Walmart Goes Back to the Future with Fabrics, Fishing and Firearms

Walmart Goes Back to the Future with Fabrics, Fishing and Firearms
Walmart Goes Back to the Future with Fabrics, Fishing and Firearms

CEO Mike Duke is trying to shake Walmart out of its negative same-store sales trends by going back to “heritage” categories that helped it achieve success in the chain’s formative years. Among the products Walmart is adding back are fabric, fishing poles, and firearms. That last item has caught the attention of numerous media outlets as well as those who advocate on either side of gun control/rights.

Walmart currently sells firearms in about a third of its locations after a decision five years ago to eliminate departments in many stores. With its new plan, the chain plans to eventually offer firearms for sale in roughly half of its stores. Walmart will not sell handguns.

“We made a business decision to sell them in certain stores because we have realized the appeal was perhaps broader than we thought,” David Tovar, a spokesperson for Walmart, told The Wall Street Journal. “But we are committed to doing it as responsibly as possible, as always, in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.”

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Ed’s note: It’s probably a better idea to support your local gun shop.

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They still get no support from me until they go back to selling handguns.


I will consider buying from Walmart when they start supporting production of goods in USA rather than their current campaign of selling Chinese goods.


Who doesn’t sell Chinese goods? I bet at least 90% of the items in your house are made in China.

Jason Burns

All my lead paint comes from China! 


It’s good to see some categories coming back. As for the, “current campaign of selling Chinese goods,” we have the cash-strapped American consumer to thank for that. No demand, no products, right? Isn’t that how it works?


And why are they cash strapped.  Many are because they bought the foreign made goods and supported the exportation of their own jobs.


They never gave up long gun sales around here, so what I’m waiting for as an indication of a return to sanity will be when they start selling handguns once more.


I doubt they will go back to selling pistols…


I bet they won’t sell firearms in California.


Id move to another state there is alot of things they don’t sell in California,

Yehuda Paret

nor NJ.

Yehuda Paret

why only long guns and not handguns, is there a difference?  Oh that’s right there is a difference in the minds of the people who want to ban all guns.
Maybe the sales on handguns are not robust enough to warrant selling them?  Doesn’t sound right to me.  So what is the decision to sell rifles/long guns but not hand guns based on?  I’d be interested in learning the rationale for the decision.  Does Walmart say?


I am no expert on why Wal-Mart stopped selling hand guns but these are my theories. I believe they stopped selling hand guns due to the fact a conceal/carry permit was hard to get, the sales may have dropped and the lawyers, who run the company, may have thought they would be sued for selling a handgun which is easier to conceal then a long gun. I am not sure but I think the decision to stop selling hand guns may have been based this senerio. The senerio would be based on a case where a person(s) of a questionable state of mind could have easily purchased a handgun from Wal-Mart and the proper steps (ie 3 to 5 day waiting period, background check) may have been overlooked by the sales clerk. This would equal copible negliance on their part. This is only a senerio, but this could have scared the big-wigs enough to pull hand gun sales. I remember the time where all you had to do is put up the money and the Saturday Night Special was yours. As far as handgun sales dropping, I think Wal-Mart would gladly start selling hand guns again seeing how much hand gun sales have risen over the last 5 years if there was not a waiting period for them. I do not believe there is a waiting period for long guns (at least in Florida) but if there were waiting periods implemented for rifles and shot guns they would probably stop selling them as well. I am sure it is a major pain to keep up with all of the laws regarding hand gun sales in all of the states Wal-Mart sells in, so that may have caused they to stop selling hand guns as well. If that were the case, then all of the people that blame or fault Wal-Mart for not selling hand guns should consider that our Government is to blame, and not the retailer. There are other discount stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods and others who only sell rifles and shot guns perhaps, the waiting periods may be to blame for them not selling hand guns as well.

Yehuda Paret

See editor’s note, “Better to support your local gun shop”.  If Walmart changes their mind 2 years from now and decides not to sell guns anymore, meanwhile they put the local gun shops out of business, then what?


Most of the Wal-Marts in my still sell long-guns and can’t even come close to putting the smaller gunshops in my area out of business, this EOTW paranoia has the smaller shops raking in the dough. The smaller gunshops have a layaway program and Wal-Mart does not.  I can not buy the long-guns or pistols at Wal-Mart because of no layaway.


