Why Do You Carry Concealed?

Why Do You Carry Concealed?

Why Do You Carry Concealed?

I’m in New Orleans visiting some family and this question has come up a few times while I’ve been here.

“Why do you carry a concealed weapon?”

Personally, it was after a very good friend of mine was robbed at gunpoint walking back to his car and then was shot in the chest with a shotgun where he was left to die on the street. This happened in New Orleans and I was living in Las Vegas at the time. I told myself that I would do everything in my power not to let this happen to myself or any of my loved ones. From there I bought my first handgun, a Beretta 90-Two, and soon after received my concealed carry permit.

I wanted to post this question to the site to see what some of the reasons our members are carrying concealed.

Post a comment below on why you carry concealed or head over to the thread about this on the forums.

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  • Sdbiker47

    I am 64 years old and I have carried since I was 18 years old. I carry because it is my right to carry and protect myself and I have always understood that the police are reactive, not proactive. This is a dangerous world we live in.

  • Rick Jackson8

    I’m in Ohio where it is legal to carry “open”… but to do so will result in many hassles… so I carry concealed so that others are not “worried” about me… and so that I can act as necessary if something bad happens and I need to defend myself or my family in a case where deadly force is needed.

  • Robertcpes

    Three years ago my two twenty-something aged daughters who live together were awakened at two in the morning by loud pounding on the front door to their house. They peeked out the window and saw a “George Foreman” figure trying to get in. They called police and the dispatcher told them no one was available to help them because the police were too busy. My daughters called me and asked me what to do – I live 1000 miles away from them. After giving some direction I called their police dispatch to ask why the police could not respond. I got a nice run-around for an answer.

    Since then my wife and I have reconsidered our rights as Americans and have taken steps to prepare ourselves in the event of an attack. Ironically, I still have to convince my two daughters to get their carry permits. They are both suffering from college-degree granted idiocy.

    • Mommarock

      I hear your concern for your daughters. My daughter is 14 and has already been through a NRA training course and will have her gun permit as soon as her age permits. We have to teach our selves and our children that it is OUR responsibility to take care of our personal safety. The “it always happens to someone else” or “the police will protect me” train of thought will get way too many law abiding citizens killed this year. Hopefully, your daughters will realize they are ultimately the only thing standing between the person that wants to rape or rob them or kill them is not the police who are often busy with other things, but their own desire to defend themselves. Besides her gun training, my daughter is also a second degree black belt in American Karate and a green belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Girls are at an even higher risk for attack than boys are.

      I hope they reconsider taking control of their own personal protection. Having the police “too busy” to come help them last time should be a strong wake-up call. I hope they listen to you or are one of the shrinking number of people who never need to defend themselves. The good guys are becoming the minority, sad to say.

      • Anonymous

        Nahhh. We aren’t becoming the minority. We’ve always been. The truth is, competetion is in our blood and that leads to alot of stupidity. Stupidity that is encouraged by ignorance because they never learned discipline.

      • Hjc4604

        Google “Meredith Emerson”. She was a blue belt in some martial art and disarmed her attacker twice. “She almost beat me” She suffered for 3 days before he ended it. And she lived in a Georgia, a Shall Issue state. Handguns are like seatbelts, you wear one hoping you never need it, but if you need it, it’s too late to put it on.

    • I have a BS, certificate and two masters degrees and I have two handguns and a concealed permit, and I carry on a regular basis. And I’m a democrat. We’re not all gun-hating crazy people, anymore than all gun-owners are wild west hooligans who want to shoot everyone. If stereotypes were true 100% of the time, I would not exist.

      • Hjc4604

         Indeed, I’m a Conservative (Libertarian) Atheist.  That goes over well.



  • Rvarney3

    I am also 64, and have been carrying concealed for sometime now! I carry concealed to protect myself, and my loved ones. The police are not our personal body guards. Training is very important both in use of your hand gun, and the law as well. You must remember that if, and when you use your weapon to defend yourself, when the police get there, they do NOT know you from the criminal, so make sure your re-holster your weapon, place your hands on your head, say nothing more than your name, and that you need to speak to a lawyer. Until you calm down, you might say something you do not mean to, but always remember that it’s better to be tried by 12 tha carried by 6.

  • Andersonj1988

    I haven’t started carrying yet, However, I’m wanting to carry so i can feel protected. When my dad was a teenager he had a pistol stuck in his back while he was changing a tire in the middle of the night on his personal vehicle. I promised myself that this would never happen to me or my loved ones again.

  • Anonymous

    Simple answer to this one: it’s a dangerous world out there. There will always be ones out there who wish to do harm to us and our loved ones. Personal protection is a responsibility of an individual. I carry to protect myself and my loved one

  • Anonymous

    Simple answer to this one: it’s a dangerous world out there. There will always be ones out there who wish to do harm to us and our loved ones. Personal protection is a responsibility of an individual. I carry to protect myself and my loved one

  • NoColoDigiHead

    Simple! I carry because I can’t carry a cop.

