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Sig Sauer P938 Compact 9mm [FIREARM REVIEW]

Sig Sauer P938 Subcompact 9mm [FIREARM REVIEW]

Would you consider for your concealed carry a very well-built 9mm gun, that weighs one pound, is about an inch wide, has fiber optic and tritium night sights, has a comfortable grip in a subcompact design, is single-action only, and is reliable and accurate? Although it has been around for a few years, some overlook…

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Sig Sauer 1911 C3 [FIREARM REVIEW]

Sig Sauer 1911 C3 [FIREARM REVIEW]

How about the Sig Sauer 1911 C3 shown here in .45ACP? Would it make a good concealed carry gun? For starters, what does the "C3" stand for? Well, that is a good clue as to what this gun is designed for. The "C3" stands for... Concealed Carry Compact. So then as the name states is…

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SIG SAUER P320 Sub-Compact 9mm: A Review

SIG SAUER P320 Sub-Compact 9mm: A Review

For me, the Sig P320 series of pistols are very adaptable and great performing handguns. Before I give you my evaluation of the Sig P320 Sub-Compact 9mm pistol, I want to comment in general about the P320 series. There are 4 versions of the Sig Sauer striker-fired P320: the Full-Size, Carry, Compact, and Sub-Compact, all…

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SIG SAUER P320 Full Size and P320 Carry Striker-Fired 9mm Pistols

Sig Sauer’s First Striker-Fired Pistols

In 2014, Sig Sauer introduced its first striker-fired polymer semi-automatic pistol, the Sig P320. It is available in full size and carry models and I want to review them and offer my comments to help you decide if they meet your purposes and preferences. They are a modular, striker-fired handgun with several options and features…

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