Another Good-Guy with a Gun in Illinois!

Another Good-Guy with a Gun in Illinois!

Another Good-Guy with a Gun in Illinois!

What’s better than a feel-good story about a good-guy with a gun defending themselves even though they were in a state that strongly discourages gun ownership?

How about two of them?

This time it was in Elmwood Park, Illinois when a motorist defended his life from a robber at a gas station.

Surveillance of the incident shows a man identified as Ronald Morales, 43, approach a car with his pistol held by his side. He then tries to enter through the passenger side door and points his gun at the motorists.

That’s when the driver steps out of the vehicle and shoots at Morales. The two exchange gunfire before Morales runs off.

Police said that Morales was shot several times and later died from his wounds.

The driver will not face charges thanks to the crystal clear surveillance video as well as witnesses that corroborate his story. He told police that he feared for his life.

This is a terrific example of why it is always a good idea to carry. Even something as routine as pumping gas in broad daylight can turn south in a hurry.

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