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ISSC-Austria M22b Pistol

ISSC-Austria M22b Pistol Review

ISSC-Austria ® (ISSC Handels GmbH, Austria) has brought forth a new and unique training pistol chambered in .22LR. Unique in that it clearly resembles and feels like the modern self-defense or law enforcement polymer pistols. At first blush the resemblance is definitely like that of a Glock 19 pistol. It is said, that the ISSC…

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Secure - It® Handgun Storage Safe

The Handgun “Secure It” Security Box

The American Association of Certified Firearms Instructors (AACFI) of Minneapolis, MN has produced a Handgun Security Box for use in your home, office, or in your automobile to provide you a safe and secure temporary handgun security box. Those of us that practice the carrying of concealed firearms have encountered situations where the carrying of…

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Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom

Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom

Cominolli Custom of Syracuse, NY has engineered a product for the Glock line of pistols that make it absolutely mechanically safe! Yes, the Glock has three passive safeties built into the pistol by the manufacturer, and they do work. But, and there always has to be a 'but'… There have been reports of inadvertent or…

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Lone Wolf Glock Conversion Barrels

Lone Wolf Glock Conversion Barrels

Lone Wolf Distributors of Oldtown, Idaho has enabled the Glock Models 22 & 27 (and others) to become even more versatile and valuable. A strong statement that some may not agree with. Let me first state that in my lifetime of using and carrying handguns, I had never believed that I would own a Glock…

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