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Protecting Yourself In Private Sales: Concealed Carry And Face-to-Face Sales Tips

If you've ever watched the news, you'll know Craigslist users are increasingly dealing with a sketchier and sketchier world. A recent "prank" video pulled from YouTube features two "social experimenters" kidnapping two people looking to sell their iPhones via Craigslist. Ethan and Moe Bradberry targeted two different people, hired three thugs to chase them down…

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ATF Declaring War on Honest Gun Owners

Act Immediately to Block ATF Long Gun Sales Reporting!

If you’re one of the nearly 71 million Americans who live in the four southwest border states, some of your gun purchases could soon be reported to the federal government. And whether you live in one of those states or elsewhere, your help is needed now to stop the federal government’s plan to register Americans’…

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