Top 10 Christmas Presents for Gun Owners

Top 10 Christmas Presents for Gun Owners
Top 10 Christmas Presents for Gun Owners

Top 10 Christmas Presents for Gun Owners

Do you have a gun owner on your Christmas gift list? While ammo and cleaning supplies are always appreciated by any gun owner, maybe you’ve done that already and are looking for something else to surprise that person with this year. Here is a list of 10 items that your gun enthusiast would love to find under the Christmas tree:

1. Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

A good quality set of shooting earmuffs is a must to protect your shooter’s hearing. Electronic earmuffs are designed to filter out the louder sounds of gun shots and heavy equipment while amplifying voices to a safe level. Most of the newer models also come with MP3 capabilities so that your gun enthusiast can safely listen to their favorite music whether they are on the shooting range or out on hunting trip.

2. Magazine Subscription
Give your gun enthusiast a subscription to his favorite gun or hunting magazine. ‘Guns and Ammo’, ‘Gun World’, ‘Shooting Times’ or ‘Field and Stream’ are popular choices and allow your recipient to keep up with all the current news and newest gadgets available. As they flip through the magazine’s pages, they are sure to keep you updated on all the newest ‘toys’ that they are interested in; giving you a list of items they would love to have for next Christmas!

3. Range Bag
If your gun enthusiast doesn’t already have one, a range bag can make a great gift. It will hold all of the things that they need to tote with them to the shooting range. The best choices offer multiple pockets and fasteners to keep everything in its own place. There should be plenty of room for a gun or two, ammo, safety glasses, earmuffs, gloves and anything else they might need to carry along. Depending upon your recipient’s style you can find range bags that look like any other bag that someone would carry to the gym or full-out tactical bags with multiple pockets, zippers, Velcro and all the bells and whistles.

4. Gun Vault – Nano Vault
This is a great little item to have on hand. This is a small, portable handgun safe. It is lockable. It meets TSA airline firearm guidelines. This mini safe works well for home or for travel if your gun enthusiast holds a CCW permit. These mini safes generally have combination locks built into them. While they won’t keep someone from stealing a firearm; they will keep curious children safe both at home and while traveling with a gun.

5. Firearms Training
Consider paying for a concealed carry class if your gift recipient doesn’t already have one. Even if they don’t plan on carrying on an everyday basis, the training in these classes will give them the necessary information on the current legal issues with carrying a gun as well as training in basic gun safety. Perhaps the most important part of CCW training is learning about awareness and keeping the proper mindset for carrying that weapon.

6. Gunsmith Tool Set

Repairing and upgrading your own guns is an important skill to acquire. Some people are a little more skittish about handing their guns over to someone else even for a short time. Although most gun owners with some mechanical aptitude can learn to do simple repairs, gunsmithing is a skilled trade that takes lots of training and experience. This would make a great gift for a veteran gun owner, but maybe not for the novice.

7. Bore Light

If your favorite gun enthusiast is a collector, or would like to be, a bore light would make a great gift. A bore light is a light source connected to flexible tubing that is inserted into one end of the gun barrel so that you can inspect it for scratches, rust and imperfections. This inexpensive tool is a must for anyone interested in buying second-hand guns.

8. Tactical Pen

While this is not necessarily a gun accessory, many gun enthusiasts are also into self-defense, survival and protection. This is an inexpensive stocking stuffer. A tactical pen writes just like any other pen, and is refillable; but it is also a weapon. Most tactical pens are made of aircraft aluminum to make them strong enough to be used to strike a would-be assailant. The aircraft aluminum makes the pen strong enough to use the blunt end for stopping power or the writing end for stabbing.

9. Reactive Splatter Targets
Target practice can be easier and more fun with splatter targets. These targets are black with neon under-colors so that when you hit the target the penetration creates a neon colored halo around the striking point. This neon halo makes it easier to see from a distance. No more spotting with binoculars or walking down to the target between shots.

10. NRA Membership

Give your loved one the gift of freedom! Sign them up as a new NRA member or if they are already a member you can add on another year to their membership! We are currently offering discounts on 1, 3 and 5 year memberships so while you are there you should join, renew or extend yourself!


And if you still can’t figure out what to get your loved one, ammo is always on the top of everyone’s list. You can never have enough. Just figure out what caliber(s) they usually use and then pick up some training or self defense ammo in that caliber. Or just buy them a gift card to someplace where they can pick their own ammo out. This is a great stocking stuffer that you can’t go wrong with.

Whether your favorite gun enthusiast is a hunter, a survivalist or a collector there are plenty of interesting gift items out there in all price ranges to put a smile on their face on Christmas morning.

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KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade

KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade

33% off of this great self-defense blade by KA-Bar from Amazon.

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CCI 9mm 115 Grain 1,000 Round Bulk Pack- $174.99 + Free Shipping

CCI 9mm 115 Grain 1,000 Round Bulk Pack- $179.99 + Free Shipping

I pick up a box of this nearly every time I see it on sale with free shipping. At $0.19 a round, this deal is hard to beat. I’ve used this ammo for numerous gun reviews and some training courses and haven’t had any issues with it whatsoever.

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Springfield XDS Mod2 9mm 7rd 3.3" Pistol Power Pack w/ Night Sights

Springfield XDS Mod2 9mm 7rd 3.3″ Pistol Power Pack w/ Night Sights

Pretty good deal on a Springfield XDS Mod2 9mm 7rd 3.3" Pistol Power Pack w/ Night Sights from Palmetto State Armory for only $429.99.

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Better magazine subscriptions: Gun Tests, Small Arms Review, Shotgun News


The USCC Mag is VERY Good


I’d love a 30.Cal for the Back of my HARLEY . Just for Tail Gaiters


Ammo . . . Ammo . . . and more AMMO !!!


Basic emergency first aid books, anyone?


I agree with all except #8, don’t see a real need for this, and #10. I have not supported the NRA since they endorsered Harry Reid, Now a membership in Gun owner of America or USCCA instead.


#8 is a firearm retention tool; especially useful where you can’t carry a knife.

I’d like a 30 cal mounted on the front of my Ninja for Harley-parade roadblocks in the twisties on summer mornings, heh heh!

Jim Kellogg

NRA Should of been #1


Instead of the Tac Pen, how about a Tac LIGHT? With 1000 rounds of your favorite shooter’s favorite ammo….. ho ho ho!

Claws Hammer

An AAC can for my 45 Tactical…


my Aunty Savannah got an
awesome yellow Audi TTS Convertible only from working parttime off a home pc.
Look At This B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

Tom Barber

All good ideas. A friend gave me an Uplula magazine loader for Christmas, which is definitely appreciated!


Red dot or similar quick acquisition sights. They’ve gotten to be so affordable, I don’t understand why everyones rifle isn’t so equipped.