity defense.

        • avtx1300

          Okay, I did further research on the matter and Conway DOES have an ordinance on the books prohibiting carrying concealed weapons. The ordinance is dated 1991 and the South Carolina concealed weapons law was passed in 1996 and cannot be pre-empted by cities of the state making this city ordinance INVALID. The city ordinance is as follows:

          Sec. 9-1-2.1
          Carrying concealed weapons.


          Any person carrying a dirk, slingshot, metal knuckles, razor or other deadly weapons
          usually used for the infliction of personal injury, and concealed about his person,
          is guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall forfeit to the city the weapon so carried concealed,
          with the penalty for violating this section as stated in section 1-3-48 of this code.


          Nothing herein contained may be construed to apply to person(s) carrying concealed
          weapons upon their own premises or to peace officers in the actual discharge of their
          duties. The provisions of this section do not apply to rifles or shotguns unless they
          are used with the intent to commit a crime or in furtherance of a crime.


          Penalty. The carrying of concealed weapons is punishable by a fine of not more than
          $200, or by imprisonment of not more than 30 days. Court costs/state assessments will
          be collected in addition to each fine. Each day any violation continues shall constitute
          a separate offense.

          (Ord. No. 91-01-28, 1/28/91)

    • If you got arrested and charged in Conway, it might take a long time for the state to come and rescue you.

  • Scott

    What is the law on carrying in a commercial vehicle if you have a cwp?

    • avtx1300

      In SC the regulations are the same for a commercial vehicle as any other vehicle. If you do it without permission from the owner, they can fire you but you cannot be prosecuted..

  • FLF

    Has SC law changed to allow concealed carry in the non bar area of restaurants like Chilis?

    • avtx1300

      No. Bill 308 is still in committee and will not be voted on this year.

      • avtx1300

        Bill 308 (Restaurant Carry) has been passed and is awaiting signature by the Governor..

        • 2AC

          AVTX1300, though it was passed by the senate (34/3 WooHooo), the changes that were made mandated a house vote. S.308 was sent back to the house and was added to the 22 Jan 2014 Cal and is expected to be looked at this week. If passed, Gov. Halley should see it next week around Friday.

          • avtx1300

            Thanks for the info.

  • Rick

    Is a private club considered a business under the prohibition to carry under the Alcohol & Drugs paragraph? Example might be the Harbour Club in Charleston

    • Bob

      I’m no expert, but if the law doesn’t have separate rules written for private clubs, it probably counts like a public club. The Harbour Club has members, but in all actuality it has many non-members that go there for functions held by members. If the law doesn’t expressly state private clubs are allowed and a non-member ever wanted to bring a lawsuit against you… good luck.

    • avtx1300

      The law states “any establishment that sells alcohol for on premise consumption”. is off limits for concealed carry

  • Brian

    1. Are airport grounds treated like a post office (where I can’t even have it in my car if I pick someone up at baggage claim)? I have been making a special trip home to drop my gun off before I go to Greenville Spartanburg because I’m unsure. I would like to not have to go home first.

    2. Does SC’s protection law where you can defend someone else extend to my dog? Basically, if a wild dog is trying to fight my dog while I am walking him, can I defend my dog?

  • cisco45

    what is the time line from the time you took the CWP training class to the time you have to send in your finger prints and photo

  • John

    My mother has Restless Leg Syndrome that has been keeping her up at night. Her doctor recently prescribed her a low dosage of Prozac to help her sleep calmly. She hasn’t had the prescription filled yet because she is afraid it will cause her to loose her CWP in SC. Is this true? Where can I find information on prescription medications that conflict with CWP regulations?

    • G

      I would contact SLED and post a reply to this form on the outcome.

  • Lillian

    Does sc honor nc right to carry a concealed permit?

    • avtx1300


  • marineangler

    What ever happened to the bill to do away with a CCP in South Carolina for residents ? Was it passed or not ?

    • avtx1300

      SC still requires a CWP to carry concealed. X military is required to take a course. I did a tour in Vietnam and I still had to take the training.

  • AmickAndAmick

    My son allowed his SC CWP to expire several months ago, will he have to retake the class and test?

    • avtx1300

      How many months is “several”? SC has a grace period, unsure of the length.

  • GWY

    What are the laws on carrying a pistol when your fishing. I do not have a CWP.

