Worries About Guns at National Political Conventions Surface

Worries About Guns at National Political Conventions Surface
Worries About Guns at National Political Conventions Surface
Worries About Guns at National Political Conventions Surface
Worries About Guns at National Political Conventions Surface

The thousands of protesters expected at the Republican and Democratic national conventions can come armed with a lot more than signs and slogans: State laws in Florida and North Carolina allow concealed weapons, including guns.

In Tampa, where the Republicans will hold their festivities this summer, officials are starting to worry about people toting guns in such a politically charged environment.

The City Council voted Thursday to ask Republican Gov. Rick Scott to help them temporarily ban concealed weapons. Charlotte officials have yet to publicly voice concern, but with both cities trying to balance public safety with First and Second Amendment rights, it’s likely the host city for the Democratic convention will also have to address the issue.

The Tampa City Council wants Scott to issue an executive order preventing people with concealed-weapon permits from carrying guns.

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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There they go again remember to carry a gun legally you have to be a law bideing citizen. Why would officials worry about law bideing citizens who carry? They need to think before tey talk. Protect the ammendments as well as law bideing citizens and theyre rights! if you want to do something do something about people who carry illegally. and the thugs and the felons that carry


This is just a liberal subliminal message to say guns are bad and law abiding citizens who carry them are powder kegs just waiting to go off.

If they can get an executive order to suspend the right to carry for even just a limited time, it is a  public victory for their anti-gun agenda.  And it will give the appearance that the Republican Gov. agrees with their unfounded fears.  Which are by no means really fears, but agenda!   Hopefully Gov. Rick Scott will say NO!


Liberal? It’s the Tampa city council that is requesting the temporary ban. Tampa is where the Republicans are holding their convention. If the Republican Party leadership objects to this, why don’t they speak up? Oh, that’s right, their candidate is the one who has actually signed a state law limiting gun rights.


Good point.


I think someone needs to read the cc laws of nc…….


why do they fear LAW ABIDING citizens?????  Have they, or are they doing something wrong???

Bill Bolte

What a bunch of maroons…

Bill Bolte

And I was referring to the maroons in the article…

Derek Pickering

Why do they fear the law abiding citizens ? They must have something to hide……


“Protesters at DNC could be armed.” That’s the headline of a misleading article hitting news outlets around the state. Last weekend the Associated Press disseminated the story, claiming that our statewide preemption law wouldn’t let the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department ban guns at anticipated protests during the upcoming Democratic National Convention.
The problem is that it’s patently false. Under N.C.G.S. 14-277.2, guns have been banned at demonstrations and protests for at least 30 years. GRNC’s calls to Mark Newbold, the CMPD attorney quoted in the AP article were answered by claims that the article misquoted him. Meanwhile, the AP refuses to issue a retraction, and the “update” they supposedly issued updates little or nothing.
Then it became apparent what the CMPD and/or AP are up to: Charlotte recently passed an ordinance to handle “extraordinary events” such as the DNC, but found that although they could ban something as mundane as the carrying of backpacks in uptown Charlotte, they couldn’t ban guns. Why? Because in the 1990s, GRNC helped pass a statewide preemption law preventing municipalities from enacting gun laws more stringent than state law.


If they ban concealed carry at the conventions only the criminals will have their guns


Criminals and their body guards…


Just another Anti-Gun Mayor (AGM) trying to take away Law Abiding citizens gunsRights. 

The Secret Service already bans them in and around the convention center, This AGM just want to expand it for miles..

This is exactly why this law is in place and has been for more than 25 yrs, it just recently has been given teeth.

Dan Ess

The sad part of all this will be if someone does do something stupid with a firearm during the convention. It won’t matter if they had it legally or illegally, the media will focus only on the fact that the state allows legal ccw and that there are too many gun toters out there as they like to call us. What’s really going on, the power brokers are realizing that there is a large mass of people who are legally carrying firearms and that a large percentage of these gun owners don’t like a lot of them. This is why you are now finding people from both parties coming out to attack gun owners.They look for ways to appease us and at the same time relish ways to restrict us.