    Granted the conditions are necessarily mutually exclusive, BUT it evens the odds when dealing with a lethal threat. I have always supported the notion that law abiding citizens should be able to protect themselves using appropriate measures. NOTE: the firearm is not my only self defense option. The firearm is THE LAST RESORT. I have memorized/ingrained the legal justification of lethal force. Remember, if you use your weapon, you WILL end up in court defending your actions.

    Know your weapon(s) – Know your options – Know your rights … BEFORE you have to make that fateful decision.

    • Paul

      Regardless of how much the police would like to stop crime they really primarily serve to solve crimes and arrest the perpetrator later

      • Tbaughey

        Police are re active not pro active.  thats all you need to know.

        • Stanley Turner

          Thats all you need to know….Amen….Only you can protect you.

      • Tbaughey

        Police are re active not pro active.  thats all you need to know.

  • Jrice862

    I carry concealed because (1) it is my right and (2) to be in a position to defend myself, and others, from deadly or potentially deadly situations should they arise. Period.

  • Vince

    My mobility is impaired and, while I’m not yet in a wheelchair, I’m still physically incapable of “running away” or otherwise avoiding potential or actual confrontations. I refuse to be a victim when avoiding it is within my control. I hope never to need to draw my weapon, but I can feel safer knowing it is there to help protect me and my family.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Vince….. I’m right there with you, Been there, done that, read the book, saw the movie, bought the t-shirt !!!!

  • UT Permit Not Valid Here In CA

    My answer always is, “Because I am too old to fight and too fat to run.”

    • Gryryder

      I know where you are coming from in both conditions for the need having an equal advantage.
      Gray Ryder

  • Erik The Red

    I was car-jacked on the eve of Easter in front of my home. The assailant hid in a shrub line and held a club to my head as I opened my car door. He took my watch off my wrist and threatened to harm me more if I didn’t have more than $100.00. He took my wallet, made me put my keys in the ignition, and then laid me out prostrate in the middle of the street. He stole my car. I only wish I had been allowed to carry a weapon (this was 1985 in South Central Los Angeles). The city gave the car 7 tickets for 7 days of illegal parking at a red curb downtown. Then (per their ordinance) they ran the plate(!) to find that the car was stolen. The city then towed it, stored it for a week and then pronounced to me (the victim) that I was responsible to pay the tickets, the towing, and the storage costs!! The motor mounts were broken, radiator empty, and it had a fuel leak (1965 Buick wagon that I bought for $300). I told them to go fly a kite. Victim Mediation with the City let me take the car without paying.

  • R.Ray Marshall, USMC Ret.

    I was robbed,knifed up,beaten and stomped by three thugs in Kmart’s parking lot – in broad daylight-with other people just standing around watching. I am 68 yrs. old, and a disabled veteran ( amputeee). When the ambulance and police arrived – NOBODY SAW ANYTHING. I spent three weeks in the hospital and was in debt for insurance copays. The thugs are still out there free to do it again enboldened by getting away with what they did to me. The elderly and handicapped are the weakest most vulnerable and easiest targets of punk thugs, so now I carry a Taurus .45- PT 24/7 PRO C DS and three extended clips. I REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM EVER AGAIN ! I too used to labor under the illusion that “it only happens to other people, but it will never me.”

    • Wes

      I am sorry that happened to you, brother. The harshest thing of your story is that others stood by and did nothing. The saddest testament on our society today.

      • UT Permit Not Valid Here In CA

        I do not believe people are not willing to help, but if one sees an attack taking place where a knife is displayed, what options are available if you are not carrying a concealed firearm?

        • Anonymous

          I wouldn’t stand by even if i didn’t have training behind me. Of course, I wouldn’t judge another for making the opposite decision either. Its just my personal belief that I would rather put myself in harms way to prevent the injury or further injury of another. Especially a 68 year old amputee. I’m in my twenties with no kids yet though. We’ll see once I have a family.

  • If you’ve ever seen the look in someones eyes, who was unfortunately a victim of a violent crime, it will change your life.
    In a previous job I have seen that look on too many faces, and I’m not going to let that happen to me or my family.

  • tonyj

    I, like some others here, carry for the very simple reason that (1) it is my right, as an American CITIZEN, to protect myself and those that I love from the predator-elements that surround us daily, and, (2) I’ve been in situations where I feared for my safety, but felt helpless to do anything about it, and vowed never again to be in similar circumstances. Anyone who would do harm to me or my family should know that, as my grandfather liked to say, “might ultimately win the fight, but he’ll sure as hell know he’s been in one”. And, like others, I carry my .45 as my last, ultimate line of defense, as I keep other means of extricating myself from a bad situation close to me. If an assailant is too ornery or too stupid to allow me to get out of his reach via these other means, then he is too ornery or too stupid to live, and, like any other vicious predator-animal, needs to be put down for the sake of society as a whole.