    • avtx1300

      To, from, and during hunting and fishing. I would not advise walking through Wal Mart hunting fish bait with it strapped on.

  • Ron

    In SC do you have to present your cwp to an officer, I know you MUST inform, if you are not legally bound to present a normal state issued ID. For example, walking down the street and police decide to stop and ask you for ID without reasonable suspicion of a crime?(SC is not a stop-and-ID state)

    • avtx1300

      If the officer identifies himself as a police officer and asks you for ID and you are carrying a weapon you are required by law to inform the officer of such. If he asks to see your permit then you are required to present the permit to him. I have informed officers that I was armed on a couple of occasions and they weren’t interested in seeing the permit. Thanked me and sent me on my merry way.

  • joe

    I plan on taking a gun course in florida but I am moving to south Carolina in November. Could I get a permit in sc with a Florida certificate?

    • avtx1300


  • miss Miller

    How do you transfer your CWP from Ohio to South Carolina? I just Moved from Ohio to SC and still have my Ohio CWP and I need to get it transferred over.?

    • avtx1300

      SC does not transfer permits. You must go through the SC process to obtain a SC permit.

  • zone

    Can you get your fire arm back after your first concealed weapon violation in south Carolina

    • avtx1300

      I doubt it.

  • curious

    i was arrested in sc for illegal carry of a firearm, i now have a permit and court in sc in the morning. will they dismiss

    • avtx1300

      If you didn’t have a permit when you were charged with the violation you are guilty.

  • Orion 47

    Just curious. Can you carry (with a CWP) onto county/state owned property in SC. There is a local skateboard park and soccer field here run by Beaufort County.

    • avtx1300

      Unless posted otherwise.

  • Danny

    My friend rents a home from a realtor in SC and the property has a total of 4 house on about an acre of land. They also share the same driveway. I have a cwp and would like to be able to carry on his property that he rents while having a yard sale with his family and mine. Technically the area at the road where i would be carrying could be used by either renter. Is it legal for me to conceal carry with only my friends permission in this area? Thanks

  • Jimmy

    I’m going to be vacationing in Florida and I live in SC. Can I legally carry through the state of GA?

    • avtx1300

      Not with a SC permit. You can carry inside your vehicle anywhere, open or concealed in GA but when you exit your vehicle you are supposed to secure the weapon inside the vehicle.

    • rdcob87

      get a florida or utah and you’re good. georgia and south carolina hate each other for some reason.

  • John Wolf

    I am a homeowner. An Intruder/trespasser armed with an exposed rifle and a semi automatic pistol in a holster loose in a luggage carrier ( on a ATV) with a concealed carry permit came on my property with the intent to cause me or my family harm. I armed myself with my .22 Cal rifle pointed it at the ground and ordered him off my property. He became defiant, belligerent and grabbed the rifle at its grip. I then raised my rifle and pointed it at him and ordered for the third time off. He pated the rifle 3 times in a threatening manner and finally left. He then charged me with pointing and presenting. 3 Sheriff’s deputies arrived and even after neighbors witness the exposed rifle I was ordered to surrender my rifle and ammunition . All provisions of the Protection of Person and Property Act of 2006 (Derived from Castle Act) that formerly existed were removed from the 2012 SC Constitution. Stand your ground is in direct conflict and cannot co exist with the Castle Act or the US Constitution, Second Amendment as defined by the US Supreme Court . SC residents can no longer feel safe in their own homes. Now fear from burglars, and sick and depraved traditional criminals we have to contend with mentally disturbed (bi-polar, paranoid, -etc.) with concealed carry permits.

    • avtx1300

      As juvenile as it sounds, the one that cries “wolf” first usually wins. If YOU had immediately called 911 and made the first report there is a good chance that the trespasser would be the one charged.

    • G

      Not to insult your ability to protect your own life, but if I were in that situation, as soon as the person raised the weapon in my direction, my level of fear would have been great and there would have only been one side of the story to deal with. Next, If any officer of the law disarms you do to you being on your own property, either they told the officer something completely off base, you
      really did do something wrong, or you have a lawsuit against the agency who employed the officers Regardless of who cries wolf first, if it was like you stated above, they should not have taken your firearms. Though with that being said, once the person left, calling the police should have een
      right away.
      Once again, no disrespect

  • Debra Adams Titus

    If you have a CWP for South Carolina, is this honored in the Northern States, NC, VA, MD, Pa, so on ???

