Will Your Response Get You Killed?

Will Your Response Get You Killed?
Will Your Response Get You Killed?
Will Your Response Get You Killed?
Will Your Response Get You Killed?

What will you do if you’re awoken in the middle of the night by glass breaking and then the sound of footsteps in your house?

My response is to immediately grab one of the flashlights on my nightstand and open up the rapid access safe also on my nightstand that contains my Sig P226. Once I have the flashlight and gun in hand I plan to run to the top of my stairs and make an announcement for the intruder to get out of my home.

If the intruder is foolish enough to run up the stairs at me then I’ll use the necessary force to stop the threat. This is a rather simple plan, and when it comes to home defense that’s exactly how you want it.

But, as simple as this plan is at stopping a criminal threat, what do you do when the intruder is actually the police? Let me explain…

Not too long ago, a known meth addict broke into a Georgia man’s car that was sitting in the man’s driveway. This meth addict apparently found drugs and then reported to police that he found drugs in the car.

The police took this crack head’s word and got a search warrant for the Georgia man’s home. They then went on a raid to the man’s house one night around 11pm.

According to one of the news articles I read, When Hooks’ wife saw men in dark clothing heading for their home at 11 p.m. on Sept. 24, she woke up her husband and told him that the thieves who had stolen their SUV were back. Hooks grabbed a gun and headed to the door.”

Unfortunately, I think you know where the rest of this story goes. The Georgia man – David Hooks – was shot 16 times when SWAT broke down his back door (without making any type of announcement that they were law enforcement) and he pointed his gun at them.

David Hooks died at the scene, and after spending 44 hours searching his house the police did not find one shred of evidence that he had drugs.

This is a horrible situation to find yourself in as a homeowner and most of us would have done the same thing if men dressed in black kicked in our back doors.

While there is no perfect solution to this situation (besides changing police tactics on unannounced raids) the best thing you can do when you think there’s an intruder is to assure your family is all safe with you and then remain in your bedroom or at the top of the stairs.

In other words, don’t rush downstairs to meet the intruder face to face. Wait upstairs, call the police, and make an announcement. Of course, this is no guarantee that you’ll be okay but it’s better then running to a backdoor and getting gunned down by SWAT or even a real intruder.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Jon H

The Moral of the story is that “THIS HAS TO STOP” the Police are out of control and have to be dealt with. Throw them in Prison right and left, take away their pension’s that will get their attention.

Steve R.

Jon H. Agreed. What was the motive for the no knock home invasion? What judge signed off on this? For what reason was a middle of the night raid required? This BS is getting so far out of hand, America is fast becoming a police state. If it isn’t already.


This crap will stop happening once people start voting Libertarian



Mike Sieverding

Damned if you do damned if you don’t…Police will never find evidence before it’s flushed if they do announce (unless it’s a huge stash and too much to get rid of quickly). But unannounced raids can have terrible consequences. I know police have no reason to ever search my place so even if they do come in announced there is great risk to both parties. Anyone can yell “POLICE”, the announcement means nothing to me. Home owners only way to minimize risk is hold back to a point of cover to allow viewing once they are in the house, attempt to identify.
I believe No knock warrants create too much risk and should not be done.
I understand not allowing no knock warrants will greatly hinder catching drug dealers but risks are too great to allow.


You cannot destroy a prosecutable amount of evidence in the amount of time it takes to gain entry legally. No knocks are illegal.

Chris Leaver

Destruction of evidence is basically a myth. No knock raids are crap and do nothing but endanger the lives of civilians and police. We need MASSIVE reforms of police procedure to “dial down” the risk significantly. All it is doing is putting the police at odds with civilians.

VT Patriot

So what do you do with a no knock warrant? If someone kicks down my door and charges in, am I supposed to assume that its the law? Hide in my room? Wait to get shot? At best, if they are yelling “Police officers”, am I supposed to believe them? I’ve never heard of a BG yelling “Bad Guy”.
This no knock warrant crap has led to more problems than it solved. If someone is a suspected druggie, and they want the evidence, How long does it take to holler “Police -search warrant” and then proceed if they must to smash down the door. The drug rats will still scurry to hide evidence, but they won’t be too effective anyway.
Sorry, but break down my door unannounced, and I empty a clip.


