Why This Doctor Got a Gun

Why This Doctor Got a Gun
Why This Doctor Got a Gun
Why This Doctor Got a Gun
Why This Doctor Got a Gun

Saturday night I was at a Mardi Gras party. No, it wasn’t a wild and crazy party. It was a party hosted by one of my neighbors, and the family are good cooks, so obviously that was my incentive to attend. (My wife’s incentive was that she loves to socialize and mingle, which I do not like.)

At the party I ate a lot of gumbo and other foods that tasted good, even though I had no idea what they were. Of course, at the party I’m often introduced as the “guy who runs a gun business” and folks come up to me and ask me various personal protection questions.

One of the people I talked to that night was a kid who was probably 21, and he had a huge black eye. He told me that he wanted to become a police officer, but he was having trouble getting a job and was now working for a security company. Apparently, the security company did not let their guards have any type of weapons at all.

The kid had a black eye…

Because someone wanted to gain entrance to a facility he was guarding and the person punched this kid in the face. I told the kid I might consider another security company that actually lets its employees have a way to defend themselves.

I also had a doctor come up to me at the party. He told me that he works in the ER and that he used to hate guns and think they were horrible, but he had just purchased one and wanted to hire me to train him. As soon as he told me that he used to hate guns but now has one, I asked him what changed his mind.

Well, one night this doctor was getting ready to go to sleep and he heard a strange noise coming from his basement. He looked out his bedroom window and he saw a man with a crowbar trying to break in through his basement door.

The terrified doctor called the police and then grabbed a baseball bat. He told me that he ran to the basement and started screaming and yelling for the guy to leave. Thankfully, the burglar did run off and about 20 minutes later the police arrived.

The doctor told me that if the burglar hadn’t run off and had broken in, he didn’t like the fact that all he had was a baseball bat and he realized he needed a gun. He also told me he now knows he can’t rely on the police since it took them 20 minutes to get there.

The thing is…

I hear this type of story all the time and it amazes me how many people in this country lack what I believe is common sense. No sane person ever wants to use a firearm against another human being, but if that human being is trying to break into your house and attack your family, it’s the best way to stop them.

Also, we all know that the cops – at the very best – will arrive in about 7 minutes, but usually longer, and by then it’s too late. In the doctor’s instance, he was lucky and he didn’t have to learn the hard way that everyone needs a gun in their house for home defense purposes. However, I have had women at my training classes come up and tell me that they used to hate guns until they were raped during a home invasion and now they realize they need one.

If you’ve got friends or family who are anti-gun, please tell them that it has nothing to do with being a Republican vs. Democrat. It has to do with the common sense that all Americans need to be able to protect themselves and that you don’t want them to realize they need a gun after they’ve been raped or had a horrible home invasion.