    • Northmike108

      tony i agree the 45acp will stop them DEAD in their tracks thats why i never leave home without my 1911

  • I carry for the same reason we have fire hydrants, sprinkler systems and fire-retardant materials used in buildings. Not because there will be a fire today, but because when it does happen, we will be prepared. There may not be a need to defend myself or others today, but when it arises, I will be prepared. Thank you, Col. Dave Grossman, for the idea.

  • Nraynes

    I carry because I was jumped and only got away because a bystander carried. The thugs had a lead pipe and were going to use it to kill me. A week after this happened my friends uncle (who lives down the road from me) was attaked in his own yard doing yard work just because he owns a nice house and seemed to have money.

  • Jhaig99

    My dad was a police officer and he taught me to carry as he knew first hand what was out there as he had to deal with it every day. That is why I carry today. The police are wonderful but they are not my bodyguard. That responsibility falls on me.

  • Rjk428

    I am 73 years old and my wife and I travel a lot. Those looking for easy prey usually pick on tourists or the older generation. Since I fit both categories, I have a Missouri permit (not the easiest to get, but one of the most recognized by other states.) and carry a 22 magnum loaded with hollow points. I carry the 22 magnum, because it is a five shot mini which fits nicely in a cell phone carrier. Unobtrusive, and effective at close range. I don’t seee myself shooting at anyone much beyond 15 feet or so, and don’t need the range a longer barrel would give me. I practice with it readily and can easily put five ourt of five in a upper body target from 25 feet.

    • OldGuy DFF

      These days are not the days we grew up in. (I’m 67) There are so many crime and drug problems now that I believe it may pay to be armed. I have the permit,and I carry whenever I am on a trip or camping close to my home. Every day we hear more and more reports of muggings,rape home entry,theft, vandalism,and drug wars. That’s out here in the north west,small population,mountain towns. Even the woods aren’t as safe as the old days. My Lawyers are Smith,Wesson and Ruger.

  • Jameschristy

    I conceal carry because I have learned that I am responsible for the safety of myself and family.

  • Jameschristy

    I conceal carry because I have learned that I am responsible for the safety of myself and family.

  • Brolin1911a1

    I got my carry permit in 2004 as soon as my state passed a CCW law but never carried regularly until a couple of years later. Then a neighbor had three thugs kick his door open, drag him outside, knife him, and leave him in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. They were strangers to him, were out to settle a grudge against someone else, and had simply gotten the wrong house and victim. I realized then that such things can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, for no reason whatsoever. I’ve carried both at home and away ever since.

  • Wes

    I carry concealed simply because there are thugs and criminals in our society who care nothing for their fellow man and who want nothing more than to take what I have for themselves. These are men and women who make it their profession to not work for themselves but prey on others for what they want. I love my own life and the lives of my family and since our society allows us to carry a concealed weapon and if I did not take advantage of that privilege and something happened to my family that I could have prevented by being prepared, I could not live with myself. It is folly to think “it will never happen to me or my family” in today’s society with gangs, drugs and crime being rampant. So it just makes good sense to be prepared and armed. I carry a light concealed weapon because a police officer is too heavy to carry. Thank you.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I am disabled Vietnam Vet with a prostetic leg, so i don’t move around very fast. I do get around in a motorized wheelchair, with my Taurus PT 58 HC plus, mounted to the side in a holster, loaded with 19 of my closest friends in 95 gr JHP on one side. On the other side is a Smith & Wesson expandable baton. No unarmed sheeple here, so lets rock and roll, and lets get it on !!!!

  • Mdwizard28

    From the time when I returned from Vietnam in the mid 1960’s I’ve felt the compulsion to go armed here in the U.S. of A. Though that was the era of “peace, tranquility, and love,” the incidences of public unrest, assassinations of leading political figures, and general distrust made me want to be able to defend myself. Unfortunately that feeling has never left. So, I carry a weapon with which to defend that which is mine.

  • That guy over there…

    Because….I’d rather carry it every day and not need it than not carry it one day and wish I had it!!!

  • That guy over there…

    Because….I’d rather carry it every day and not need it than not carry it one day and wish I had it!!!

  • R4fthrs

    Because when seconds count………..the police are minutes away (if your lucky!)

  • F3368636

    Because it is our right to be able to defend ourselves and loved ones.

