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Gunshot First Aid Kits

Gunshot First Aid Kits

Ah, range day! Don’t you just love it? You have your gun, your safety glasses, hearing protection, targets, stapler and extra staples, and ammunition (lots of ammunition). You’re even one of those conscientious shooters that prepares for every contingency, so you have your own First Aid Kit. But is it the right kit for the…

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CCW and Practice on the Indoor Range

CCW and Practice in an Indoor Range

The last article I wrote, Practice with a Purpose, resulted in some very nice comments, but one comment drew my interest and caused me to give it a great deal of thought. The comment was this: Can you recommend any ccw drills for indoor range users? This comment didn’t really relate to the article, per-se,…

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Practice with a Purpose

Practice with a Purpose

Think about the last couple of times you went to the range and ask yourself two questions; What did I accomplish? and Am I a better shooter? I’m going to suggest something that you already know, but few of us actually apply to our shooting: a goal. We all love to shoot. Its fun, and…

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