Arizona Senator Points Loaded Gun at Reporter

AZ Senator Points Loaded Gun at Reporter

AZ Senator Points Loaded Gun at Reporter

A gun-toting Arizona state senator is on the defensive, drawing criticism after reports emerged that she pointed her raspberry-pink semi-automatic pistol at a reporter while demonstrating its laser sight during a recent interview.

It’s not the first time that Republican Sen. Lori Klein of Anthem has made headlines in connection with a personal weapon.

In January, Klein carried a different gun to the Legislature’s opening joint session. That was just two days after the Tucson shooting rampage that left six people dead and 13 others wounded, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The latest incident, which occurred last month, was mentioned in passing in a lengthy story published Sunday by The Arizona Republic about Klein’s practice of carrying a gun to the Capitol.

The Arizona Guardian posted a story on its website Monday drawing attention to the June instance mentioned in the Republic.

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  • Mac1pine

    I liked this story becase the Senator has chutzpah that I like, though I’m not crazy about the reporter being lazed – that was wrong, unless that reporter was being hostile and threatening to her – which I doubt… Is she single?

  • Wes_Rampage

    Unless she unloaded and cleared the weapon before doing that act, then I don’t see any harm in doing so.  But, if she kept it loaded, then it shows that she knows to control it.

  • Beauryker

    It won’t let me post it here, but you need to read the whole story.  It isn’t what it seems.  Go to Massad Ayoob’s twitter and he has it linked.  

  • pastor t

    I haven’t read the whole story, but maybe it was a liberal reporter.  I’ve been wanting to point something at them for years!  Just being humorous(wink, wink) no harm intended.  Although if it was a liberal reporter, you’d have to wonder if the incident really happened, or if the gun was really a gun?  You know how they twist things!

    • Hawk

      “maybe it was a liberal reporter. I’ve been wanting to point something at them for years! Just being humorous(wink, wink) no harm intended.” Are you sane? Not only is it a violation of safe gunhandling practice to point a loaded gun at anyone, you joke (wink, wink) about wanting to actually target specific journalists. And Congresswoman Giffords isn’t even out of the hospital, shame on you. Dude, nuts like you make it tough for reasonable citizens to keep our gun rights.

      • 9mmjeff

        Grow up you liberal tree huggin left wing wacko

  • Anonymous

    we know reporters they are too annoying

  • Cougar-40

    perhaps he was trying to get the reporter to tell the truth.

  • Npog

    If she covered him at any time,  she is not only a fool but shouldn’t be allowed to carry even a bb gun until taking a NRA First Shots Class. Foolish and certainly doesn’t help the cause for concealed carry.

  • read the whole story, the gun was a revolver? not loaded? with the cylinder open, and the reporter said he stepped in front of the laser to better demonstrate what a bennifit a laser is to  make a safer shot, should one be necessary, not a good/smartist thing to do, but, no more guns for her?? probably a slap on the wrist would suffice… read the WHOLE story published in the arizona republic… stay safe out there!! p.f.