Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom

Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom
Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom

Cominolli Custom of Syracuse, NY has engineered a product for the Glock line of pistols that make it entirely mechanically safe! Yes, the Glock has three passive safeties built into the gun by the manufacturer, and they do work. But, and there always has to be a ‘but’… There have been reports of inadvertent or negligent discharges, though none have been shown to be a fault of the pistol, to my knowledge. My concern stems from the fact that I carry my Glock 22 in an IWB hybrid holster made by Kholster of St. Louis. I have not experienced any of these “problems,” but did not want to wait until I did, to do something about it. Walt, a retired military friend of mine, who has extensive experience with the Glock line of pistols answered my questions of how I can increase the safety of this fine pistol. He replied by sending me the link to Cominolli Custom’s website and highly recommended the installation of the Glock Manual Safety Kit (MSK).

I checked the company’s website and read every article that the site contained. Two articles by Massad Ayoob stated that this pistol should not be CCW carried without the MSK installed since it allowed you to carry your Glock in Condition One in complete safety essentially. The process starts by disassembly of your pistol beyond the normal field stripping that you do to clean and maintain your Glock, so make sure that you are entirely familiar with the process of completely disassembling your pistol. There are several excellent DVD’s such as Lenny Magill’s “Complete Glock” that give you the needed instruction, and there is now an excellent YouTube video “Glock Detail Strip & Assembly-HD” (32 min. in length) on the subject.

The thing is, you have to be very comfortable with taking your Glock entirely apart, and if you are not, then get a competent armorer or gunsmith to do the installation for you. The kit requires you to modify the Glock frame by cutting a notch in it. It must be done precisely and can be done by hand using the template provided, or you can use the installation jig made by Cominolli Custom to ensure a professional modification that would rival any factory installation. Luckily, my friend Walt had the installation jig for the install. Fig. 1 shows the Glock 22 grip and slide area where the notch will be cut into the polymer frame (white diagonal line), Fig. 2 shows the aluminum Installation jig.

The jig comes with two steel pins to mount the frame to the jig, a 3/32 end mill bit for use in a Dremel tool and the white Delrin bit guide.

Glock Manual Safety Kit Install Area
Fig 1. Glock Manual Safety Kit Install Area
Cominolli Glock Manual Safety Installation Jig
Fig. 2 Cominolli Glock Manual Safety Installation Jig

The Glock Manual Safety Kit – MSK consists of instructional sheets to guide you through the installation of the new Manual Safety, a new Trigger Mechanism Housing Block and Thumb Safety Lever, Detent Pressure Plate, Spring and Trigger Bar Guide. The Thumb Safety Lever and Trigger Bar Guide are made from Stainless Steel, and the Thumb Safety Pad is coated in Black to blend in with the dark frame (see Fig. 3). Fig. 4 shows the Glock 22 with the Manual Safety Kit installed and in the “Safety Off” position.

Glock Manual Safety Kit MSK Trigger Block Mechanism
Fig. 3 MSK Trigger Block Mechanism
Glock 22 with Glock Manual Safety Kit MSK Installed
Fig. 4 Glock 22 with Glock Manual Safety Kit MSK Installed

Manipulation of the safety is quick, positive and is non-intrusive. The ergonomic placement of the safety lever makes it very easy to drop off as you are coming into a firing stance, and once you have fired, it is easily reinstated for safety. With the safety “On,” you can still work the slide for loading or unloading a round into the chamber, and can now do so in complete safety, since all of the passive safeties are locked in when the manual safety is engaged.

From my discussions with a couple of the distributors of the Manual Safety Kit, it is apparent that there have been thousands of these MSKs sold throughout the world, and many Police Departments have retrofitted their inventory of Glocks for that added measure of safety. The safety lever did not interfere with the holster in any way. Drawing the pistol is still sure and positive. This is a quality product, and all Glocks should have it installed. I am in total agreement with the esteemed Massad Ayoob, who has on several occasions, in print and on “Personal Defense TV” stated that a manual safety has saved countless Police Officers lives when the unthinkable has happened, the duty weapon being snatched from their holsters and the criminal tries to fire it and does not realize that it has a manual safety. If you carry a weapon concealed for personal security, YOU need to think about that… Do you want YOUR weapon used against you or someone else? I Don’t!

If you would like to read some of what Mr. Ayoob has said in print, you can here: Cop Talk and Guns & Weapons these are from the Cominolli Custom Website’s “Reading Room.”

