Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks

Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks
Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks
Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks
Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks

I am not a trendy person. I hate anything that’s trendy and that used to include Starbucks. I’ve probably been their less than five times in my life and that was when my wife or a friend would drag me there.

First, I don’t drink coffee. Second, I could never figure out why it was necessary to sit in there with your laptop forever. Don’t people have anything better to do than pretend they’re being cool drinking some trendy drink with a silly name? Apparently not.

However, now I like Starbucks a little better. In fact, since I’m the world’s most romantic guy I will now be taking my wife to Starbucks on Valentine’s Day along with giving her the box of ammo she has always wanted.

So why am I going to Starbucks on Valentine’s Day?

Well, you may remember awhile back when people were open carrying in Starbucks and the liberals thought it was horrible, and as usual complained to Starbucks and said they needed to have an establishment where no firearms were allowed.

Starbucks response was very logical and impressive. In short, Starbucks said they were not getting involved with the situation and would simply follow what state law allowed. In other words, since you can open carry and concealed carry a gun in Virginia and other states, you can carry a gun in Starbucks in these states. But if you live in a state like California, or New Jersey, or Maryland, then you won’t be carrying a gun in Starbucks.

Of course…

This logical response did not sit well with the anti-gun radicals who have now planned a boycott for Starbucks on February 14th. However, some smart gun owners have decided that they’re all going to make sure and visit Starbucks on the 14th to support them.

I plan to be one of these gun owners, and my wife and I will have our hot chocolates, which will actually be worth every penny. I hope you’ll join me, especially if you’re someone like me who almost never visited Starbucks in the past.

Also, please take a good look at how Starbucks is not caving to “bullies” or societal pressure. I hope you do the same when you hear your friends or family talk negative about gun ownership. Don’t be afraid to share your mind and certainly don’t ever let them convince you that you don’t need a gun.

After all, when the stuff hits the fan one of these days, they’ll be running to your house begging to be protected by you, and they’ll be apologizing profusely about how wrong they were to think they didn’t need a gun and that nothing bad would ever happen to them.

Now, whether you open your door to these folks is up to you… but I’ve already beeninformed by my wife that since they’re family, I’ve got to let them in.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Michael Hatcher

When you go into Starbucks on that day, be sure and inform the manager the reason you are there on that day and that you appreciate Starbucks policy.

Ed Hurtley

I also like the idea of using $2 bills to pay, as a reference to the second amendment.


I finally have a good reason to spend my collection of $2 bills!


exactly! I am not a starbucks or trendy kind of guy but I will support starbucks on that day too!

pastor T

 I agree.  I’d love nothing more than to support them on the 14th, but the gay marriage issue is too serious to me.  I find it as offensive as the anti-gun attitude and more so.  All of this is apart of an attempt by sick liberals to destroy America!

However I am considering going in and explaining to the manager that I normally would not be in here due to their pro gay marriage stand but because of the importance of standing up for our 2nd amendment rights I’ve come in for this one time visit.

When will these businesses learn that the best stand on issues like this is to remain neutral?  Why alienate anyone?  Just promote your product and nothing else.

I’m not asking them to side with my view, just to remain neutral.  But you see, liberals won’t tolerate that!  Which is funny since they profess themselves to be the tolerant ones!  They want you to choose their side and will try to pressure and threaten businesses into doing so.  I have and am apart of several business boycotts because of the gay marriage issue(Home Depot) and the anti gun issue.  In every case the liberals  have pressured them into taking their side or some company big wig has chosen to express their view by siding with them and we are merely asking them to be neutral.

Well, I have to give it some thought, but good article anyway.


I hear every word you’re saying and you have a right to your thoughts, but you might want to ask yourself just how many malls, shopping centers, gas stations, parks & recreation areas, etc. that you frequent who also knowingly have gays employed with them (some of them married) and have no problem with them.   If you’re going to be consistent in your outrage and not patronize places that openly tolerate gays . . . you’re going to find there aren’t very many places you can patronize anymore.   Just food for thought.

pastor T

 I’m not talking about places that tolerate them.  I’m speaking of places that openly promote that point of view.  They use their public business to promote and further their cause or view point.  I will not allow my money to be apart of that when and where I can prevent it.  It may go on in some business unbeknown to me, but when I can, I do take my stand.  As far it limiting places I can patronize, I am willing to stay home for what I believe!