Walmart doesn’t put anyone out of business, their customers do.


It’s the great thing about capitalism—you buy and sell based on supply and demand. It’s also the hypocrisy of the present day democracy– the few and the loud force the many and the proud in the direction they want things to go!! If the many and the proud don’t commence taking a greater stand against the foolishness of the few and the loud, the government will soon own all of us!!! Just look at the changes in the FBI, think of our 4th amendment, and cringe!


Walmart in many areas has continued to sell long guns and various ammo. The gunshops have the wider variety that ‘shooters’ are looking for. Often notice local police officers buying their practice ammo at Walmart for the convenience. They, like most common sense shooters, ‘shop’ for their weapons wherever they get satisfactory results

Some towns, counties, Walmart and Dollar General are The Only stores to restock the ranch supplies. Walmart ammo was being rapidly purchased by the city gunshops, to be resold during the Obama Syndrome shortage. Other big box stores that deal with guns, like Academy sports in Texas, apparently attract no negative reactions, but Walmart does? Guess it’s always cool to attack ‘The Big Guy’ no matter what he does, people he employs or services he provides.


I would buy Rifles from them if I could put them in layaway. I buy several long guns and pistols from my local gunshops. The ammo at the gunshops is higher so I buy the ammo from Wal-Mart.


You know….what? Here’s the “Skinny” on that what you say.

Not saying some Cop’s don’t buy their own Ammo. Most Departments demand so many “RANGE” hours and in-fact PROVIDE ammo to their Officers. Most Wally World don’t sell Police “CARRY” ammo. And there ammo is high. Cities buy this stuff for much reduced prices and get FIRST option from the Makers for Police use.

And while I’m at “IT”, I’ll say right here and now that I don’t care how BIG or Small the store chain is…if they are selling Chinese….we don’t “BUY” it!

If’ its not made IN THE USA….we DON’T NEED IT!


So Walmart has gone back to selling firearms. I didn’t know you could import guns from China…

Ken Prince

You cant.


I would be willing to bet if you look half of the items in your house is made somewhere other than USA?

S Izzors

I will not buy a long gun from that store.. My friend did and he always complains about everything in government but it didn’t stop him from buying from Wally world. Go figure?? Oh and I wouldn’t support
wally world by buying handguns fro mthem even if they sold them. China,,, they make me sick.
Support American goods and you support America. Thats what are troops are fighting for not to support China and wally world.


Wal Mart sells the same Chinese stuff as Target & K Mart, Wal Mart has much more buying power so they can buy in bulk, passing on the savings to the customer.  So make your self feel better and buy the same crap at their higher prices.

Wal Mart sells Remingtons & Mossberg, they’re not made in China, as a matter off act they don’t sell any long guns from there.  And, BTW most of all the ammo they sell is stamped “Made In The USA”.


How do we stop buy from china? everything is made their it is disgusting!


Only sell very small amount of Ammo  in my local storse (MA).They keep it pretty well hidden.
I think this is a great direction for them and I am sure others feel the same way

inked sailor

Correct me if I am wrong however if memory serves me correctly many SOP’s changed because of the Colunbine school shooting back in the late to mid nineties and retail chains like Walmart and kmart stopped selling all small arms and ammunition.
And only until recently have they started selling ammunition and long arms at Walmart and Target.


I strongly suspect that the half that sells firearms will be outside the People’s Repulik of Kalifornia.  Man it sucks to live here.


No handguns. No business from me.


Well, good. It’s about time Wal-Mart got off the “politically correct” avenue. Now if we can just get them to realize that guns (even handguns) are just a tool. I expect some argument on my last statement though.


Goverment has too many rules and regulations, when you sell as many firearms as walmart you have the ATF coonfingering through you stuff everyday. They want to ensure they know everyone who has a gun. Watched the movie Red Dawn again the other night, the mexicans make comment go to sporting goods store, pull 4473s and see who are the gun owners in town.


Goverment has too many rules and regulations, when you sell as many firearms as walmart you have the ATF coonfingering through you stuff everyday. They want to ensure they know everyone who has a gun. Watched the movie Red Dawn again the other night, the mexicans make comment go to sporting goods store, pull 4473s and see who are the gun owners in town.


