Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks

Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks
Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks
Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks
Why I No Longer Hate Starbucks

I am not a trendy person. I hate anything that’s trendy and that used to include Starbucks. I’ve probably been their less than five times in my life and that was when my wife or a friend would drag me there.

First, I don’t drink coffee. Second, I could never figure out why it was necessary to sit in there with your laptop forever. Don’t people have anything better to do than pretend they’re being cool drinking some trendy drink with a silly name? Apparently not.

However, now I like Starbucks a little better. In fact, since I’m the world’s most romantic guy I will now be taking my wife to Starbucks on Valentine’s Day along with giving her the box of ammo she has always wanted.

So why am I going to Starbucks on Valentine’s Day?

Well, you may remember awhile back when people were open carrying in Starbucks and the liberals thought it was horrible, and as usual complained to Starbucks and said they needed to have an establishment where no firearms were allowed.

Starbucks response was very logical and impressive. In short, Starbucks said they were not getting involved with the situation and would simply follow what state law allowed. In other words, since you can open carry and concealed carry a gun in Virginia and other states, you can carry a gun in Starbucks in these states. But if you live in a state like California, or New Jersey, or Maryland, then you won’t be carrying a gun in Starbucks.

Of course…

This logical response did not sit well with the anti-gun radicals who have now planned a boycott for Starbucks on February 14th. However, some smart gun owners have decided that they’re all going to make sure and visit Starbucks on the 14th to support them.

I plan to be one of these gun owners, and my wife and I will have our hot chocolates, which will actually be worth every penny. I hope you’ll join me, especially if you’re someone like me who almost never visited Starbucks in the past.

Also, please take a good look at how Starbucks is not caving to “bullies” or societal pressure. I hope you do the same when you hear your friends or family talk negative about gun ownership. Don’t be afraid to share your mind and certainly don’t ever let them convince you that you don’t need a gun.

After all, when the stuff hits the fan one of these days, they’ll be running to your house begging to be protected by you, and they’ll be apologizing profusely about how wrong they were to think they didn’t need a gun and that nothing bad would ever happen to them.

Now, whether you open your door to these folks is up to you… but I’ve already beeninformed by my wife that since they’re family, I’ve got to let them in.