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Shot Show 2017: ShotLock Solo-Vault Line

We ran across SHOTLOCK at the Shot Show. They are manufacturing some great home gun storage products. All of their products use a combination with a key to override the lock if the combination is forgotten. The mechanical locks are set up to contain a four digit code. The electronic version allows the user to…

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How to Store Guns and Cash

How to Store Guns and Cash

A reader mentioned to me how he’s having his first child soon (congrats) and wants to not only keep his guns away from his child, but also have a safe that protects other documents. First, it should hopefully go without saying that if there are children in the house all of the guns should be…

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Long Term Gun Storage

Long Term Gun Storage

I’ve got guns stored throughout my house. These are my “home defense” guns so they’re fully loaded with a round in the chamber. However, because I have a one-year-old that is like Godzilla and walks around my house taking things off shelves and destroying them, all of my home defense guns are locked in a…

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