Texas Senate Approves Campus Carry

Texas Senate Approves Campus Carry

Texas Senate Approves Campus Carry

The Texas Senate on Monday passed a measure that would make the Lone Star State the second after Utah to specifically allow guns on college campuses.

The proposal, which would allow concealed handgun license holders to carry guns into buildings at public colleges, now heads to the Texas House, where it has broad support.

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  • Frightened

    More like USA Scary!

    • Anonymous

      Why would people that can already carry concealed weapon permits legally be scary? I think crazy nuts going on a shooting spree is more scary that people that obey the laws but that’s just me.

    • Because banning weapons on campus worked so great at VA Tech? Laws won’t ever protect you.

      Everywhere that carry rules are relaxed we hear the same story: blood in the streets, the cops won’t know who is bad and who isn’t, regular people don’t know what they’re doing, blah blah blah. Over 30+ years later, where have these problems materialized? You may have a personal preference regarding the topic but the facts don’t agree with being fearful.

    • Retcop

      Frightened, you needn’t be afraid of those who have concealed carry licenses. Those who have them have been through a very in depth background check on both the federal and state levels as well as trained in the laws on the use of deadly force & self defense. The one who should frighten you is the one who has no license, yet is carrying unlawfully because that person has not been checked out and is therefore by the very nature of that a criminal.

      Have you ever been walking back to your dorm late at night & heard footsteps behind you and had the hair stand up on the back of your neck? That was your gut warning you. Perhaps that would be attacker was scared off by someone walking toward you or a patrol car just happened to drive past. If so, you were lucky. 9.9 times out 10 when seconds count the police are only minutes away. As a retired cop I would feel much better knowing my granddaughter had her 9mm legally tucked in the waistband of her jeans or skirt while walking alone across that dark campus late at night. I know she would and so would her mom & dad.

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  • Cambeul41

    Good for Texas. Let my state be next — and I am a college faculty member!

  • Anonymous

    GREAT! More and more, Texas is looking like the Rebirth Of American Freedom!

    They are #1 in the best climate for business for 2009-2011;

    They are #1 in the creation of new jobs for 2010-2011;

    They are #1 in the lowest taxation of any state in the USA;

    and now they are in the lead to expand the protection of personal right of self-defense…

    Way to go Texas! Let’s hope my home state of Missouri is not far behind…

  • Tim Ravndal

    Montana tried to instill a constitutional carry law here and the progressive and liberal socialistic panty wearing legislature failed to have the courage to stand up when the votes were needed.

  • Sj4640

    I believe if a person is licensed to carry, they should be allowed to carry on colleges just not federal buildings or post secendary schools. 

  • Claudiusjunk

    Just because a person has a license to carry doesn’t mean they can’t go crazy and kill a bunch of people. Now anyone can walk in with a gun and people will be less likely to report a possible threat. Don’t be surprised if more shootings take place on a campus and the licensed carrier is shot by mistake because police thought it was the suspect.

  • Cambeul41

    Junk — 

    Just because someone is male or female doesn’t mean they can’t be a rapist or prostitute. As it is now, anyone can walk in with a gun and shoot the place up before any possible threat can be reported.  What is the last time you heard of a shooting being prevented because of a called in “man with a gun” reports? 

    “Common sense” gun laws are those laws based on fantasy and imagination rather than fact.