The Glock Manual Safety Kit has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $90, and the Installation Jig is $87. The kit is also sold through MidwayUSA ($75 MSK / $95 Jig) and Brownells ($85 MSK / $93 Jig).

Glock® is a Registered Trademark of Glock®
6000 Highlands Parkway
Smyrna, GA 30082
Tel.: +1 770 – 432 1202
Fax: +1 770 – 433 8719

KHolster is a Registered Trademark of
KHolster, LLC
St. Louis, MO 4585
(888) 556-6640

Manual Safety Kit is a Trademark of
Joseph E. Cominolli, Inc
624 Cherry Road
Syracuse, NY 13219
(315) 625-4347

Complete Glock is Copyrighted by
Lenny Magill & GunVideo
Murphy Canyon Rd.
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 569-0505

$599.99 (Reg.$ 799.99)
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John is an Air Force Retiree with over 20 years of Active Duty Service and a Vietnam Veteran. He is a former Law Enforcement Officer having served as Chief Deputy Sheriff with the Carter County, Missouri Sheriff's Department, and Reserve Officer for small rural Police Departments in Carter County, Missouri. John is now fully retired from Pitney Bowes, Inc. and lives on a small farm in Southern Missouri's Ozark Foothills region, and enjoys his private shooting range.
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Thanks Luke for posting the embedded YouTube Video on the complete disassembly of the Glock pistols in the article… It made it a complete tutorial!


I thought it would be a nice touch. 🙂


Thanks for the instruction. Very informative for Glock owners.


This is for people who can’t keep their finger off the trigger………..stupidity at it’s best. I wonder what the liability is when the pistol is user modified? Essentially this is a fix for a non existent problem. You guys are actually helping them to sell this crap….I like this about as much as trigger locks, same deal, for idiots, morons, and retards that are multiplying as I type….


Anybody who thinks they need a manual so called “safety” shouldn’t be around firearms. YOU are the “safety” folks. YOU are. Not the dumb lever. YOU are the safety. I can’t believe some overprotective, paranoid, nanny came up with this device. Did they also invent a manual safety lever for your gas pedal that allows you to lock the gas pedal in the up position when activated? “For the children” of course. If you don’t know the BASIC rules of firearm handling, i.e. that you keep your finger out of the trigger guard until ready to fire, then you have no business being around firearms, and/or you need your dad to turn off the TV and TEACH you the basic rules of gun handling.

These dumb “safeties” are invented BY super “caring” people (in their minds), but these so called manual safeties are actually made FOR stupid people. Let’s just be open about it. This product isn’t for those of us who know and obey the basic rules of safe gun handling. This product is intended for a situation where an idiot gets a hold of the gun. Adding an unnecessary step to the gun firing process just adds complexity and can get people killed. NOT EVERY PERSON WHO PICKS UP YOUR GUN, AND WHO IS UNFAMILIAR WITH IT, IS LOOKING TO PLAY WITH IT LIKE A TOY. Yes, news accounts are full of instances where kids grab a gun and accidentally shoot someone (lack of education is the actual culprit here), but there are also news accounts of family members who, in an emergency, such as a home invasion, go find dad’s gun and use it to stop an invader. That “safety” could prevent your wife or child from using your gun to save their lives or YOURS against an invader. If you’re so darn worried that you think you need some dumb lever, then that means it’s time to get off your a$$ and teach your kids proper gun handling. Let them handle your guns frequently (obviously unloaded, until they learn proper handling rules). Many parents are too lazy/stupid to do this, so they put their kids’ life in the hands of some stupid lever on the gun. Dumb dumb dumb. Education and supervised practice is always the solution.


[…] More Glock Butt Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom | USA Carry Cominolli Custom come up with an external safety for Glock Pistols Member: DAV Life Member, […]

[…] If this item does becomes popular enough, maybe Glock might include something similar to it as an option on their handguns. Cominolli Custom is the manufacturer of this product.  You can find more information, including a video here through USA Carry. […]