  • Debra Adams Titus

    If you have a CWP permit issued in SC, can you carry through the Northern States – NC, VA, MD, PA, so on ??

    • avtx1300

      NC, Va, yes. MD, PA, no.

    • rdcob87

      get a utah or florida ccw to add on and you’ll open quite a few more states in which you can carry.

      • Debra Adams Titus

        What is the process for Utah or Florida, same as getting a South Carolina ??

        • avtx1300

          Go to Florida Dept of Agriculture website and request an application kit be mailed to you.

          • Debra Adams Titus

            Thank you for the advise, I will do that. Is it just a form that they send you, or do you have to do some more training?

          • avtx1300

            They will send you a kit, fingerprint cards and all. Contact your SC training instructor and get a “Certificate of Training,(a copy of your permit won’t do) get a passport picture taken and a photo copy of your drivers license Fill out the application, get it notarized and send it all with a check for $117.00 in a large envelope that doesn’t fold.anything The permit is good for 7 years. They will accept several documents for proof of training. NRA gun course, or if you were ever in the military they will accept a copy of your form DD214.

  • steve

    I have a nc cwp and my family and I r hopefully moving to sc in 5 mons or I have to just take class over? do they run background check again?or is it better to apply for a sc cwp as a non resident owning property in sc but still living in nc., what is better, quicker and easiet?

    • avtx1300

      Either way you will be required to take the full course for SC Cwp. SC honors your NC permit and I suggest using the NC permit until you establish residence in SC and then get a SC permit.

  • ggeorge lopez

    where to train for the test of a conceal weapon permit

    • rdcob87

      there’s nothing to train for, just sign up for a class and go. the shooting portion isn’t bad if you know how to shoot at all. the farthest distance is about 15 yards.

  • bote lopez

    where can I go to take the test in aiken sc

  • tyler

    Can I have a pistol under my dash or seat without a perment?

    • tyler

      In sc ?

      • avtx1300

        No. The only legal places to store a firearm in a vehicle are the glove compartment, console or rearmost luggage compartment. Under the seat is a serious no no.

  • Paul

    I have a CWP from Arizona and just moved to South Carolina, do I have to transfer my CWP 50 SC?

    • avtx1300

      Cannot transfer it. If you are going to be a SC resident you must take the SLED training course, pass the test and send you paperwork in like the rest of us had to do.

    • rdcob87

      don’t get rid of your arizona paul,you get way more states than south carolina with that one. just to be safe, get your south carolina, but DON’T give up you arizona

  • Emily Spring Hicks

    How long does it take to get CWP in sc? I was told 6 months.

    • avtx1300

      90 days from the date SLED receives the paperwork. They have been overwhelmed lately so it might take a little longer.

      • IMG

        Just received my CWP in the mail yesterday. It took exactly 6 weeks since training / mailing my app into SLED. According to my instructor, SLED has been running around 6 weeks all of fall / winter 2013 so far.

  • James

    What is meant by prohibited in “most public areas”? How do you know where it is ok to carry it openly?

    • avtx1300

      In South Carolina the only circumstances that open carry is allowed is to, from and during hunting and fishing. That does not include strolling through Walmart looking for bait, or any other activity not directly related to the hunting or fishing. You can also carry on your own property open or concealed without a permit.

  • Don

    As a CWP holder can I travel through TN, OK, Texas, Nm & Colorado. Would I encounter any problems if stopped in these States.

    • avtx1300

      You are good in all of them except Colorado, they do not honor SC permits. You can legally keep the weapon in your vehicle but cannot carry it concealed outside the vehicle with a SC permit. Colorado is an open carry friendly state but I would not advise it.

  • Jake

    I am 19 and in the military. I heard that if you were in the military you could get a cwp at 18. Is that true or was I mis-informed?

    • 2AConcealment

      As a CATM Instructor in the US Air Force and CWP Instructor with the state of SC, I am sorry to say that you were mis-informed. Sorry

  • James

    Is the sneaky Pete holster legal In South Carolina.

  • roy

    I am a new York STATE resident and have a handgun permit. We are looking to move to SC. What is the procedure for bringing my handguns with me.