If you walmart sold only american made items you tight wads would be complaining about the prices! If you want someone to blame try the unions, they think they should get $25/hr to sit and watch a machine. If you never set foot in a walmart store you save $2500 a year just because they keep prices down at other stores. Buy at local gun store? Try getting ammo there at 8 pm or on a saturday afternoon. Everyone thinks they should only work 9 to 5 Mon to Fri. 


I run a small gunshop out of my home, if you stop in I will sell you what you need,as long as it is legal, wether it is during regular business hrs or not. If I am home you will get what you want, I am a here to serve the shooting community. I know not all business’s do this but it is the way I operate.  So not all gunshops are 9-5!


I wish more business worked like you, but you are 1 in a 100. If I lived near you I would visit your shop.


Well that news will make the distributors happy.  Now they will have somewhere to unload all those seconds that nobody else will accept.  Never have bought a firearm from Wally World, and can’t think of firearm that I can’t find a better deal on at a LGS. 


You should try, they can get about any gun a local shop could & for less in most cases. Not because it necessarily costs them less but because they dont need such a big markup on a single item. Also they arent seconds, thats a BS myth pushed by the small shops. They STOCK mostly economy models but you can get those economy models from a shop too, its just unlikely they will stock the economy models.
At any rate I dont buy guns from them either, I just dislike missinformation and thats what saying they sell seconds is.


If you have never bought a gun from Wally World then you don’t have a clue as to what type of gun they sell. They get them from the same place LGS does. Ken is correct, they sell to a different type of customer. Your not going to get an AR or AK at Wally but I promise the ammo you get there is the same and much cheaper, unless you buy the supper cheap stuff which LGS also sells.


I dont think they can hurt small gun shops. They cater to different crowds & only sell entry level guns anyway for the most part. in my opinion the Editors should support legal commerce regardless of his personal opinions. ANY store or chain that chooses to should sell firearms, the stigma is anything but rational.


wal-mart never quit selling long guns where i live. arkansas


Only small stores that were in small towns that people did not buy them, with all the goverment control it was not worth the trouble. In order to keep prices low WM took guns out of some stores. It was in order to save customers money.


Well what the heck, they mights as well, since Wal-Mart & 99% of the American public has been financing China since Wal-Mart opened. At least the firearms will be Made in the good old U.S. of A.


Well what the heck, they mights as well, since Wal-Mart & 99% of the American public has been financing China since Wal-Mart opened. At least the firearms will be Made in the good old U.S. of A.


I do buy my regular ammo from them or our Bi-Mart to save $, and go to the local spendy gunshop or several mail order places for the good stuff. I’ve never bought a gun from them, but I don’t own many long guns and mine are a bit more specialized than what the ywould carry. My son bought his first gun, a 597 Remington, from them and it is outstanding. I watched him do a snap head shot on a squirrel about 40 feet up a tree after getting back from Marine boot camp, with open sights. It’s still a great little gun and from what I’ve seen, they offer some good solid American made guns and ammo. It makes sense to maybe not buy the other items if you don’t like imports, but buying American from them helps to show that’s what you want.


will the guns b e made in china like most of their other crap


Stick to playing with firecrackers.


YAY! I would love the ability to purchase at my local WalMart again 🙂

Tango Down

While this is great news for those that happen to live in an area where their local Wal Mart doesn’t currently sell firearms (long guns), this is nothing new for those of us in the state of Kentucky where Wal mart has ALWAYS sold long guns and used to seel pistols.  Oh those were the days!  It still saddens me that Wal Mart has become so closed minded as to not go back to selling handguns once again.  Perhaps one day they will finally catch back up with the mainstream of American citizens.


Walmart is another enemy of the American working class. If you dont have the extra 5$ to purchase it from a company that supports american workers- borrow it. You arent doing this country a favor by buying from these anti worker ‘ robber barrons’


Kudos to Walmart… If committed to this form of marketing to their customer’s then they should be in it for the long-haul while providing ultimate Security precautions. Walmart would not be the lone wolf out there seeing that Dick’s and Bass stores provide similar products, facing the same challenges and concerns. One of which seems to be the sweeping occurrences of “flash mobs”, consisting of 50, 100 or more driven individuals determined to overrun retailer stores to take what they want, overwhelming whatever security exists due to surprise. I would therefore suspect Walmarts, Dick’s, Bass Pro Shops face the same risks of this growing trend.

