Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 2012

“The fight is on and the NRA is ALL IN!” says NRA CEO and EVP Wayne LaPierre at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. “When the sun goes down on election day,” he says, “Barack Obama will have America’s gun owners to thank for his defeat.”

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We just need enough people to”Trigger The Vote”.

pastor T

I hope you are right!  I know I’ll do all I can to help “trigger the vote!!!!!”



Mr. Lapierre could clear his mess up immediately with a strong statement that the NRA will look at a politician’s complete voting record before any endorsement is offered. I KNOW THE NRA DID NOT ENDORSE REID! They did however give him a B rating, really, a B rating after he voted for 2 of the most liberal gun hating Supreme Court Justices ever to sit on the bench! When the NRA makes this change in policy, I will be back as a member. I am by the way a former 30 year member.


Well said, well said.


I truly hope we have enough people to get this done.



The only gun-related thing Obama has done was to expand gun rights.

The NRA just keeps scaring you guys with the Obama boogyman so you’ll keep sending in your money. Knock it off and think for yourselves.