  • Gary

    When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am looking for a fight, but
    because I’m looking to be left alone. The gun at my side means that I cannot
    be forced, only persuaded. I don’t carry it because I’m afraid, but because
    it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn’t limit the actions of those who
    would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those who would
    do so by force. It removes force from the equation…

  • Anonymous

    When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am looking for a fight, I do so
    because I’m looking to be left alone. The HK-45 at my side means that I cannot
    be forced, only persuaded. I don’t carry it because I’m afraid, but because
    it enables me to be not afraid. It doesn’t limit the actions of anyone who
    would interact with me through reason or persuasion… only the actions of those who would
    try to do so by force. It removes force from the equation…

  • In case I meet someone who has expressed their desire to do great bodily harm….
    And just on the outside chance of a Zombie Breakout…I would like to be prepared.

  • peepers

    I was 12 years old when the Clutter family was killed in western Kansas “in cold blood”. Our family had never locked our doors before that date. We had never used our guns for anything but hunting. Life changed. My father taught us to never draw unless we were going to fire and not to question our decision, but trust our instinct. This created the “why” in why I carry a concealed.

  • Thankful

    I have had break ins attempted everywhere I have lived. Having a gun available always helped me to sleep well. I never carried a gun except in the wilderness, until five armed B.G.s tried to car jack my family late at night coming back from the hospital emergency room visit for our child at 3 am. I will admit that I tried real hard to run over the guy that blocked the car at an intersection before he could get his gun lined up on my window he ate the curb as I hit 60 and rounded the corner one of the B.G’s still standing ran to the corner and popped off 3 rounds nothing hit I was two blocks away and still accelerating (yes I had a very fast car then).
    I respect police officers generally but when I got home and called the police they wanted to know what I was doing in that part of town at that time of the morning and was I crazy he said, they didn’t even go into that part of town that early in the morning (I didn’t swear at him, I just told him why I had been their). It cleared up something that I really didn’t want to believe so in the end I thank him for the undue criticizing. I know that when it gets rough on the street I am responsible for my own defense and the defense of my family.
    I ordered a shoulder holster for my .45 the next day for one day delivery as soon as it was made and asked for them to rush the order please. That was 20 years ago and I have never been without a gun since except during jury duty in the court house and I have never regretted it. I have had to draw against three armed B.G. two dogs a goat (that was trying to bash my kid) and a mountain lion. Thankfully I have not had to shoot any of the animals (that includes the B.G’s). They all seemed to realize I was just as dangerous as they were and highly motivated, stopped what they were doing and went the other way. I am very thankful for the skill and respect that my father a veteran taught me with guns. They are a lot of fun and have a great practical application.

    • wild eye’d willy

      Damn, there’s nothing worse than a goat with an attitude problem. Glad to see he took the hint.

  • Tex

    Just like some of the other posts, I do not want to be in a situation where I cannot protect my family….

  • Mercury

    I live in West Texas fairly close to the Mexican border and we have lot’s of illeagles. They for the most part do not share our values. I’m getting too old to defend myself and wife physically and I choose not to be a victum.

  • Allen

    I carry my weapon anytime I leave my house. I don’t carry it because I am afraid, but so that I don’t have to be afraid. I don’t carry it to kill someone, but so that I won’t be killed. If I happen to end up where someone decides to be an active shooter, he will probably shoot those who pose the greatest threat to him first. Someone wearing a weapon openly will probably be one of his first targets. Having mine concealed gives me a chance to save people with the element of surprise on my side.

  • Joe S.

    Someone asked me, “why do you carry a gun, what are you afraid of” I said, I’m not afraid of nothing,,,NOW! In a world filled with violence and uncertainty, it is wise to be able to have the means to protect you and your loved ones when the moment dictates it. It is unwise to go abroad without the ability to ensure your safety and the safety of others. I’m sure there have been alot of famous last words prior to someone going out and not thinking they’ll need their firearm. “Oh, I’ll just be gone for a few minutes” or ” It’s so nice out, no one would dare act stupid and commit a crime” or here’s a good one,,,” I’ll be back in a moment, I’m going in the store to pick up something and leaves the gun in the vehicle”

    You just don’t know what you could walking into and what the situation is. Best to have it and not need it,,,,,then to need it and not have it.

  • Mikem317

    Because criminals don’t make appointments.

  • Jerry in Somerton

    I carry because we effectively have no LEOs in my area, who is going to provide any form of protection when the you have no police?

  • Styxx0409

    I dont carry every day because I routinely travel between states, although I would like to, the risk doesn’t out way the threat… I do however carry while in the woods because there is stuff in those woods that could eat you.

  • bkwnc1

    I realized that not doing everything in my power to protect my family and myself was, in fact, not being a responsible father and husband. There are a lot of bad people out there that I don’t want to have the least little bit of an advantage when I have the opportunity to even the odds and now I have that opportunity.

