Anti-Gun Legislation to Control Philadelphia Gun Owners has been Introduced!



“F” -rated state Senator LeAnna Washington (D-4) has introduced anti-gun legislation to help Philadelphia to continue to try and control our Second Amendment rights within the city limits.

Senate Bill 176 would allow the city of Philadelphia to prohibit an individual from purchasing more than one handgun within a thirty day period and to regulate firearm and ammunition within city limits.  SB 176 would also establish a Violence Prevention Fund, which would just help establish funds for further anti-gun programs in the name of stopping inner-city violence.

No action is needed at this time, but continue to check your e-mail and for updates on this anti-gun legislation.

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  • Rlrork55

    Lock up the baggy pants, hat turned sideways gangbanger and throw away the key. That will curb inner city gun violence!!

  • Jim

    I just renewed my hand carry permit. It is an honor and a serious responsibility to carry a concealed firearm. The Media….the very Liberal media always fail to mention that most of …..crimes for instance in Philadelphia….my birthplace are committed by thugs…of all colors who buy their weapons with drug cash money. No permits, no legal purchase….nothing. My observance is that the media and the Police and Mayor won’t ever publish this fact even after a murder and conviction. Because of the Race card? This is absurd. Jim, Pocono mountains, Pa.