On Disqus, there seems to be quite a controversy about this article. It seems to be mainly centered around the fact that only “idiots” need a manual safety to keep their kids from using the pistol, that all that is needed is for YOU to keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you want to fire the pistol, that EDUCATION will instruct your children or other family member from Accidental Discharges.
What is needed is for those people to PLEASE read the article. Don’t go off “half cocked” (pun intended) by just looking at the title of the article. There is abundant evidence that having a manual safety on your firearm will save your life if someone SNATCHES the pistol from your control in a confrontation. The argument that EDUCATION of your family members about the rule to keep your finger off the trigger is all that is needed, also works the other way… EDUCATE your family members that ALL of your firearms have a safety and it needs to be disabled prior to shooting the firearm.
This treatise was not intended to push for legislation requiring manual safeties on all firearms. It was meant to INFORM those who were not aware of the availability of a Manual Safety Kit for the Glock Pistols. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO INSTALL A MANUAL SAFETY, THEN DON’T!! But please do not belittle those of us who do desire the manual safety device on pistols and rifles. IF ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS RANT AND RAVE AND CALL NAMES AND SPEW INVECTIVES AT OTHER MEMBERS OF THE FIREARMS COMMUNITY, then you only lessen your impact and CREDIBILITY on these forums! A civil discourse is all that we ask for.
If you don’t like BLUE CARS, then don’t buy them, but don’t criticize those who do! See? Logic!


I thought the article was well done, but I am somewhat dismayed at why one would want to buy a GLOCK and then pay $200 or more to have a safety added. I actually bought GLOCKS because of the safety arrangement. There are equally good handguns available for the price of a GLOCK + $200. I am not bashing, I just do not understand the logic behind the decision to upgrade the weapon instead of just selling it and buying something else.


I see what you are saying, and to some extent, I agree with the idea that if you are not satisfied with the Glock and the safety system that is built into it, don’t buy it, or trade it off.
My experience was that I had bought the Glock 22, love the pistol and the trigger did not really cause me any problem. I have over 45 years experience with Revolvers, Pistols, Rifles, Carbines & Shotguns. I am very comfortable around firearms of all types. A good friend of mine had an accidental discharge, ACCIDENTAL, not Negligent, with his Glock. He had re-holstered his Glock and within 3 minutes of doing so he had his pistol fire. Scared the crap out of him and the three others of us that were at the range with him. No one was injured and we were not able to duplicate the “accidental discharge”. That got us to thinking… and we (3 of us that had Glocks) have installed the MSK. Now if it fires it’s because we want it too! I did not trade my Glock off because I do like the pistol and I also have the conversion barrel setup for it so I can now shoot 9mm & .40S&W with the same pistol.
Hope that sheds a little more light on the subject, and Thanks Mooskee for your comments…


If you need a 4th safty don’t buy a Glock


Hank, did you read the article? It’s not about how many safeties that you’ve got or want. It’s about making a great pistol fit the need of the person who owns it! No one is saying that putting the MSK on the Glock means that all un-accessorized Glocks are no good. It’s the same with the revolver owner who removes the Walnut grips to put on a set of Hogue Rubber grips. It meets HIS needs, not YOURs! Don’t like it? Don’t buy it, but have the decency to allow a person to make his OWN choices…
But! I do understand your line of thinking… I think it is a waste of a perfectly great car to chop or channel it!!


Do be so specific, If you need a 4th safety don’t buy a GUN!


For well over 100 years, firearms have all come with a manual external safety selector switch and for good reason. The only shortcoming of the Glock is this missing component. The propensity for accidental discharge exists within the Glock as evidenced by countless examples of accidental discharges. The Glock needs a manual safety. This is aftermarket component turns a great pistol into a combat masterpiece imo.


Weapons retention is a function of midset, not hardware. Promoting this product as something that makes a gun grab situation safer for the officer promotes lazyness and complacency by the people using it. Proper weapons retention training and proper retention holsters utilised in the correct manner eliminates the need for this product and promotes better officer safety.

Software problems are rarely solved correctly by the addition of hardware.

Ronin 64

This is akin to smearing the Mona Lisa with feces. Its a combat gun. If “snatched” it from you, you’ve already lost. Sort of a product without a market. Best of luck.


According to distributors of the product, thousands have been sold.
Read the cited articles by Massad Ayoob as to why he recommends manual safeties on duty pistols. Statistics prove him and the Police Departments that have followed that recommendation right!
No one is “smearing feces” on anything. This is completely reversible and no damage is done to the pistol. The frame notch can be filled in with an available polymer epoxy and you can not see the repair. Same epoxy that is used by gunsmiths to repair the frames.
You would not have the “textured” frames or the “finger grooves” on the grip had not someone, somewhere decided to ‘enhance’ his Glock. Many firearms improvements and customizations come from the user in the field…

Ronin 64

Liability issues? What happens when the aftermarket product fails, the perp snatches the gun, and beats you with it?


