22 Year Old Woman with CCW Pulls Gun on Robbers

22 Year Old Woman with CCW Pulls Gun on Robbers

22 Year Old Woman with CCW Pulls Gun on Robbers

A 22-year-old was shopping at a Dollar Tree in northwest Oklahoma City when, according to KOCO, three men followed her to her car in an attempt to rob her. Luckily, she had a concealed carry permit and carried a handgun in her purse.

One man ask her to go with them and when she refuses, he demanded her purse. Instead of giving up her purse she pulled her handgun and the men fled in a car.

Her father was a police officer and said he was proud of her. He taught her to always be aware of her surroundings. We cannot preach enough about situational awareness. That training definitely paid off for this concealed carrier.

She really had no choice but to show that firearm at that time. And it worked and he backed off.




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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Chris Lee

She Should have Wounded at least one of the Criminals! This would make them think twice when they do this again! Trust me, they will try again, probably Armed!

Alan Lynn

Riight! Shoot at one of three men possibly as they are fleeing, wound him and then what? Does he or a companion panic and start shooting? Does the wounded person, with his “witnesses” say you just panicked as they innocently walked by and now you have a she said they said felonious shooting especially if you attacked them as they were leaving. Not to mention civil damages.

killing or wounding a person is not a badge of honor. Any shot is deadly, shooting to wound is not a good idea. Your “wounding” shot may kill someone and if you don’t have the right to kill that is murder. If you then claim you were just trying to wound him that can prove you didn’t feel truly threatened.

The best way to win a gunfight is to avoid anyone getting shot.

Veritas Aequitas

I hope you do not carry.


She had every right to fear for her life at this point, and was correct in drawing her weapon. The suspects fled upon seeing the weapon, for her to have fired at that point would have been a criminal act depending on where she was.
It should also be noted that you never shoot to wound, you shoot the eliminate the threat. Shooting to wound increases your chances of a miss.
Alan Lynn: Exactly on the shooting to wound….


Plus in court it shows your life may have not been in grave danger at that moment, and that could cost you. But woman do seem to be able to get away with a little more. 3 guys one girl, whats the difference if they had a gun or knife, shes in grave danger if she is attack, in this case she did good, But what about after she pulls her weapon and one of the guys still moves at her, can she or should she shoot, I guess it depends on the laws there …3 to one she would of gotten off,

Mrs. Jackson

I am a new CCW holder. I have not yet carried my firearm. I didn’t feel that I was ready. Lately, there have been more and more reports of CCW holders stopping would be criminals in the act. I realize that the media shows us what they want us to see when they want us to see it. But, the fact that they have had this many reports to show alarms me. In my mind I didn’t think that there were that many occasions for someone to have to use their concealed weapon. In my city alone over this past week there has been 3 (reported) cases where a CCW holder had to draw. I’m starting to see the world around me in a whole different light. Once I start to carry I will ALWAYS carry so that I am prepared should I need to be.

Randall Kaufman

Definitely take the time to familiarize yourself with the weapon at the range. Carry it in a proper holster when you do start carrying. (Too many stories about bad things happening if it’s in a purse) It’s good that you have held off on carrying it since you don’t feel comfortable yet.
And I cannot stress this enough…familiarize yourself with your local and state laws with regard to self defense, deadly force and where you can and cannot carry.
Be safe. May you never have to use your weapon but may your aim be true if you do!


They never showed any weapons, so not a good idea to sling lead.
But the sight of a gun muzzle did the trick!


I commend you for buying a handgun and taking control of your security. As Randal said, become familiar with your tool, practice, practice, and practice. Take a number of courses at a local range whether sponsored by the NRA or a local instructor. If it is a semi-automatic, practice dry-firing and know your trigger reset. If it is a revolver, things are simpler, however, you have limited ammo. Most instances of attackers are multiples, at least 2 to 4, so I opt for a semi-auto (Glock 26 w/Hornady Critical Defense – however, you shoot what is comfortable to you). Bottom line, practice, gain confidence in your ability. As we said in the Army, “Train for war, pray for peace.” Also I think it was George Washington that said “Peace is that point in time where everyone is reloading.”

kobalt staub

Good for you Mrs Jacson, it’s never too late to see the light. Glad to have you aboard the enlightened citizens,the ones who see past the BS of the media.


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Charles Mayeux

The weapon is secondary to the mind set. It took me a year or so to make a firm decision that I would take someone’s life if I had to. Then I bought a revolver and practiced and later took the concealed carry course in La.

Bob Long

ironically Pulling a gun in Oklahoma even in self defense without shooting is considered a felony in Oklahoma. There is legislation in the house this year that would remove this silly law

Bob Long

If you find yourself uncomfortable carrying a gun, training will help I teach defensive firearms training here in Oklahoma for a reasonable cost please feel free to get in touch with me if you think I could help you boblong2@cox.net

Richard Martin

I really enjoy reading these “feel good” stories. but, it’s time for a reality check.. I’ve discovered that most of these idiots are too stupid to realize they are in a life or death situation once you’ve brandished your firearm, when that happens , then it’s time to remind them that you don’t do warning shots..