    • avtx1300

      Abide by the laws of the states you transport the weapons through. When in SC you can store loaded weapons in a closed glove box, console or rearmost luggage compartment. The weapons can be loaded and the compartments do not have to be lockedl

  • G

    S308 house concurred with the senate and is on its way to the GOV.

    • G


  • Justin

    I have no Concealed Weapons Permit but I was just wondering where I can have my gun without one by law.

    • G

      You may keep it in your home, vehicle (in glove compartment loaded or in a storage container in your trunk), or your OWN business.

  • dreamer23

    I live in MD, and cannot get a permit because I’m not rich or politically-connected. I DO, however, have valid permits from NC, PA and UT. Since none of these permits are issued by a state where I am a resident, can I legally CC in SC?

    • Jesse Johnson

      No in SC non resident permits are not recognized. At least for now the bill that has been kicked around past year or so would allow any state permits from what I understand so assuming that would include non resident permits as well.

  • Jonathan Lynch

    I live in Iowa and i have a permit to carry conceal. Iowa allows for both conceal and open carry with the same permit. And by law, you can have a conceal weapon in any establishment that serves alcohol as long as you are not intoxicated by the Law Standards and the establishment has not forbid the carrying by posting the legal form of the sign (similar to SC’s). As far as my own town goes, i have personally introduced myself to my Chief of Police and had quite the conversation with him. In my town, you can carry in any building accept Post Office. I carry in Police Station, City Hall and school for events, Banks, pretty much every where. The Chief is a HUGE 2nd A fan and will not restrict carry limits.

  • gotta question

    have a florida cwp am I good in sc?

  • Paul

    Site needs to be updated. You can conceal carry into establishments that serve alcohol as long as you yourself are not engaging in drinking and have the nessesary permit

  • James M Hein

    can i get my cwp if i have been arrested for resisting arrest?

  • DS

    I have a pistol permit from New York and I will be moving to South Carolina, will they accept my pistol permit from NY or do I have to have training, etc in SC?

    • Jesse Johnson

      No you will have to take the class here.

  • Tim

    I have a cwp can I carry in state parks

  • Chuck

    Does anyone know I Active Military need to take a CWP class? I had a guy tell me today that he just took his pistol qualfication and a Memo from CDR and got his CWP.

  • Light

    I have a new job at with a company vehicle is my cwp good to carry during work hours in my company vehicle

    • Jesse Johnson

      Fine as long as whoever you work for is alright with you carrying.

  • Raymond Chan

    I have a question. I’m a Canadian living in SC Columbia. Am I eligible to get CWP?

  • Danny

    I live in TN and have a CWP. We are coming to SC for softball tournaments. Can i take my weapon to the ballpark and leave it in my car our do i need to leave it at the hotel

  • Spencer

    Is a reciprocal state CWP given consideration in obtaining a SC CWP when moving to SC? If not, what’s the procedure.

    • Jesse Johnson

      No you will have to take the class like anybody else. There is no special considerations, once you are a resident here just take the class with a certified instructor no big deal, most shooting ranges have classes besides all the other instructors offering classes out there.

  • braniff1

    i have ccw permit in NC,,I know SC does not honor mine, but if i am traveling through SC may I carry in glove compartment locked

  • Charles Ray

    What is the max barrel length for concealed carry? I like longer barrel revolvers because of the accuracy and the added weight gives it more stability in my opinion.

  • John K. Winters

    I currently have my CPL in Michigan and am moving to South Carolina in a week. What hoops do I need to jump through to get my SC CWP and can I still carry under my Michigan CPL in the gap or am I to go unarmed during that time frame?

  • Timothy Henson

    im a cwp holder am have a iwb holster what happen If someone can see the butt end of the gun some how if your shirt is raised up or bend over an it shows ? other then that im always concealed an covered

    • Jesse Johnson

      Don’t worry about it. I carry OWB with my Polo just not tucked in and it stays concealed fine. Nobody is paying that much attention to ever notice a pistol through you’re shirt or would even know what it is. As long as you are not brandishing the handgun and by accident somehow you’re shirt blew up whatever and somebody saw it not a big deal it was an accident. Don’t worry about printing it doesn’t mean anything.

  • highstick

    Looks like Georgia just made it worse rather than
    Better with the new law by dumping the fingerprinting requirement with their CWP!