I support our 2nd Amendment and recognize the potential consequences when firearms get into the
wrong hands. Keep in mind, that there isn’t any difference between the sales of automobiles, pharmaceuticals and other creations by man if placed in the wrong hands. Therefore, regardless of the safeguards & laws put into place, vehicular homicides; due to DUI’s & driving under the influence of drug’s continue to persist. Our justice system revokes the licences of those who break the laws put in place, yet vehicular homicides continue because there will always “be those” who deliberately break the laws by finding access to alcohol, pharmaceuticals & keys to an auto.

So who in our civil population are the only-ones likely follow the endless laws created by our Federal & State Gov’ts…? It would be “law abiding citizens”, who typically are the same ones that suffer the overwhelming & sometimes “suffocating” laws that the habitual abusers will never follow. The we have some within the Justice System whose Liberal views “release” those reigned in by our LEO’s, to where we hear that someone has lost a loved-one due to a “repeat offender” (x5 plus), leaving us all wondering how that could happen.

Drugs like Morphine, Oxicodone & Vicadin, etc. were developed to help people suffering in pain, yet are abused & trafficked for illegal purposes, motivating even violent crimes to obtain them… Then there’s the old reliable drug abuses of marijuana & cocaine and their links to crime.

Again I ask, who of us are more likely to abuse and ignore our overwhelming laws? I leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson… that holds true regardless if we discuss firearms, auto’s, etc.
“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater
confidence than an armed man.”

Therefore, while those reading this may not have the slightest inclination to own a firearm, it’s time you look around at the other Freedom’s “you” personally enjoy today that are at risk, if not already taken away. We as individuals need to take personal responsibility for our actions, as we must oversee the guidance of our young children…

For the sake of brevity, let’s address those mentioned. Auto’s provide us a priceless means of valuable


That is the best commentary I have read to date ANYWHERE. You hit the nail on the head. It is time we put down the HARDENED CRIMINAL by Capitol Punishment. I learned in Oklahoma History of a Judge called Hanging Judge Roy Bean, he served the Oklahoma Territory by putting to death the criminals. I do beleive he may have put to death some who may have changed their ways, but his mindset was to stop the criminal so they can not break the law again. I think we should clean house in our prisons of the ‘lifer thugs’ and send a message to the others. You reform from your criminal activity or you will meet the same fate. I am curious to know how much crime had dropped during Judge Roy Beans time on the bench. There are studies that state that certain crimes are down in part to the ‘victims’ arming themselves. Most criminals would search out a unarmed person rather than one who may be packing heat.

B Jones

Our local gun shops do not engender this support. Just because they are a local gun shop, they do not automatically get my business. Our shops sell at MSRP or above. Fine that’s their choice, as it is mine to support the best price AND service. I have found many shops here that seem to treat their customers with disdain or just plain don’t help them. If you want my business you will treat me like you want my business, it’s that simple. 


A few years ago, right as the Economy started going south, I built my “then” 14 year-old Son a tack-driving” Ruger 10-22. At the time Ruger would not sell just a receiver, So, I bought the SS Ruger 10-22 from Walmart just for the receiver. They sold it $70.00 cheaper than anybody else. The barrel, stock, optics & rings, trigger, hammer & sear came from various “dedicated” suppliers. As far as buying ammo or other shoooting supplies, They don’t carry the “hunting” or “personal defense” ammo that I prefer. They also don’t carry the “range” (or practice) ammo that I prefer. They do however, carry most of the cleaning supplies, and other maintenance supplies that I use. And they do that cheaper in almost all cases than anybody else. Case in point, if you want maintenance brushes, go to the hardware dept., 3 brass brushes for 3 bucks or less.

