Wyoming Permitless Carry has Little Impact

Wyoming Permitless Carry has Little Impact
Wyoming Permitless Carry has Little Impact

On July 1, the concealed weapons law signed by Gov. Matt Mead in the last legislative session took effect, making Wyoming the fourth state to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

So far it has had almost no impact on Sublette County, according to Sublette County Sheriff Dave Lankford.

“Almost everyone in Sublette County who wants to carry a concealed weapon already has a permit to do so,” Lankford said. “I talked with my guys today (July 13) and there’s been nothing so far.”

Concealed weapons are still banned from certain areas such as schools, post offices, government buildings and other public areas under this new law. Convicted felons can’t carry any weapons, concealed or not, and customers must pass the same federally mandated background check to purchase a gun.

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just give it time


Just give what time?


Excuse me, but this article is quite nonsensical. Wyoming Permitless Carry has Little Impact….little impact on what????Is the author saying permitless carry will have little impact on county revenue because of no fees? Please learn to communicate more effectively!

Paul jones

This is simply a bad idea. As an NRA instructor I can honestly say that allowing someone to carry a firearm without some form of training is simply moronic. This is not a game, nor is it something everyone should do. Not having to go through a class of some sort is asking for issues.