  • Bobby O’C

    I have a FL CCW Permit….if I’m doing temp work in SC can I still carry concealed? Bobby O’C

  • Bob

    I have a Fl. CCW permit. I’m now a SC resident. What must I do to get a SC permit as well?

  • Bill Roudabush

    I live in Florida and have a CWP and I’am thinking about moving to SC,I also have a FBI pin #…My question is would my FL CWP cover me while waiting on a SC CWP and would I have to give up my FL CWP??? Another thing I’am ex military and got my FL CWP by producing my DD214. Would I have to take a class in SC?

  • BrianB

    they need to update because you can now carry in a business that sells alcohol for consumption as long as the business permits it.

  • Goshin

    New law allows carry into bars or restaurants that serve alcohol with CWP, as long as you do not drink while carrying. Also, signs posting no-carry are stringently required to meet specific standards.

  • Lou

    Will be traveling to Hilton head, driving with my family from Illinois . I just received my carry and conceal permit, will I be able to carry in SC?

  • Adex

    does North Carolina honor South Carolina temporary driving license for driving in North Carolina for few days?

  • t48

    I have a cwp and did something dumb to get a felony i believe its a class f, but they never took my cwp away from me. Im currently doing pti to get my record expunged, Can i keep my cwp after its expunged?

  • matt

    I have a NC permit can I carry in SC

  • Steve

    I just moved here from Kentucky and had my ccw there. I was told as soon as i changed my drivers licencse it was no longer any good, and i have to take the classes over again to obtain one in S.C. Can a perior military person get a ccw permit without taking the classes as they do in Ky.

  • jbroom0911

    My wife will be in SC for a week with my 2 daughters. She has an Alabama CCP can she have her handgun in the car or her purse?

    • Jesse Johnson

      AL and SC do not reciprocate so no she cannot carry here, she can have it in the car can’t carry it though.

  • tyler

    I am currently in the Coast guard stationed in Baltimore and would like to get my cwp in sc. Any easy ideas on how to do this?

    • Jesse Johnson

      If you don’t live here or own property here you cannot obtain an SC CCW permit. Must either be a resident or own property here and take the class from a certified instructor.

  • bulldog

    Can anyone tell me if a Sneaky Pete Holster is legal in S.C. Thanks and have a good day.

  • Que

    I have my SC CWP. My wife does not. If a situation develops where she uses my gun, is that illegal?

  • Bill Foster

    I am from Illinois and have an Illinois concealed carry permit. Can I carry in South Carolina?

  • don

    I own property in SC and live in NY I have a bus concealed
    Permit also have a Utah cap what do I need in SC

    • Jesse Johnson

      Since you own property here in SC you must like anybody else with property here or if they are a resident take a class with a certified instructor. Next time you are down here sign up for a class no big deal.

  • robert smith

    On the map, SC is GREEN. There is no explanation is that SC doesn’t honor ANY other state’s permit.

    • swamp

      its green cause u have sc clicked

  • Bamagirl

    I am a resident of Alabama I will be driving through SC to get to NC for my boyfriends military homecoming. I have a permit in Alabama. How will this whole thing work?

    • swamp

      pretty sure u cant conceal carry but u have to keep in the glove box or closed compartment i know 4 months too late

  • Alonzo Jones

    does anyone know if south Carolina will honor my training from north carolina

    • swamp


  • Ronnie Hayes

    I think South Carolina needs to get on board with their next door states and not require good law abiding citizens to have to own property in s.c. just to carry a concealed weapon in their car and on them without being punished.Come on Gov. Nikki Haley please consider elderly people that travel in your state a chance to protect themselves. You know a lot of elder good people go to your beaches as well as other vacation spots in your state. Please give us a break so we can travel and feel safe with our companions and family. Lets work with each other like good people should.

  • Fafejtaface

    An instructor told me once that I can take a concealed class at 20 years old in sc but I won’t get the actual permit til I turn 21? Is this true? If so is their a certain number of months til my birthday?

  • Carl Brooks

    I have a carry permit for the State of Alabama. South Carolina does not recognize the Alabama permits. If I need to travel through S.C. with my firearm, what do I need to do?

  • Morgan

    The Statement about Businesses selling alcohol is no longer true. You may concealed carry in those businesses, as long as you do not consume any alcohol.

