Top 10 CCW Firearms For Ambidextrous Shooters

First, what makes a gun ambidextrous?

Magazine ejection – is it accessible from the left or right hand?

Safety – can it be accessed easily from either side?

In the vast majority of cases, those two qualifiers are the judge as to whether a firearm is ambidextrous.  And while it seems absolutely silly in this age of modern firearms to design a gun that only works in one configuration – it still happens.  Why?  Because the majority of the market share is right-handed and gun engineers are largely unambitious when it comes to changing the actual mechanics of a pistol that’s worked for nearly thirty years.

This touches on the last part about modern pistols and revolvers – they really haven’t advanced in the past thirty years.  Outside of using polymers to reduce weight, magazine extension, and some adjustable sights – a firearm that you picked up from 1985 will largely operate the same as the firearm you’ll pick up in 2015.  The big exception to this is the striker-fire.  That has come forward in leaps and bounds within the past thirty years.  But that’s a topic for a different article.

That said, let’s go over ten pistols and revolvers that exhibit good ambidextrous control.


Smith & Wesson J Frame

Smith & Wesson J Frame

It’s a small, snub-nosed .38 special or, ideally, .357 Magnum that holds five rounds.  In terms of a self-defense concealed carry revolver, it’s near the ideal.  The J Frame can be gripped with one hand or two and conceals easily in the waistline for smooth performance.  With single action/double action, the user can still have single action shot performance with double action follow-up.

Beretta Nano

Beretta Nano

Small modular design, nice ergonomics, and built for concealability – the magazine ejection is accessible by either side and there is no mechanical safety on most models.  It’s modular structure encourages concealed carriers to experiment with its configuration to find the perfect grip, sight, and hand configuration for each carrier.

Chiappa Rhino 2”

Chiappa Rhino 2”

The Chiappa Rhino 2” is one of the most curious designs we’ve seen for a concealed carry revolver.  Made with a flattened cylinder, it uses moon clips to quickly load and unload ammunition into its hexagonal cylinder.  Because it’s very streamlined and compact, it brings all the benefits of a SA/DA pistol and a revolver to the same platform.

Glock 19

Glock 19

Even though the magazine well is designed for a right-handed shooter, it’s actually in a great position to be accessed with either hand.  Plus, what list of great ambidextrous pistols is complete without a Glock 19?  It’s a bit less compact than the G26 and for those looking for an ideal model of Glock for ambidextrous use, the G26 is probably the way to go.  If, however, you can get away with a full-size Glock – you’ll never regret it.

Walther PPS

Walther PPS

Slim, single-stack, and ambidextrous magazine release on the trigger guard – the Walther PPS is a great choice for concealed carriers who need to switch hands.  While some models include a safety on the left side of the gun (ideal for right-handed thumb flip), that safety is easily accessed with just the left hand.  This is one of the few 9mm pistols which can be safely fired single handedly by almost any shooter that practices it.

Click here for the last 5 guns on the list.

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  • Paul Grivas

    You left out a good one shame on you the Springfield XDs in .45 acp

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  • DarylD

    I own and have carried the Glock G43 and Springfield XDs (.45 acp and 9mm versions). I was disappointed that they did not make the list. Do I need to sell them because they didn’t?

    • bjensen

      Yes, yes you do, I’ll take those worthless P’s-OS off your hands for $100 each. 😉

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  • Dave

    Taurus Curve? Really? Sounds like somebody has never actually seen one of these turkeys. Sure, you might be able to shoot it left handed (if you can pull that horrible trigger)…but good luck actually carrying it on your left side. It only curves one way, meaning it would curve out AWAY from the body of someone carrying it on their left side.

  • Suspect-K

    WTF!?!? where is the HK VP or P30 series?….being able to choose to use my thumb or finger, with whatever hand I’m using the pistol in, to eject the mag should qualify this pistol for this list.
    edit- but once you use your trigger finger to eject…there’s no going back.. I don’t even want another pistol without the ability to do this..quick and easy, with safety finger in the proper position.

  • fred

    WTF? The Curve? Did anybody on your staff actually try to hold it with their left hand? It’s uncomfortable to hold to say the least. That weapon is the polar opposite of ambidextrous. I hope you guys got paid well for giving up your objectivity.

  • John Steel

    I would list a right handed Shield before I listed a Taurus Curve!

  • Jamie Lant

    I’m shocked the FNS isn’t mentioned.

    • Jamie Lant

      Or the HK USP Compact

  • Bodark

    Being left handed, owning several pistols, having time on my hands sitting with my wife I found this and I hope nobody actually believes any of this horse shit. Go to a BIG FRIENDLY GUN SHOP. If they don’t strike you as friendly right off the bat leave. Find another one. There out there. They will help you. Let you handle different sizes of pistols. Talk about calibers and recoil. Weight, length, number of rounds. They even come in different colors. You might want a pair of pearl handle grips. Who knows.

    • Robin Trower

      “If they don’t strike you as friendly right off the bat” If that is what you are looking for, then DO NOT GO TO MAXON SHOOTERS in Des Plaines Illinois.. Everyone there, except the guy that cleans guns…Is real jerkoff. Not a friendly guy in the place.

  • BB

    A ppq is an ambi pistol. None of these are even close