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3 Little Known Secrets Of Marksmanship

3 Little Known Secrets Of Marksmanship

Expert marksmen who have been instructing students in the use of firearms constantly reinforce the principles of marksmanship. These principles are pretty basic, really. Sight picture Sight alignment Breathing Bone support Trigger control Steady position That position can be either standing, sitting, kneeling, prone, or supported. It doesn't matter so long as it is a…

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Skilled Marksmanship... It’s Just “Plane” Simple

Skilled Marksmanship… It’s Just “Plane” Simple

As a former police sergeant, national competitive master shooter, police firearms instructor and now an NRA Certified Instructor who teaches civilians everything from NRA Basic Pistol to advanced defensive handgun skills, I have developed the concept of thinking in terms of a “plane” that I use when I am teaching students at all levels.  And…

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