Texas Gov. Signs Guns in Parking Lots Bill

Texas Gov. Signs Guns in Parking Lots Bill
Texas Gov. Signs Guns in Parking Lots Bill

You can start bringing your guns to work on September 1st, but you must leave them in your car.

Governor Perry signed SB 321 into law.

It prevents companies from telling employees they can’t keep a gun in their car on company property.

That way, whether taking off on a long hunting weekend or just heading to the shooting range after work, you don’t have to travel home first.

At least that’s a couple of reasons behind the bill’s passage, according to law makers.

Ed Isenberg owns Glock Perfection in Copperas Cove, and said, ” The law has always been there that you can carry a handgun in a vehicle out of sight.  Just ensure that it’s secure.”

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Remove all stickers, decals, and such that are gun or political oriented. Become inconspicuous. This should help reduce the chance of someone targeting your vehicle for break in or theft.


This is long over due. I have a CCL but can’t carry daily becasue I can’t have a firearm in my truck in the parking lot. All states with CC should do thi!