  • I CC because I just don’t trust many people anymore. I don’t want a fight, I just want to be left alone. Many people are without jobs so they think they need to steal to survive. Businesses close to my work has been robbed in the past, why just today I went to a local Verison to get a new cell phone. Shortly after I left that store was robbed…thankfully nobody was hurt to my knowledge. I don’t feel safe enough anymore to sit with my back away from the front door, I have to see all that come in. You just never know anymore. I just want to be prepared just in case.

  • Malbert49

    I carry because I don’t want to be a victim, nor do I want my family members to be a victim of crime.

  • Woody Bruce

    I started carring concealed in 1976 because I was sworn by as a deputy in my county after a mugging. I still carry even in my own home because I learned the hard way that a deadly attack can happen anwhere or any time.

  • Paul

    I agree with the too old/too fat problem. I work alone at a fairly isolated location and carry for peace of mind. I am well trained in both the laws and very proficient with my guns. I like that concealed carry in now reciprocated in many states so I don’t have to give up my rights just because I’m away from home. I am somewhat handicapped and may appear as an easy target. In the past, I have had situations where I felt threatened enough to draw my gun. In all these cases I did not have to fire but the gun’s presence stopped the threat. This is the side of concealed carry that those against guns choose to ignore, where guns prevent violence.

  • Wiseguy137

    For protection, I carried for over 40 years at my jobs and just feel naked without my carry weapon. If confronted I feel I have a better chance of living through the conformation..

  • Cabrerajl7

    I carry because i am a law abiding citizen that wants to have a choice if someone ever threaten my life or one of my loved ones.

  • Gray Ryder

    I am an Illinois resident of 75 years young and with a level 2 diability. I am not as good as I once was. However, I am dammed good once as I ever was. In my resident state CCW is illegal. However, it is legal to carry mace/pepper spray , which my wife and I both carry while in Illinois. The mace/pepper sray application devices, we carry, are in the shape and size of a snub revolver, which are far more effective, with a “one hand” draw, point and discharge. I carry on a belt slide holster and my wife carrys in a fanny pack designed for CCW. It is very effective within 25 feet and best suited, under the current CCW circumstances for an Illinois resident. Also, the possession of and/or carrying of mace/pepper spray and/or a disabling chemical for personal defense is legal in all states. To our knowledge, there are no restrictions as to where mace/pepper spray, for personal defense, can not be carried. When, out of Illinois we both have non-resident CCW from three different states, which we both carry a Bersa Thunder 380. In considering in the majority of threating situations, when seconds count police response assisstance are minutes away.
    “”””””””””””””We both carry in favor being a survivors rather than being victims.””””””””””””””””””””

  • Moebacon4

    I own a bar even tho l don’t have it in the bar it is very closes to me . I will protect why is mine

  • Voyageur

    First of all, thanks for the insights and comments shared by the previous respondents on this question. Now I know I’m not alone…

    I am 62 years old and realize that I’m not the stud that I used to think I was. Three years ago, after a road-raging idiot chased me for eight miles over an insignificant driving error and reading about the ever-increasing number of vicious home invasions, drive-by shootings and the startling quickness with which young thugs resort to armed violence, I decided that I would no longer be a helpless victim.

    I purchased my first handgun, got my CCW permit, began taking training and practicing my shooting skills. I carry all the time, whether on the road or at home, because I want to protect my wife and myself from harm, despite her belief that I am being “ridiculous”. I know that we’ll both feel grateful that I am armed and ready should I ever have to use my “Liberty Tool” in earnest. And thanks for providing this website with its great charts and articles on CCW in these United States.

    • Gray Ryder

      Ditto on the training factor. I have over over 150 hours in classroom and on range training on self defense, home invasion, legal do’s and do nots of lethal force, coupled with my military service as a Korean Veteran. One can never obtain enough training.

      Then again, one can not afford to not pratice-practice and practice when CCW for use if necessary. Any caliber is of very little use with out proper shot placement. It is a major benefit to practice with the same gun as your CCW. I, being a trained NRA Range Safety Officer, have witnessed individuals practicing with a 22 caliber in order to save the expense of the higher priced ammunition. My point is. How much is your and/or your loved one’s life worth. If your are going to CCW it is to your advantage to know your weapon. Please remember, that you CCW for the protection and preservation of loved one’s and self safety of life.

      Also, please remember as long as you, your loved one’s and any other individual’s lives are not in a threating situation never-never-never take the role of a want-a-be Wyatt Earp. Please leave the catching the BGs to the individuals that are paid to preserve and potect.

      Gray Ryder

  • Tom1776866

    The police are primarily ” after the fact”- they collect the garbage. The responsibility for my protection rests with me. I have learned over the years I am a much better judge of when to use my weapon than law enforcement because I am ‘on site’. Follow the laws of your state and practice frequently- it is your job to protect yourself. It is easier to ask forgivness than it is to ask permission

    • Paul

      My grandfather taught me to shoot. He said if you carry a gun, carry the most potent caliber you can handle and practice often enough so that you can hit what you aim at first time, every time. If it becomes second nature then that will help overcome the stress of an encounter and improve your chances of survival. I carry a Taurus 845 with laser sights and practice at least once a week. I’m a big guy which helps me conceal a full sized pistol.