There have been none, absolutely zero safety issues with the addition of this MSK. The addition of a Manual Safety to a duty pistol has in fact SAVED LIVES. Countless instances where they have been incorporated prove that having the safety set has allowed the officer to actually gain control of the situation.
I don’t understand people who feel that the manufacture of an accessory, a voluntary accessory, is challenging their desire to not use that accessory. NO ONE is saying that you have to do it, just don’t belittle those who do, IT”S THEIR CHOICE! Gee, isn’t freedom a great thing?


Gotmmine last week. Fantastic!! Installed it in my 26 in about 30 minutes. Works great and gives me that extra edge of safety


@6fff6769d92b0481fb90b20cfd33351a:disqus Glad to see that you were able to get it up and running on your G26 with no problems. Did you use a dremel tool to make the cuts? Just curious on other’s installation of the kit.

You should not have any problems with it at all. The placement of the safety lever is just perfect, and muscle memory for other pistols that have the safety it is just the same.

Congrats on making a Great Pistol even Better!


Awesome job ruining your glock, just sell the thing and buy something with a safety since you are all clearly too irresponsible to handle a finger out of trigger safety


@c824acc165a5871bde75a314fafed772:disqus A really astute response; akin to “…I’m rubber, you’re glue…”  I love these ‘informed observations’…


This is stupid. If you want a manual safety, don’t get a Glock. Anyone who tampers with a gun like this is just begging for failure to fire, or something. You may as well pay yourself $200 for some “keep your booger picker off the trigger unless you are ready to fire” memory muscle practice time.


@2c99f17b176410a2070f86dad40a7c9d:disqus What is stupid… is that you cannot see that this manual safety is not a threat to the way you want to utilize the Glock. It is not a MANDATORY upgrade that you have to put on your pistol.  It in no way jeopardizes the operation of the Glock, it can’t cause a “…failure to fire…”.  If you knew as much about the internal workings of the Glock that you proffer to possess, you’d see that. If you want to return to the un-modified Glock, it is easy to reverse, and epoxy/polymer can return the slot in the Glock to a solid frame again.
The point being, If you don’t want to modify your Glock DON’T… But don’t be so insecure in your being a Glock owner, that you have to try to ridicule and belittle those who do want to have a manual safety. It weakens your appearance to the community. It is sooo childish!


Another reason to have the manual safety.  Peace of Mind and a Confidence builder…
Easy to use, un-obtrusive, and easy to disengage while in the drawing mode.

Just as easy to put the pistol into use as is the SAA/Ruger Blackhawk single action revolvers.  I’ve seen (and done some of it) the really great pistoleros drawing their Single Action Revolvers from high speed cameras that showed them drawing the revolver from the holster with three fingers on the grip, trigger finger extended and the thumb cocking the hammer in one fast blurry motion.  

Manual safeties can be dis-engaged just as easily and just as fast…  It just takes training the muscles to do it from memory each and every time…


They don’t make it for the 36.


10ring has been doing this for a  while now.


@google-c08e968d577646a1c0af5134ce80a2f1:disqus , You won’t get “Flamed” by me for your posted comment!  The MSK that I reviewed was just one example of making a good firearm work for you.  I even considered the SiderLock trigger, but did not want a safety that involved pushing on the trigger to release.  The MSK is also completely reversable, you just re-install the parts you removed and it is back to original configuration.  The notch that was cut into the frame can be filled with a polymer frame repair kit and the notch is no longer visible.
Thanks for your input and commentary.

Erik Wood

JPKirkpatrick>>> Thanks very much for this review. I am a big fan of the Glock for many reasons. Reliability, ergonomics, accuracy, simplicity of construction and operation, WIDE variety of quality aftermarket parts, .22lr conversion kits for training, etc… There are many other reasons to want one than just the idea that you want a gun that doesn’t have a safety. Personally, there is no pistol that fills the needs I have more than the Glock. However, despite all it’s features, the Glock is still not perfect in my opinion. One of my
personal requirements is to have a manual safety to round out the unique Glock feature set. This addition would make a
Glock the ideal pistol for me. Just me. Nobody else needs to concern
themselves with my choices. Anyone who dumps on the choice, suggests you’re just poorly
trained, or of lesser intelligence and tells you to get something else is just a bully. And it’s common knowledge that bullies are cowards underneath that cover of self-righteous bluster and bravado.
The suggestion that a firearms enthusiast should compromise their own wishes to satisfy the insecurities of a cadre of fragile egos intent upon intruding upon someone else’s freedom is absurd. I don’t like it from the anti-gun lobby, and I especially don’t like it from the other side of the fence. What one person chooses to do with their personal property is their decision to make. It’s a good bet that the same holier-than-thou Glock purists would squeal like little piggies if anyone told them what they could or couldn’t do with their Glocks.