You do mean empty a mag not a clip ?

Randall Kaufman

They need to change the laws regarding the serving of warrants. Cops should never be breaking down doors without having extensively surveilled the location

james lagnese

And having a good reason for doing and having to announce the warrant. I mean, a crack head car thief tells them about drugs? And now an innocent man is dead? Sue, sue sue and make it hurt. Demand they all be fired too.


It would help if America wasn’t so obsessed with the war on drugs.

james lagnese

It would help if cops were held to a higher standard, not a lower one.


Well, it shows that guns or no guns, Second Amendment or no Second Amendment, the state (as in the government and its apparatus) has the firepower to roll you over whenever it wants. Take drugs out of the equation and the state has one less excuse.

james lagnese

The bigger problem is one,. no knock warrants, two, the increased militarization of the police and three, the increasing abuse by police in the way of wounding and killing innocent people. All you have to do is read The Drudge Report and you’ll see more cases of excessive force by police. In the case where cops get killed with no knocks, too bad. In the case like the one above, sue the police department’s ass off. It’s the only way these types of cops will get the message. Get them to pay and get them fired. What’s lost in this is that they work for us, not the other way around. Another plus would be if congress would make no knock warrants illegal. That said, police need to be held to a higher standard. Not doing so encourages this kind of behavior and often worse. A lot of this started after 9//11 and it’s gotten worse in the last 4-5 years. Do your research. It’s appalling, the police state we’ve become, that is.


If you truly believe what you are saying then you better be voting Libertarian!

james lagnese

Who says I don’t?

So Sad America is dying

In Las Vegas NV Metro Sheriffs don’t do this they set up and observe ,then when the perps are home, then they Knock first happens before forced entry, every time , most just open the door, the dummies set up in rental homes,most are Hispanic and some white,the Intel is the neighborhood,(PROMOTE NEIGBORHOOD WATCH ) (It is Your DUTY to Protect your selves ) the Observing neighbors smell weed and observe strange traffic at all hours of the night.and ” El Busto Pot growing Operations as Medical MArijane is legal but illegal to grow and transport,with out State control’s with federal Highlight’s over,suppliers ,?? When It is a felony to transport into and through or out of NV Hm?

To hell with legalizing drugs period ! CO and WA State are, suspect As AZ ! Shut down all legalized Pot in America ! There is a Moron in NV ex Calif Tax Dodger who has a Popular TV Show on Liberty and Freedom who says life is Guns ,Pot and Liberty,let Homo Sexuality get Married and defy your religious beliefs, Voted Upon by Individuals,yea right with out Christian beliefs, tell that to George WASHINGTON ,Jefferson MADISON. LINCOLN and More .We are SINNERS nothing More Nothing Less all are guilty of it and all will go to hell, if we do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and King .Mark My Words You can not Legislate Morality either, So legalizing it is Govt Control by Legislation With out God ! < No Moral; beliefs, why we have Children growing up Confused, like Coming home to a Communist thinking generation during and after Vietnam !

Leave Yeshua out of this. There’s enough magical thinking. For instance, try reading The Jefferson bible. The founders weren’t born again christians and some didn’t believe he was the son of god. Religion isn’t part of this argument anyway. BTW, there’s plenty in the middle east that think like you do. The difference might be degree and what they are willing to do make others believe. Enough.


The police state that we have feared is here.NAZISM has been reborn in America under the name “POLICE”.


I guess certain comments are not allowed on this site. The truth hurts!

mule man

Well I’m a retired cop and I guess I’ll just have to risk it,as we now live in what we called a combat enviroment when I was in the Army and later patrolling crappy neighborhoods

C.M. Dawson

Mule man, what would be your plan of action if an unannounced swat team breached your home?

I’m curious as you are former LE?


This is exactly why we’re going to see more situations like the Pennsylvania trooper shooting in the future. It’s only a matter of time unless the police dial thing back quite a bit.


