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Personal Protection and Your Concealed Carry Checklist

Personal Protection and Your Concealed Carry Checklist

It is the best of times and it is the worst of times, as Charles Dickens says in his "Tale of Two Cities." Given the terrible terrorist activities recently, now is a critical time for us to be concerned about our personal protection. We as responsible concealed carry folks must recognize and reinforce the necessary…

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Selecting Your Personal Handgun: A Useful Checklist

Selecting Your Personal Handgun: A Useful Checklist

This is not a picture of your ideal handgun and certainly does not match any criteria that I have. There are, however, certain very necessary attributes you really need to consider when selecting your personal gun. Often, we just see a gun we like and buy it. Sometimes because Uncle Tom or Aunt Sally said…

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Concealed Carry Checklist

Concealed Carry Checklist: 12 Key Guidelines

The 12 Concealed Carry (CC) guidelines and information that follow are not meant to be boring or redundant for experienced shooters, but rather to serve as a reminder and a basic, practical Checklist to help everyone go through the critical things necessary for success in CC. Sometimes things become so routine, obvious, and acceptable to…

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5-Minute Emergency Checklist

5-Minute Emergency Checklist

This past summer I remember watching the news about the devastating fires in Colorado. Many of the people interviewed said the all too familiar “we had no idea the fire was so close to our house, we only had minutes to evacuate.” If you found yourself in their position would you be able to evacuate…

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Guide to Dry Practice

USA Carry’s Guide to Dry Practice

Introduction Due to the various requests I have received in regards to my article Sighted Fire vs. Reflexive Fire, I am providing this DIY guide to dry practice (a.k.a. “dry-firing”) in order to answer some of the questions that are still lingering in regards to dry practice. In this article I will attempt to give…

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