Wisconsin Senate Panel Approves Permitless Carry

Wisconsin Senate Panel Approves Permitless Carry
Wisconsin Senate Panel Approves Permitless Carry

Wisconsin residents would be allowed to carry concealed weapons without getting permits or any training under a bill a Senate committee approved Wednesday, and the lead sponsor of the measure said she supported allowing people to bring guns into the state Capitol.

The vote came the same day an email from a top aide to Gov. Scott Walker was released that said as of six months ago Walker was prepared to sign “any” concealed weapons legislation. The email was written before the idea was proposed to allow people to carry hidden guns without permits, and Walker said Wednesday he would have to review whatever comes to him before deciding whether to sign it.

The bill approved 3-2 by the Senate Judiciary Committee would allow state residents 21 and older to carry concealed weapons as long as they weren’t felons or otherwise barred from possessing firearms. Guns could be carried most places but would be banned from schools, law enforcement offices, jails, prisons and courthouses.

Read more at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Aaaaaaaand, what about non-residents?!


Any updates on this? A few more states have adopted constitutional carry.