What’s sad is that the same US Department of Justice that actively encourages these tactics is the same one whose AG claims that if it will save even one life, we need to gut the 2nd Amendment.

loony tunes

I’ll take my chances…i have a shotgun and handgun at the ready, if theres a no knock thru my door, i may die but theres a few that will go with me….


I hope the hell i never get into a situation like that.

Chris Leaver

Jason – usually you are better then this. You come across as assuming ALL HOUSES are two story. Not true. The information would have been better presented had you branched out and detailed two-story, ranch, and even tri-level homes with bedrooms on different levels.


If I or my dog get killed by some no-knock middle of the night crap, I’m haunting the ones responsible. That’s some SERIOUS shit right there.


1) Why was a thief allowed to “Call the police and substantiate a warrant” (see below)?
2) Did anybody on the “Serve and Protect” side think said thief planted the drugs to beat a wrap?
3) Why did a judge sign a warrant with such (NO) evidence, i.e. priors, surveillance, dummy drug buys, etc.
4) The Police Supervisor failed horrible per above points.
5) Considering the scum and the hardware police face all too often, I really don’t have the “Over-militarization” of the Blue, but like carrying – with force capacity comes a) Responsibility (again, see all above), b) Proper training and c) Justifiable use requiring more than a dumb-ass judge and a lack of proper decision-making by the Blues in charge; how about a Supervisor Blue peer review on the decision to call the dumb-ass with a robe?
6) This was about as screwed up police/judge scenario as can be imagined! Did anybody run the tag? ….and see it was stolen a week ago? …..and add 2 + 2?
Any Blue Super involved should be fired with NO pension.
Every responding Blue should be reprimanded (if) he/she did not raise a flag.
The “Judge” should be held responsible and fired, impeached…..removed from the bench and disbarred.
So called, “No-knock” serving of warrants should absolutely be used ONLY when there is a known REAL bad guy (an escaped felon, for example) is KNOWN to be in the premises or when KNOWN bad guys with guns (Gangs) are present. Even in these cases……more surveillance and confirmation would be helpful. We all know wearing a military or Blue Uniform is among the hardest jobs and I think most on this site are appreciative of the Police. But almost ALL of these kind of stories can be fixed with better training and (again – see above) with better structured protocols in place. We want to be safe; we don’t want dead cops either.
And yes, the lawsuit should not only be huge, it should be so HUGE, that when we get a real Attorney General, this case is used to both send a message on protocols and training AND accountability as well as a training case on how NOT to do it.
Finally, to the writer: We appreciate your intention, but as stated in other posts, most homes in the south DON’T have stairs. Often, “Retreat” is difficult due to floor plans, participants’ positions, etc., so it’s just as likely you might be in the same room as the “person” breaking into your home, your “Castle.” Decisions, more often than not I believe, must be immediate…..5 seconds or less? Those “stairs” might be between you and the intruder.
To the readers: Know your options, whether you’re at home or away with your CCW. PRACTICE routines! Many of us carry even when at home; situations NEVER work out like your training does. As such, you need to be ready at all times, understand Situational Awareness, practice, practice…..practice!
To close, VOTE. Vote for the choice who supports the Second Amendment. It could save your, or your loved one’s life. If you don’t vote; shut up.

Tom McCain

In excess of 20 rounds fired and he was only hit 3 times. Training, yeah, I’d say they needed some more!!!

Brendan Perez

I don’t care who it is breaking into my house. If they’re breaking in, they mean me harm and I have no obligation to be harmed or killed simply because the people trying to do it work for the police department.


I have to move to a house with a stair because every time a read something about home defense, always the stair is the place to be. My house don’t have stairs!!!!!!!. Where do I go then ? Jason, you’re talking about the worse PD in USA and the more incompetent judge that I have ever heard.

C.M. Dawson

Jason, I hope you are behind cover at the top of the stairs!

Tom McCain

Thanks for sharing this!!!! I am directly involved in trying to get some Justice for David Hooks. I invite anyone interested in this issue to join the Facebook Group JUSTICE FOR DAVID HOOKS. I am a retired Peace Officer and THIS SHIT MUST STOP!!!