  • Anonymous

    I used to “feel safe” because I’m a big guy (over 6’4″) but I’m in my 50’s now and may start to look like a “victim”.

    Also, the incidents of driveway robberies and home invasions is on the rise in the Houston suburbs. I carry concealed everywhere I legally can. I carry openly at home – doing yardwork, etc. The neighbors in our cul-de-sac like having the “NRA gun nut” living nearby, too 🙂

  • R W Coakley

    Because I Can

  • Wmmaine

    As Member “Tom1776866” indicated, police are after the fact. My way of explaining it is we aren’t assigned guardian angel police officers as citizens, so it’s up to each individual to be responsible for their own safety. This is backed up by the U.S. Supreme Court decision that police departments do not have a duty to the citizenry individually but only as a whole. So when the police failed to respond to the continuous rapes and assaults of three women who had called for assistance and never received it and the lost their lawsuit against the municipality they sued, I started carrying.

  • Markgflash

    It’s just my protective nature,We had just been in the Trolley Square mall in S.L.C. Utah when the man came in and ramdomly started shooting people.That’s when i decided to carry.”Not 2 mention because i can”.If i was in the gas station and it was getting robbed and no one was going to lose there life i would let the cops do their job,But if i was in the mall and someone started shooting I would like to think i could do something about it!! It’s a freaking crazy world and i want “and love” that element of suprise!!

    • UT Permit Not Valid Here In CA

      Lived in SLC many years ago. Used to shoot with the gun club at the police dept downstairs range every week. I had moved to PA when there was the incident at the SL Library where the religious fanatic decided to take hostages. Wife of a good friend was able to walk away when he stared rounding up the hostages. Off duty policeman, whom I had shot with on the police range, allowed himself to be taken. He waited to see if the situation could be resolved, but after the man made a rambling speech and prepared to kill a hostage he pulled his hideout gun and killed the bastard.

      Here in CA there have been calls to take the guns away from off-duty police. San Francisco placed police in the city schools years ago to protect the children from gang problems. Five or so years ago there was a proposal from the city board of education to disarm the police in the schools as it was felt the presents of guns in the school set the wrong example for the children.

      People with brain defects like this should be prevented from voting. A friend of mine who is a policeman said something a while back that I use in my signature at times: “To be able to protect yourself with a concealed weapon requires that you keep your wits about you. . .in the voting booth.”

    • Gray Ryder

      Warranted call. Situation represented a mass blood bath threat. Thereby, taking defensive action would be justified and carry support in your favor. There are exceptions to ever situations. However, it far-far better to be judged by 12 of your peers, than carried by six of your friends.

      Gray Ryder

  • Crustys

    I carry because you can’t fight a firearm with anything but a firearm.

    Where I live, the likeliness of ever having to use my firearm either at home or in town is very unlikely, that is why I live where I do. But that time that I find myself in a situation where I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it, is why I carry.

  • Pontiacman64

    I am a firm believer that “it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” Also, having many medical problems, I cannot run.

  • Diver

    Anyone see that? in the article picture? Looks like an RCS Holster!

  • Misha11

    I have seen too many news reports of someone coming home during a robbery and not have any way to stop it.

  • Jpmart

    Having a gun at my bedside saved me when I woke up one night to find an intruder in my bedroom. I decided I wanted the same ability to defend myself outside my house.

  • Gary


  • Jj9tay

    It’s simple. There are evil people in this world.

  • Gailbennett1

    why does it have to be concealed why carry ir if no one can see it?i would think you would want people to beaware that you are carrying a gun.thank
    [email protected]

  • Carsontech

    I carry concealed because I can’t open carry here in SC. I personally don’t like concealed carry because of how uncomfortable it is. If I’m still in SC when OC is finally allowed, I will OC my primary gun and CC my Keltec .380 in my pocket.

  • Kyle Burgess

    I carry for one its my right. And also to protect myself and my loved ones. A guy out a knife to my throat after I stopped him from beating a man almost to death in my complex infront of my kids and wife. I had to draw my side arm, to keep the man from taking my life. But at the same time infront of all those kids. They saw a viloent crime times 2 go down then me saving my life and the elderly man’s. I was justified in my actions and the man was charged with second degree asault and a deadly weapon. I agree strongly with your concerns. 



  • Anonymous

    I have a right to carry, I am well trained, and thus feel I have a responsibility to carry.