They are free to support and promote an opposing point of view, and I am thankful for that freedom because it is extended to those who agree with my beliefs as well.  That is true tolerance!  Not the liberal’s tolerance which is only extended to like points of view.

I meant to reply to “Cmaloney” in my first reply…sorry!

pastor T

 I’m not talking about places that tolerate them.  I’m speaking of places that openly promote that point of view.  They use their business  to promote and further their cause or view point.  I will not allow my money to be apart of that when and where I can prevent it.  It may go on in some business unbeknown to me, but when I can, I do take my stand.  As far it limiting places I can patronize, I am willing to stay home for what I believe!

They are free to support and promote an opposing point of view, and I am thankful for that freedom because it is extended to those who agree with my beliefs as well.  That is true tolerance!  Not the liberal’s tolerance which is only extended to like points of view.

I meant to reply to “Cmaloney” in my first reply…sorry!


Accepting isn’t the same as promoting.  Allowing them to have equal rights isn’t the same as promoting.  


Nothing like picking and choosing your Bill of Rights.  I love my Kimber TLE 2 and will use it to defend Americans against religious fanatics.  I hate that my county basically bans CCW.  However, I won’t side with religious fanatics to get one.
Gay rights is the new civil rights.  You want to live in a country where religion rules, move to Afghanistan.

wake up

 id worry more about jews than those muslims..muslims dont own the banks and the media to where they will destroy anyone that does not put THEM first..look at Ron Paul! Mr Constitution but the jews andthe media wont say his man unless in smears..the would nto even say his name in second place in NH .  Thye allreayd spilled out childerns blood for iraq..they led the Bloshevik revolution that killed exclusinly Christians  before WWII..but owning the media back then you only heard about hilter not communism..wake up..jews have always been the desroyers of freedom the paristies that walk away with all our money through unpayable interest..and evidence of them being the key of 911


I will be open carrying, so will my wife.

Ed Hurtley

Hate to break the news to you, but it wasn’t “the liberals” that were complaining – there were plenty of us there in Starbucks, too.  (In fact, I would suggest that at least here in Portland, MOST of the participants in pro-gun Starbucks visits are liberal gun owners.)

Also, if you’re going to talk about Starbucks “gun neutral” policy (that many anti-gun groups say is “pro gun”,) then you should talk about the outright pro-gun Dutch Bros. coffee.  They had one of their locations robbed, and an employee (legally carrying a concealed weapon) shot and killed one of the robbers.  Not only did Dutch Bros. *NOT* fire the employee – the allowed the employee as much *paid* time off as needed to recover from the incident!

John Doe

 Good shooting, Tex.
Too bad ALL companies dont have this kind of policy. Bad guys wouldnt stand a chance.


That happened at a Eugene dutch brothers, about 5 minutes from my old apartments.  Last I heard, Dutch Brothers now lets their employees carry if they have a CCW.  Dutch brothers has always got my money, but I will give Starbucks a few dollars on the 14th.


Something that has always confused me:  How can somebody call themselves a “liberal” and also claim to be a gun-rights supporter and gun owner at the same time?  Seems like straddling the fence, to me….but, then again, maybe it is just “politics.”  

I’m an old guy and have never compromised on things like my oath of enlistment, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Well, Liberals that support guns is as close as we can get. I don’t like most Conservative politics and I don’t like Liberal Gun control. Basically, I’m screwed until the US decides to switch to a Tripartisan system…

You have no idea how frustrating it is to have to weigh your ballot to make sure you can get what you want without screwing the 2nd Amendment.


sorry hersfelder, i basically said the same thing before i read your comment ddidnt mean to copy you.


I’m a little late to the party, but as another person who considers themselves a liberal gun owner I can try to share my view.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, and of the inalienable rights that I believe are already ours as human beings, and defined within.  One of those rights is that I can keep and bear arms, and the fact that I hold many liberal viewpoints does not mean that I am required to hand in my arms and allow myself to be helpless against those who would cause me or my family harm.  I want education, health care, decent living wages and the opportunity for prosperity for all of my fellow Americans.  I wish to see all Americans: conservative, liberal, christian, muslim, hindu, athiest, and everyone else – regardless of politics and religion – join together and show the world that we are Americans and we hold ourselves to a higher standard – and if you are foolish enough to harm any one of us, we are the shiny tip of the spear that will remove you from the face of this earth.

