Voodoo Tactical Discreet 42″ Rifle Case Review

Voodoo Tactical Discreet 42
Voodoo Tactical Discreet 42" Rifle Case Review
Voodoo Tactical Discreet 42″ Rifle Case Review

As most firearm enthusiasts, I’ve collected many holsters, cases and other accessories over the years. Enough that I’ve got a couple of bins in storage of “gun stuff”. As rifle cases are concerned, I’ve been through a few over the years. I was using a hard plastic double sided case that I bought from Academy when I needed an airline approved rifle case to fly with. My previous case was one sided and couldn’t fit more than one rifle so I upgraded to a double sided to give me more room. It became the case I would take to the range if I was planning on shooting rifles and handguns since I could fit a few handguns on the other side of the rifle. Being plastic it has received it fair share of wear and tear over the years. So when the Voodoo Tactical Discreet 42” Rifle Case showed up for review I was looking for something that I could use as a rifle range bag. So I put up the plastic case and have been using this as my rifle range bag for the past two months.

Initial Thoughts 

The first thing I noticed is that it didn’t look “tactical” or have MOLLE gear on the outside like some cases do. I still think it looks like a rifle case but it doesn’t give that military vibe that some of the soft cases on the market do, hence the “discreet” part in the name. On one side of the case there’s one large zippered pocket with a small square logo. It has carrying handles that you can lock together with velcro and comes with a over-the-shoulder sling with detachable padding that you can attach to d-rings on either side of the case. Even with the bag filled with two rifles, two pistols, magazines and other items I have no problem carrying it with the over-the-shoulder sling. It is much more comfortable than my old plastic case which had a handle that loved to slip out walking up to the range causing it to crash to the ground and get looks from everyone.

Build Quality 

As far as the build quality of the bag, the material and stitching seems very sturdy. The heavy duty zippers open and close with no problem at all. I haven’t had any zipper problems as I’ve had in the past such as them coming off or getting material caught in them. The case also uses closed cell foam padded sides to protect your rifles.

Main Compartment 

On the inside of the main compartment you can fit two rifles on each side. Each side has diagonal pockets on each end and two velcro straps that help secure the rifle. Between the two sides is a closed cell foam padded insert that is sewn in to protect the rifles from hitting each other. Below are pictures of it empty and with my Bushmaster M4 Patrolman and Ruger 10-22. The internal dimensions are approximately 42″ x 12″ x 4″ and should fit any rifle that isn’t over 42” long.

Pocket Compartment

When you unzip the front pocket, the inside of the flap contains one large and one small zippered compartment. I usually toss in some Shoot-N-C targets, staple gun and ear plugs, glasses, cleaning kit and other small items in these when heading to the range. On the side attached to the case you have three pouches that each have bungies that can tighten the contents down and  a velcro flap to keep them closed. As you can see in the pictures, I was able to fit three AR magazines, a couple of pistols and my Ruger 10-22 magazines in the three pouches with no problem.


Overall, this is a great bag for someone going for a non-tactical look and need something they can fit two rifles and a couple of pistols on and head to the range. My old plastic hard case now has a new home in my storage unit where I probably won’t see it until the next time I have to fly with a rifle. It comes in a brown and black version and you can currently get it for less than $200 including free shipping. To purchase, head over to Top Spec U.S.