Sacramento: Long Wait for Concealed Weapon Licenses

Sacramento: Long Wait for Concealed Weapon Licenses
Sacramento: Long Wait for Concealed Weapon Licenses

Sheriff Scott Jones is a staunch believer of one’s right to bear arms.

“The recent budget cuts, a lot of officers are getting laid off,” said gun owner John Montgomery, about his reason for wanting a concealed weapon license. “Personal protection for my family.”

*”People want to protect themselves and protect their families. And we recognize that” Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ramos said.

Since January, the Sheriff has given a thousand Sacramento County citizens permission to carry a concealed weapon.

“We’re approving them at about a 95 percent rate,” he said.

And they’re receiving an average of 160 applications each month.

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Sheriff Jones…Please have a chat with Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean. He could use your influence. 


now that is a sheriff!!!

Me not You

You all forget that the ONLY reason they are issuing as a “shall issue” type county is because they were FORCED to in a settlement out of court.. The sheriff isn’t necessarily pro-gun or sympathetic to the cause. They just had no choice.