Not a single one of those things requires me to believe that taking your guns away from you will somehow – magically – make me safer.  Now, do I believe in gun control?  That depends, does gun control mean you keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target?  Properly obeying the Four Rules every single time you handle a firearm?  If so, then yes, I believe that you should have your gun in control at all times.

I biggest wish as a liberal gun owner is that the NRA would stop acting as a partisan lobbyist group, and start using some of their vast resources to dispel ignorance far and wide regardless of political affiliation.  The only reason people are anti-gun is because they truly are ignorant, they have no familiarity, they fear guns because they are told to.  They are given lies and cooked statistics by an anti-gun movement that has found a home in liberal politics.  Instead of boxing people into ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’, all I want is to educate people and dispel the myths and the lies about this one inalienable right that is explicitly defined in our Bill of Rights and shared by every single American citizen regardless of who they are and what they believe.


They can’t… they are just too stupid to understand it.


Just like a liberal to assume that all gun owners who drink at Starbucks are liberals.


When did I say “all”? (I would say “just like a conservative to draw a purposeful false conclusion from a statement, then base their rebuttal solely on that false conclusion.” but that would not be accurate – it’s just idiots that do that, not conservatives.)

Even in liberal Portland, in liberal-stalwart Starbucks, I’d wager that in a gathering of open-carry gun enthusiasts, a decent number will *NOT* be liberals. A larger percentage than there are non-liberals in the general population of Portland, even.

Just that in liberal Portland, with plenty of liberal gun enthusiasts, *ANY* largely-attended gun event will have a large number of liberals. Yes, in the more brazenly-contentious ones (Oregon Firearms Federation-sponsored, for example,) they will be a minority; but they will be there.


I’d like to join you, but Starbuck’s recently came out in support of gay marriage.  I can’t support a company whose public policy supports immoral causes.


Isn’t it just like politicians, you like everything about them except for one thing? One person or place always has at least one flaw. Gay marriages… I don’t even think about, there are more important issues in this world to think about. Just my two cents.


I don’t care for Gay Marriage myself but, I do recognize Gay people as human beings deserving of human respect and realize a gay couple is every bit as committed to each other as a straight couple.  If not a church wedding, they should at the very least be allowed the same benefits as a hetero couple in a civil ceremony.
You’re missing a fine chance to annoy some liberals…
All the best to you and yours from a straight, gun totin’, Harley ridin’  conservative…

John Doe

We’ll definitely stop by the one down at Targets and pick some things up.


We’re also asking folks to stop by their bank, grab a few $2 bills and drop them in the tip jar….
$2 bill>2A tie in..


GOOD CALL!  !  !  Nothing will attract attention like $2 bills in a tip jar.  In the past, when the military was being treated unfairly by the town outside the gate, they would sometimes pay everyone on the base in $2.00 bills to  deliver a message to the town.  It almost always worked, too.


To a BG, a sign that reads “No Firearms” simply means no resistance.


There is a difference between “following” a law, and championing a movement.  Starbucks is not leading the way for “gun rights” in any measure, however, they are leading the way for “gay marriage” rights.  See the difference? 
Also, Sir, you might want to proof your article prior to publishing. 


I knew nothing about this.  I only go to Starbucks as a convenient place to meet someone.  I also recognize marketing genius when I see it.  Who would have believed four bucks for a $.25 cent cup of coffee. 
BUT, I will be at Starbucks on 14 February packing my trusty Colt 1911 if for no other reasons than to annoy liberals and to acknowledge their courage in not crumbling to “political correctness” of the pussified sort…

BO STINKS…Wash it away in 2012


I view 2nd Amendment rights as the primary issue in America today.  All other issues, in my opinion (eg, homosexuality, homosexual marriage, abortion, etc) are secondary.  Therefore, on 14 February I will go to my local Starbucks and plunk down a few dollars for some fancy coffee concoction, AND I WILL mention to the manager on duty that I am there in support of their corporate 2nd Amendment favorable policy.


