Armed Citizen Killed During Pawn Shop Robbery

Armed Citizen Killed During Pawn Shop Robbery

Houston, TX – An armed citizen lost his life this past Wednesday during a robbery attempt at a pawn shop.

Austin Michael Thomerson and another customer were at the EZ Pawn Shop. Around 7:50 PM, two armed men walked in and announced a robbery. Thomerson was also armed and tried to intervene but was shot in the chest.

The two suspects fled and have not been found. Thomerson was taken to a hospital where he later passed away.

Earlier today, I posted an article about an Uber Eats driver that drew on a man trying to rob him even though the robber had a gun drawn. While that worked out for him, drawing on someone that already has their gun drawn is generally not a great idea. You have to wait for the right moment, which may never come.

These are the same videos I posted in the last article but I’m posting them again since they apply here as well.

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