Country Star Charlie Daniels’ Message to Terrorists

Country Star Charlie Daniels' Message to Terrorists

The absence of firm leadership in our executive branch shouldn’t fool the enemies of America into thinking that our nation is weak. Our true strength lies in the firm hands and ready steel of millions of proud, hard-working men and women. We are the NRA, and we are Freedom’s Safest Place.

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Careful. Don’t assume that your subscribers are all a bunch of Fox News-watching right-wing paranoiacs.
I do not feel that our executive branch is weak, I despise the NRA, I support Bernie Sanders, and I am a former Marine who carries an S&W M&P.

Cover the issues, don’t politicize them.

james lagnese

Or NYers and Ex-NYers that still haven’t gotten over 9/11, Trust me, I’ll never forget or forgive.