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When You Leave Home

When You Leave Home

When you leave home… …it begins to change with out you immediately. Moreover, when you go back it will be different. You can never go back to the home you left. While the physical aspect may be true, the imagery of home, however good or bad, tends to remain constant. In the abstract, "home" can…

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Kahr CW9

Driving the Kahr CW9

After reading many reviews, I finally took the time to shoot the Kahr CW9 at the range. I've been seriously considering another summer carry in 9mm and the Ruger LC9 and Kahr CW9 were being considered and in the running for top spot. It also means that I will be trading in a gun to…

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Fend for Yourself?

Fend for Yourself?

It seems that all too often these days' cities are going bankrupt. In some cases, and to alleviate the pressure of bankruptcy, cities and small towns are cutting back budgets for public safety. Police and Fire Departments enduring the most of the cuts. Naturally, the citizens of these cities and towns are having massive whine…

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Beware of Cheap Imitations!

Beware of Cheap Imitations!

At some time in our life, we have heard the old saying, "Beware of Cheap Imitations!" This old saying not only applies to tangibles, those things readily identified as real, but also to intangibles. For example, the perception that training could really take place. I was once told that everything can be used for something;…

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The Maxpedition OCTA VERSIPACK Review

"Possibles Bags" in the form of a waist pack (or "fanny-pack") have been around for some time. The Maxpedition OCTA VERSIPACK is no exception. The constant search for a means to carry a firearm concealed is always a challenge to those who are legal to do so. The Maxpedition product line-up includes many waist-pack types…

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Hold Over, Hold Under, Hold On!

Hold Over, Hold Under, Hold On!

It has been stated that "Practical Accuracy" is the ability of a gun, cartridge, and the shooter to aim and fire at a specific target... and HIT that target reliably, at will, and with confidence. Can You Draw and Fire 5 Rounds in a 3" Group in Under 4 Seconds? If so, is this a…

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Springfield XDM 9mm Compact 3.8"

The Springfield XDM 9mm Compact 3.8″

"My daddy can beat your daddy!" exclaimed the young boy to his friend. "Oh yeah!" his young friend retorted. "Bet I can beat you! That is when the fight started. When I heard that the Springfield XD series of pistols betters the Glock series of pistol, it reminds me of the situation above. We can…

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SIG P239 vs. Bersa Thunder 9UC Pro

SIG P239 vs. Bersa Thunder 9UC Pro

Every so often, it is interesting to see how one firearm stacks up against another. I hope that you find the comparison that follows informative if you are considering the purchase of a Bersa 9UC or the SIG Sauer P239. At first appearance, it would seem that the SIG P239 and the Bersa Thunder 9UC…

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Springfield 1911 - Range Officer

Springfield 1911 – Range Officer Review

So you looking to rid yourself of unwanted pest, are you? There is a product on the market that allows you to rid yourself of unwanted pests without the mixing of chemicals (pre-mixing is provided), no shaking of a can, is capable of pinpoint accuracy, and comes in its own container. That product is the…

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