  • Joe

    Incorrect info above, SC now allows permit holders to carry in establishment that sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, of course the permit holder may not consume alcohol while carrying



  • Limberry Chatas

    I have a CCW permit from Florida. Will South Carolina honor that permit, or do I need to take the class up there as well?

    • Jesse Johnson

      SC and FL have reciprocity, as long as you are from FL and that is not a non resident FL permit. If you don’t live here or own property here you couldn’t get a permit here though and SC does not reciprocate with any non resident permits.

  • Dan

    I have taken a concealed training class and recieved a certificate in NC, i have not yet applied for CWP in NC and am moving to SC, can i present that certificate to SC LEO or do i have to retake the class in SC

    • Jesse Johnson

      You will have to take the SC class

  • Cassidy

    I have a current concealed carry permit in the state of Florida, and I am prior military. I now live in South Carolina and I am in the process of swapping all my information over to this new state. Do I have to go through the entire concealed carry process again, or can I just “transfer” my Florida permit over to a South Carolina permit? Any information leading to an answer would be great. Thank you.

    • Jesse Johnson

      You will have to take the class with a certified instructor.

  • Brian

    Question. In SC you cannot carry in a medical facility. What about office buildings where there are multiple different types of businesses each renting out their own spaces, including a business that does employment screening (drug tests, draws blood, etc).

    Assuming the building has one central access point and no businesses have direct entry access from the outdoors, does this mean the entire brick & mortar facility is off limits to carry or just the medical office?

  • biggdoggzeke

    My wife has a Pennsylvania cwp but is opening a business in south Carolina and is renting a building to start what do she need to do to carry in and on business premises to and from work

    • Jesse Johnson

      You have to be an SC resident or own property here to obtain an SC permit. We do not have reciprocity with PA so the PA permit doesn’t mean anything here. If you are a resident or own property can take the class with a certified instructor. No big deal.

  • greg

    As a nj resident is there any permit that will make it so I can carry is sc.. ive read thimgs that say AZ dosent differentiate between residents and non resident permit so how can sc honor one and not the other

    • Jesse Johnson

      SC does not honor any non resident permits. If you owned property here you could get a non resident SC permit. If this bill passes that has been kicked around for at least a year now gets through SC should be recognizing any state permit though from what I understand.

  • Rebel

    I am 20 years old and will turn 21 in December … Can I take my SC Concealed Carry Permit class now and not send in my paperwork until my 21st birthday since you have 3 years from the date of class completion?

  • paul

    I have a concealed permit in Connecticut. Is there any consideration for that in SC when applying for a CWP in the state?

    • Jesse Johnson

      No and the only way you can obtain a permit here is if you own property here to obtain the non resident, or you must be an SC resident. If you own property here then no problem, take the class from a certified instructor no problem but having a permit in another state does not get any special consideration.

  • Johnathan Ellison

    I’m gonna be working at a gas station & was wondering if I have a Permit can I carry my weapon at work even tho the gas station sell beer? It would e for protection being that I’m working the night shit & it’s been robbed 11 times in a year & a half.

  • MJ

    I live in Charlotte NC and I have my concealed permit, when I visit my daughter at USC can I have it on my waste?

    • Jesse Johnson

      NC and SC have reciprocity so you can carry here in SC.

  • Umay Ask

    I am moving to SC from Texas where I have obtained my resident CHL. Upon moving to SC can I transfer my TX CHL to SC or do I have to recertify all over again?

    • Jesse Johnson

      No you will have to take the class here in SC. Just because we have reciprocity doesn’t mean we can transfer permits would be the same if I moved from here to TX.

  • ErnieSC

    We probably know each other since I recently closed a Shop which sold safes, firearms, etc. and have a lot of SLED and ATF Agents in my area.
    Although I have ALWAYS insured Law Enforcement Officers felt comfortable if I were pulled for any reason, the Adjutant General spoke at a National Guard Meeting about two years ago and the issue of LAWFUL ORDERS VS. UNLAWFUL ORDERS CAME UP. Specifically, if you were pulled for something mundane such as “Too Fast For Conditions” and you presented your DL’s and CWP and he then asked you to step out of your car, you have the right to ask “Am I under arrest”? If he says “:No”, you have the right to say,
    “I’m sorry but that’s an Unlawful Order and I would prefer to remain in my car”.
    Your thoughts/comments?