Think I’ll join U


In this economy Starbucks needs all the business it can get.  Starbucks knows full well what would happen if they enraged gun owners.  Don’t forget they are still a liberal outfit.  Starbucks is not necessarily a friend of gun owners, they are just turning a blind eye.  Money talks.


Thanks for the information.
I havent’ been to Starbucks in over a year.  I always find it difficult to pay $2 to $4 for a cup of coffee when I could make money selling it for 10 cents a cup;  but I will make every attempt to visit a Starbucks on Feb. 14, and may be willing to drink  some spendy coffee whenever I see a Starbucks.


Than you Starbucks. I will be in to buy a coffee on the 14th

Thomas N - CPA

Many kudos to Starbucks!!  The first is not necessarily cowtowing to issues, rationalizing the logic of the issues and secondly continuing to allow the 2nd amendment to state their position.  I for one must admit I am not a Starbucks crazed individual although Dee could live there.  But you can put your $ down that for this purpose, I WILL BE A CUSTOMER OF STARBUCKS on the 14th of Febr and Dee will be in her seventh cloud that I suggested it.  She is definitely interested now in going for her CWP.  Hats off to Starbucks!!!!!!!  P S   Probably be going a bit more often as well from here on out.  But dont forget to tell the managers like they say, needs to be acknowledged.

Thomas N - CPA

These TWO police officers need to be completely relieved of their duty.   The camera pretty much tells the story.   If the City of Canton does not relieve them of their duties completely, I believe that a lawsuit should prevail as to the disrespect for the rights of the civilian.  SAD to say, but the country is heading more and more this way, and the IDIOTS who are driving the way have NO CLUE what way they are leading the country.  How blind can a person be, all u have to look at is Europe and Australia..truly, HOW STUPID CAN THEY BE, ooooor are they trying to establish another type of country that does not have the freedoms.  Interesting, huh!!  Hats off to the true Men in Blue that place their lives in critical situations for the TRUE protection of the public.  They have my RESPECT!! 


I personally offended that Starbucks doesn’t block peoples first amendment right to Free Speech. I mean, i go in there and people are talking about ALL SORTS of things. Not just the things that I like, ANYTHING they want!??! I mean just because the constitution blocks the federal government form limiting free speech, and the states agree, that’s no reason for a coffee shop NOT to block free speech. Think of it; murderers use speech. Hitler spoke. What is Starbucks thinking?!?!? Speech kills! This is a dangerous precedent. What next?

So why doesn’t this argument sound stupid to EVERYONE when it’s the 2nd amendment???

Ron Boone

I will be enjoying a big drink of some fru-fru sh!t tonight! The simple but right stance.


I fail to see why anyone would care if a law abiding citizen carries a firearm or not,  If you dont like guns dont carry one.  This should be a personal choice not a political one.


Your guns should not only be taken away from you but you shou be forced to go back to school. Your grammer is horrible. How could you possible post an article without having proof read? Microsoft Word would have caught all of your silly mistakes. What’s wrong with you?


to all the “liberal” gun owners.  What is a “liberal” gun owner????? is that someone that supposedly believes in the second amendment, but always votes for the people that would take our gun rights away???I have a name for them.  We call them “hypocrites”.


I do not go to Starbucks because they refused to send coffee packs to the troops because Star didn`t support the war. At least support the troops. Let them drink their own slop.


Great aricle

Paintball Barrel

got a few grammar errors in the article

Laura Long

I am a “liberal” who is not anti gun. Do I own one? No, but that is because I do not desire one. I have no issue with anyone else owning one and have many friends who do own one. I however do not see anything wrong with regulations such as background checks, registering the guns you own, mental health evaluations for people who want a permit to buy a gun and one reguarlly to make sure they are ok to own the guns they have. I think keeping people safe, especially children is important. We have so many regulations on everything else from driving, adoption to marriages. I dont like when people associate wanting more regualtions to anti guns and wanting to take peoples guns away, because that is not what I am wanting or desiring and I know many people who agree.


Might want to reconsider this article now : /