  • Salfoti2000

    I’m disabled and realized last year how vulnerable I was during a road rage incident. Had it gone otherwise, the young hood could have pulled me from the car and beaten me to a pulp with little or no recourse on my part. Now at least I know I could protect mysel and my family if needed. It’s all about leveling the playing field.

  • LMH3963

    I was driving home from work and pulled over on the shoulder to text a friend.  A car pulled in in front of my car and a truck pulled in behind my car and had its bright lights on.  The guy in the car in front of me got out and walked towards my car. Both of his hands were in his pockets.  I cracked my window and said in a stern voice “what do you want”.  He said “nothing” and stood there looking around and then he walked back to his car and drove off.  The truck pulled away after that. I’ll never know if the guy had a gun in his pockets or what his intentions were.  But, I felt defenseless to what COULD”VE happened.  To me, everything added up to a bad all around situation and a blessing that nothing happened.  Soon after that I bought a glock 23 a Baretta Storm  PX4 .40, and a glock 27 as a backup.  I bought a Mossberg 520A1 to keep at home.  I doubt that experience I had would happen again, but I carry because of the feeling of helplessness I felt.  Carrying is not always comfortable but it is comforting.

  • Dr_zen_cat

    I am waiting on my permit; have completed class and I am retired police.  I carry concealed (or will) because the world is changing and the culture is more violent.  I want to live and I want my family to live.  I don’t want to take a life but I will if someone does anything to disrupt or seriously harm me or my family 

  • rockdoc76

    Why do I carry a concealed handgun? Because cops are just too heavy.

  • I carry…because it’s my right!
    I carry because I have been attacked twice, once IN my house (old boyfriend gained access to house..ain’t seen him since I told him the next time I did see him…I would shoot to kill!)
     and another outside in my yard..(so called neighbor was unhappy with me calling the police on their hoodlum kids for breaking into another neghbors home!) He came back for retaliation 2 weeks later….needless to say…he went to jail and then got his butt deported! Hmm….much more to say about that…but another time!
    Anyway….It will NEVER happen again!   And NOW…I’m legal! to carry!
    My motto: Dead Men Tell No Tales! ….In my house.. shoot first..ask questions later!

  • Robert_scherer

    I carry a concealed handgun ( Taurus Pt-740, for now, I switch about every 3 months between it & my ruger Sp-101 .357 mag) because they won’t let me carry a cop with me.

  • Daviskel

    I am a CCW permit holder and I carry to be able to stop the fight, Fast!

  • Rod

    Because until outlawing criminals from carrying a gun WORKS,,, I WILL CARRY MINE……

    • gail bennett

      you know i ask one question and NO ONE can or will answer.i to have the permit and a gun.OK HERE IS THE QUESTION AGAIN.WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE CONCEALED.I KNOW IT IS YOUR GOD GUVEN RIGHT TO CARRY A GUN.WHY CANT IT BE IN THE OPEN????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • wild eyed willy

        Well Gail, depending on what state you live in, you might be able to carry open. Here in CT we just get a permit to carry, it doesnt designate open or conceiled, But here is the problem,, If you open carry in a state where open carry is not a normal everyday thing, your going to get stopped by the police…. The police do not all know or understand your rights… and even though you might, it would do you no good to protest being wrongfully questioned by an officer who was unfamilier with the laws of your state or our constitution…. You would take a ride in the squad car, and if you protest or stand up for your rights, the officer can call that resisting arrest ( A fellony)… So while you may have the right to open carry, you have to decide if it is prudent judgement to assert your rights..

        Is this a fight you are willing to take on?  The government has way more assets to throw at wrongly prosicuting you than most of us have for a defense lawyer.

        I would love to strap on my six shooter and walk around like Clint Eastwood But in the end, I just do not have the time for free rides to the police station, and visites to the local court house… So I just bite the bullet and leave the gun leather hanging on the wall…

        So the choice is really up to you, if you decide to fight the fight, make sure you keep the phone number of a good lawyer with you at all times… Join the NRA
        and wear your hogleg loud and proud…. I certainly take my hat off to anyone who stands up for our rights to carry…..

  • Chicken Hammer

    I carry a concealed weapon for the same reason I carry a cell phone and insurance.  I carry to be responsible for my safety and well being.

  • Yelmsarge

    I carry because it is my responsibilty to protect myself & my family, Jesus Christ said if you don’t have a sword, sell you cloack & get one. Besides, the local police department won’t let me carry a cop around with me

  • pitaacp45

    I carry because: “Bad things happen to good people!”

  • Amish Tim

    The act of bearing a weapon is indicative not of the intent to do evil, but only of the recognition that evil exists; accusing a man of the intent to commit violence because he carries a gun is like accusing a man of the intent to commit reckless driving because he wears a seatbelt.  I carry a gun (either concealed or openly, depending on the situation) because it enhances my ability to respond to criminal activity in a morally responsible manner, should the need arise.