  • Michael Trimble

    I presently have a permitt to carry concealed in PA. do I need to go through the class and training to get a permitt in S.C.

    • Jesse Johnson

      You can only get a permit here in SC if you are a resident of the state, or you own property here so you can get a non resident permit. Either way you still have to get the same training from a certified instructor.

  • Mike W

    This section about carrying in a business that sells alcohol is no longer accurate. SC legislature passed and yhe Governor signed into law a bill that allows carry in bars and establishments that sell alcohol. You are not however permitted to consume while carrying.

  • Greg

    I have a question for South Carolina I have AZ non res permit but as I understand AZ doesn’t differentiate between res and non res so is my AZ permit honored in SC?

    • Jesse Johnson

      No. No non resident permits are recognized in SC.

  • Gordon

    I recently moved from Virginia to south Carolina. I had a carry permit in Virginia. Do I need to get a new one in south Carolina or can I use the Virginia permit? If not, who do I call for info?

    • Jesse Johnson

      We do have reciprocity with VA but if you are changing residency to here in SC you will no longer be a VA resident and SC does not recognize another other states non resident permits. If you are going to keep you’re residency in VA then you will be alright since we have reciprocity and you wouldn’t be able to even get an SC permit unless you own property here. Must own property to get the non resident permit or be a resident of SC. No big deal there is certified instructors all over the state. Usually have instructors at the shooting ranges offering classes about every week, sometimes have some setup at gun shows. I think on the SLED site they have a list of instructors as well.

  • Greg B

    According to the map. The CWP from south Carolina is not accepted in GA. or Fl. I am a law enforcement officer and I must carry my service weapon with me when I leave state on vacation. Is this going to be a problem in those states even if I am a SC CWP holder?

    • Jesse Johnson

      SC does reciprocate with Florida. It does not with GA at least of right now with this bill that has been going through past year or so would change that but there is no reciprocity with GA. Get a non resident UT or FL permit no big deal. I have a non resident UT permit so I can carry in GA when I go visit family and friends there and on the AL Gulf coast when I go to my grandparents there since AL does not reciprocate either, with the UT, FL, or AZ permits though and all are easy to get, there is UT and AZ classes offered all the time.

  • Mike Monts

    I am a resident of Nevada with a Nevada CCW. I am a NRA Certified Pistol instructor, Honorably discharged veteran, and own property in South Carolina. I have just attended a training course in Nevada to renew my permit. Do I need to take a training course in South Carolina to get my CWP?

    • Jesse Johnson

      Yes. As long as you own property here you can get a non resident permit but you must take a class with an SC qualified instructor.

  • Kimberly Perry

    My ex has my Taurus and will not return it. Is there anyway I can look up my serial number that way I can prove its mine? And what can I do to get it returned?

  • Larry Christopher

    I am retired military. I have my DD214. I am wondering if I still have to take the gun safety course…or, can I just apply for the license?

  • Charles Presti

    Can you get a duplicate of your SC CWP (want to keep one in my wallet, one attached to my holster) sometimes I forget my wallet in my glovebox….

  • Gary

    My wife has a Indiana CWP, does South Carolina recognize Indiana permit for her to legally carry in SC

  • Zachary B Allen

    I mailed my CWP application and I forgot to enclose my 50 dollar money order can I still mail it or will I receive a letter requesting that I need to send my payment which one be easier and quickier.

  • Keith Holley

    If you have a DD-214 do you still have to do range qual. or not

  • Donna

    I renewed my CWP but on 4/8/16 and have transaction ID confirmation number but still haven’t received my new permit. Is there a phone number I can call to see what the issue is?

  • Donna

    I live in South Carolina

  • Michael Enlow

    Will a simple possession of marijuana impede me to get my cwp

  • Tom

    I moved from FL to GA to AL – I have a currently active CWP from each of those states but will soon be traveling on vacation to SC. Am I allowed to carry there? What are my restrictions

  • Jo

    Who makes the decision to honor reciprocity between South Carolina and Mississippi CCP?

  • Blackjack6

    what is the basis of SC not honoring a Utah CC permit? Utah honors SC.

  • Christopher N/A Glover

    Can I transfer my SC cwp to NC cwp with out going threw all the NC requirements ?