Isaac Addison

I wish Wal-mart would sell major brands of hand guns! It would be a complete store to shop at. I could get food, clothing, motor parts, and (hand gun =) ) and ammo eheheheheh


I travel in a lot of rural places and often Wall*Mart is the only game in town if I need to restock on target ammo or relatively inexpensive game loads.  Lots of times I’ll fly in to a place for work and find I have an opportunity to get in a hunting or fishing excursion as a bonus.  When that happens, I typically don’t have what I need in my business kit; Wall*Mart becomes my go-to place for cheap, disposable camo, camping gear, fishing gear – whatever – I use it for a few days and donate it to someone in need before I leave town.  Also, I can always get a non-resident license on short-order.  I’ve even bought cheap shotguns on the fly, and gone duck hunting the same afternoon; in that instance, I bought a hard case and shipped the gun home in baggage (Jet Blue allows your first bag free).  If I need serious ammo, a custom weapon, or specialty parts/gear, I do hunt up a real gun shop, but when I’m in those situations, I usually have the time anyway.  I’m not a big proponent of Chinese goods, and always prefer to buy American, but sometimes I’ve got to go with the flow in order to take advantage of opportunities.


Sure Walmart sell Chinese made products. That’s one of the ways they keep their prices down. Personally, I do not have a problem shopping at Walmart. I do watch where the items I buy are made. If made in America, I buy it. If not, I try to buy it at another location. If it’s of the same quality and taste and made outside the USA, I don’t mind buying it at Walmart. Maybe it was made outside the USA, but Walmart is employing several “Made in America” people and that does help to support the economy.

Now on guns sold at Walmart. When I can go to a gun outlet and buy a gun for less than it’s priced at another gun store, I’m going to buy the lower priced one. You take two Remington’s manufactured the same day, back to back at the same plant, shipped off the same dock, routed to different stores, and the price differs by $25 to $30 dollars between the guns. Your going to buy the same one I’m going to buy, the cheaper price one. So what’s you beef?


Excellent!  I suspect Wal-Mart never would have stopped selling firearms, fishing poles, and fabrics, were Sam Walton still living!

Jason Burns

I wish they still had layaway.  I would buy a lot more guns from them if they did.


It’s easy to understand.. Wal-Mart was heading the way of K-Mart, and Woolco (woolworth)..
and others.. People liked Wal-Mart, because you could get it all.. Then along came the
over educated, “bean counters”, with less common sense than Geese.. If it doesn’t move
X number of units in X days or weeks, delete it, and take yet one more item off the shelves,
that people relied on for years… Making it necessary for people to go elsewhere… Once
you start the exodus, it is difficult to get people to come back…. I stopped relying on
Wal-Mart, just in the last year or so.. I don’t shop there, anymore….


Your Bet your Ass, I’m with you! We have almost stopped going there altogether. Period, UNLESS we absolutely need to go. Bitching at Wally World doesn’t do anything. Call them, e-mail them and then the store manager will call and then…what happens? Nothing.

When they start re-selling American Goods…then we will go back. When they start selling FOOD from AMERICA….we will buy it. Not until. I am not prejudice. I used to buy foreign food. Not anymore. Especially Chinese. I HATE THE WORD CHINA! 


Your Bet your Ass, I’m with you! We have almost stopped going there altogether. Period, UNLESS we absolutely need to go. Bitching at Wally World doesn’t do anything. Call them, e-mail them and then the store manager will call and then…what happens? Nothing.

When they start re-selling American Goods…then we will go back. When they start selling FOOD from AMERICA….we will buy it. Not until. I am not prejudice. I used to buy foreign food. Not anymore. Especially Chinese. I HATE THE WORD CHINA! 


Your Bet your Ass, I’m with you! We have almost stopped going there altogether. Period, UNLESS we absolutely need to go. Bitching at Wally World doesn’t do anything. Call them, e-mail them and then the store manager will call and then…what happens? Nothing.

When they start re-selling American Goods…then we will go back. When they start selling FOOD from AMERICA….we will buy it. Not until. I am not prejudice. I used to buy foreign food. Not anymore. Especially Chinese. I HATE THE WORD CHINA! 


They sell handguns in Alaska, i was just up there. Great State.


I am curious about all of these individuals complaining about buying chinese goods from Walmart. I defy any of them to show me a retailer that only sells american. It is impossible so quit blaming WalMart for a problem that was caused by our government and also caused by the american consumers’ insistence  on access to cheap goods. BTW, no guns sold in WalMart are chinese. So now that WalMart is trying to correct itself and sell american goods to the american consumer at a reasonable price, why they are still  complaining?