  • Joe

    I work in a busy city with the crime rate as high as the population.  Every night at least 1 person is shot, assaulted, threatened, and robbed.  I carry because of these reasons. 

  • Rick_geddis

    Easy answer to this question. I carry concealed because I can. It’s my right. It’s my duty. Besides, I have a hard time carrying a cop.

  • Bullriding383

    Its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

  • Don

    Because the police are only 8 minutes away.

  • Jepp

    I conceal carry because the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United Sates reads we have the right to bear arms.  The State of Minnesota says I can carry if I am properly permitted, trained and educated to do so.  It gives me a more heightened sense of awareness as to what is going on around me.  Crime is on the rise, lawlessness is on the rise, terrorism is on the rise, and I will not put myself in a vulnerable situation where I become a victim of violent crime.

    • Jepp


  • Jim R

    because there’s a lot of people that just plain suck out there and I refuse to be a victim

  • Mjroho

    One of the best laws ever passed was the one that allows law abiding citizens to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon in order to defend themselves and their loved ones. A law that was certainly long over due for years! I work hard for what I have and I cherish my family! That’s why I carry.

  • Martialmaster89

    I carry because I learn from others mistakes, too many bad things that I read about could easily have been prevented if the victim had a gun.

  • Platypus

    I live in a combined residence/business house on a block with only four other houses and two commercial structures. I was the 5th break-in this year on this block. Was off camping at local Adventure Park on Memorial weekend. Took everything of value. The pattern indicated they would be back. So, I got a 9mm and good SD ammo. Practiced daily.
    Someone has targeted my block that lives nearby and likely walks by daily. I own a gun to protect the sanctity of my home and livelihood. I carry to protect the sanctity of me. I am willing to protect my fellow man/woman.
    I practice. I take it very seriously. I’ve seen what guns do to human targets. It is a responsibility and a right that cannot be overestimated.

  • Mtaqrtr

    Personal protection and because its my constitutional right

  • Riptidevn750

    plain and simple to protect my family.

  • DucatiRider

    I used to carry a gun because I thought that it would be better to have one than to not have one.

    I carry a gun now because having a gun certainly kept my motorcycle from getting stolen, and may have kept my girlfriend and myself from being robbed and/or assaulted. By the way, not a shot was fired.

  • 2damax

    always better to have and not need than to need and not haveCARRY on

  • corey

    i carry because i cant carry a cop

  • Sifu

    Because I have a God given right to preserve my life, and because I have a MORAL right to protect my loved ones, or any other defenseless in the area.

  • CortJ1953

    I heard a response to this question that I like a lot, “I carry a weapon because I can’t carry a police officer.” Another item everyone needs to take a look at are two U.S. Supreme Court rulings. 1st is 1981 Warren vs District of Columbia and 2006 Gonzales vs Castle Rock. Basically they said that the police department is under no obligation to respond to your call for help, as they are there for the general public and not individuals.

  • Ken

    While personal protection is certainly a factor… I carry mostly to be able to help anyone in need, such as family, friends or even a complete stranger.

  • Dan Michlig

    Because there are bad people out there with ill intent.

  • American Citizen

    Glock 19 / Sig Sauer. one night late my family and I were going to visit my in-laws. A man told me I am taking him to Mt. Pleasant after I declined his request he decide YES YOU ARE and tried to get into my car with my wife and our newborn baby. I shouted at him I have a gun I do not want to hurt you get away from us. Thankfully there were 6 or 7 county sheriff deputies finishing their lunch. They came out saw the commotion, a waitress ran out yelling that the man had not paid his bill. They checked me ( I was and am legal) when they ran his name he had felony warrants. I will NEVER go unarmed.

  • rob

    basically, self and family protection.

  • James Lilley

    I carry not only because it’s my 2nd ammendment rights, but I am disabled. It is my duty to protect myself and my family as I have already served my country !

  • stan wahl

    I conceal and carry for my protection and my family and friends..I have had my license now for over 15 years..I never carry a round in the chamber..Sometimes I do,and sometimes I don’t,depending on where I am at,and the situation..What would your re-action time be if something did happen..I say 3 seconds..Being a former U.S. Marine and combat Viet Nam Vetran..I carry a Springfield XDS .45 ACP,and I don’t leave my home without it..Period…Here is a question…Do you consider a hand gun loaded,with the mag in but no round chambered..YES………..

  • Mr. Q

    Here is my answer to why I carry a gun.
    Does your car have a spare tire? Why? Do you anticipate getting a flat or is it you just want to be prepared in case you get a flat?
    Same reason I carry a gun. I don’t anticipate needing to ever have to use it, but in case I need to I have it.

  • Rick Orna

    Kudos to those who gave some of the most intelligent reasons why you own & carrying a gun. I get very nervous with the radicals.