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MantisX PX4

Will the MantisX Fix Your Bad Shooting Habits?

It’s no secret that the firearms world and especially the concealed carry market is a gadget rich environment. There is no shortage of products promising to make you faster, safer, more accurate, better equipped, more ready, thoroughly prepared and maybe even better looking while you do it. Most of the time we see refinements of…

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Incorporating Failure Drills into Training

Incorporating Failure Drills into Training

It’s a sad truth in the concealed carry community: most of us don’t train as much as we should or would like to. And the training we do is incomplete in that we tend to focus on the “fun” parts of concealed carry and tactical training. We love to shoot, or run a tactical course, or…

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Dry Fire Practice at Home and at the Range

Dry Fire Practice at Home and at the Range

Shooting a handgun accurately and at speed is an exceptionally difficult skill to acquire, and almost as difficult to maintain. For CCW or self defense purposes, there's a lot more than the always-vital goal of hitting the target; your weapons manipulation, reloading, and malfunction drills need to be on-point as well.  We've talked before about…

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