Everyone can voice there opinion an i respect that. The issue im bring up is about walmart buying chinese goods. Many years ago, I was at my sister in-laws little school graduation an they had “American” flags on each chair. I reach over to look at the flag and what do i see a “made in china” in print. Now tell me if that is not worse then walmart buys chinese goods. U.S.A can’t make and pay our “own” people to make the cheap stick flags? There is something seriously wrong with that picture. We as a country need to take care of our own first and formost!


The school probably bought the flags at Walmart


With the accepted (planned?) demise of the Free Enterprise system in the rapidly changing USSA (United Socialist States of America).  Walmart still stands as one of the last vestiges of a man intent on prosperity (popularly taught in the socialist agenda today, as ‘Greed’) for those that desire to prosper. Yes it did put many small businesses out of their misery in many smaller, even some larger towns. Small stores did not have the convenience or competitive prices, let alone the merchandise selection of the Big Box.

Historically proven ‘Economy of Scale’ is taught in business schools (the good ones). The young should also be taught, along with economics, hard math, science ‘facts’ (not conjecture or popular Fad concepts) the Freedom of What the USA was founded upon, our History and how we attained it.  Life, compared to the rest of the world (not the elite sections only). How to live within your means (shopping at Walmart?), A usefull trade has always been the key to prosperity.

Working at Walmart, where a job doing something while learning something, unlike small closed to outsiders, family stores, a job at Walmart is always available. It’s not meant to be your lifelong career unless of course you are planning on advancement (greed?), have no other options or just enjoy the concept of ‘structure’ and comradery…Freedom. :>)

When ‘Flashmobs’ (as previously mentioned) become ever more rampant in society, the imminent chaos predicted by many, requires the Law Abiding, arm themselves. Legally…… (as long as that venue is possible). If incouraged by an endless ‘recycle of law breakers’ (Career, Repeat Offenders), the spiral of destruction thereby created has proven disasterous in history. Dicatorships easily come to Power under such chaotic circumstances.

We are now suffering the spasms of a grossly under educated, politically divided and biased society, due to under educated, agendized educators (unionized and tenured). Fortunately we still have some basic freedoms. The Freedom of Religion, when used as originally intended, is a powerfull motivator to morals. Morals that are necessary to a law abiding society. Without morality and it’s Taught self control, all is for naught and deadly force becomes the mantra of daily survival. Take Freedom of Religion away through restrictions, taxation and regulation, and the result is historically proven decay, historically replaced with the deadly circumstance of ‘Boot on your neck’ Dictatorial Power.

Walmart may not be universally loved, but it’s ‘Their Right’ to exist and prosper, whether you personally care to take advantage of their facilities or not. To demand they be ‘controlled’ starts the demise of Freedom we all seem to take for granted in this Grand Experiment in Freedom, we and the entire world recognise as America.. “The United States of America, One Nation Under God”


ok the last comment is alittle out there in left field alittle off the subject!

Sherm Risdall

To be realistic it doesn’t matter if people boycott Walmart.  Some boycott because they put smaller stores out of business, some boycott because they sell too many Chinese made products, some boycott because it is below their social status to be seen in a Walmart store, some boycott because of their employment practices, but Walmart parking lots in general remain full.  Their decision to increase the number of stores that sell firearms and amunition shows that they are willing to change their retail practices to keep making money.  Walmart stock is and has been a dependable and profitable stock to own because they know how to make money, and how to keep and grow their customer base.  Four years ago I bought a Mossberg 500 camo 12 GA with 4 choke tubes for $100, at Walmart because they were on “clearance”, (a practice they have since halted).  The only reason I bought this shotgun because it was dirt cheap.  Most Mossbergs are produced in North Haven, CT USA.  I have a Benelli, and a Remington 870 which I prefer to shoot.  The Mossberg was an “investment”. 
The Treasury Department estimates that our debt to China is approximately $843 billion. That is over $10,000 in debt for the average American family. According to the US Census Bureau, there are approximately 78 million families in the US in 2010. Since the US owes $843 billion to China, that means [$843 billion / 78 million families] that each family’s share is $10,807.69. So Wal-Mart is not our only problem.  If you want your boycott to count, boycott the government that will sell our country to China.


This has gone way off of the real subject