Thanks for the support and commentary.  I could not have said it any better.  Well written and completely thought through…

I have been training several people in my area on the use of firearms and occasionally use my Pistols and Revolvers to introduce a new weapon style to them.  The Glock’s MSK makes it very comfortable to show them how to handle the weapon safely in an instructional arena.
The Glock is just a good fit for me and even better with the Manual Safety Kit.

Some of the local Sheriff’s Department (where I used to work before retirement) personnel have come out to my range to practice tactical shooting responses, noticed my Glock had a MSK on it and have ordered their kits to install.

I too like the aftermarket offerings for the Glock.  My G22 kit now consists of the OEM .40 S&W barrel; the Lone Wolf 9mm Conversion Barrel, the Lone Wolf .357 Sig Barrel; two sets of magazines; and Tritium Fibre Optic sights.  A very versatile handgun platform for sure!

Again, Thanks for the support and a very intelligent approach to firearms ownership in general.

Matt Kaufmann

I really enjoy the tinkering aspect of this article.  I’m a gearhead at heart so I love to see how things work from an engineering standpoint.

I personally don’t need or want a manual safety on my DAO firearms and I have a host of reasons that are beyond the scope of the topic.  That said, it’s the classic chocolate vs vanilla debate. I like chocolate but that doesn’t make all of the vanilla lovers wrong.



I’ll speak my mind…I think that anyone who doesn’t want a manual safety on their pistol that must be disengaged before the trigger will fire the weapon is…an Imbecile…NO…Idiot of the lowest order. So to prove how “right” they are about Glocks not needing a manual safety, those folks need to just throw their kids in the car or SUV with no seat belts and drive like nothings wrong…Go ahead…hit something and then tell me you care about their safety. Glock pistols have been involved in TOO MANY documented NDs, ADs, UDs…whatever you want to call it. They are unsafe as delivered from the factory, and need the manual safety to bring them into the real world. Why is that so painful for folks to admit. It’s not perfection if it’s unsafe. “Safe-Action”…what a ruse.

Why can’t folks think for themselves? I guess we should all ride with no helmets and require others to do the same because it’s the hip thing to do. Let’s also down our military for not adopting the Glock BECAUSE it dosen’t have a reasonable manual safety. And, finally, maybe we would be cooler if we could all just shoot ours guns without hearing and eye protection too! Oh how we love to live dangerously, cause, well, it’s modern to do so. 

I’m so sick of hearing the stupid, unqualified dribble from folks who think that “it’s the safety between your ears that matters”. NO. What matters is that you need to think about OTHER people’s safety like you do for your children, and learn how to use a pistol with a manual safety to virtually guarantee their safety around you, even if you don’t care about your own.

End of rant…for now.

Stephen J Natale

hmmm, There are hundreds of thousands of Glock and other guns out there without manual safeties and guess what? Not a problem! Anybody that’s stupid enough to have there finger on the trigger with the gun aimed anywhere but down range, or at an enemy is also going to have an ND with a manual safety gun as well. Manual safeties are disengaged (or supposed to be) at draw, not after you aim. So how does your statement make any sense? People who are NEGLIGENT have ND’s NOT people who don’t have manual safeties. Let me guess, gun control curbs crime too right? Go be an anti troll somewhere else!


So… You think that revolver owners are idiots too? They don’t have safeties, and they’ve been around a lot longer than you. I have 2 tours of duty in Iraq in which I used my glock 17 with no external safety without a single issue. I guarantee you that (No matter how old or experienced you are) I have a lot more range, and combat firing experience than you, and I say that Glock are perfect just the way they are. Keep running your mouth, trying to belittle people to make yourself feel like a big man, but in the end you’re the one that looks like an idiot saying that every professional shooter, and combat veteran that uses a Glock and swears by them is in some way less intelligent than you.

Just think

Seems to be a lot of anger over a manual safety. Really it’s
just a matter of preference. Some of the posts are really saying anyone buying
a gun with a manual safety is an idiot and shouldn’t even own a gun. I’m a
retired Marine and firearms instructor. For me I feel having a manual safety is
better than not having one, just my opinion. Of course there is a lot of truth
in the statement, just don’t put your finger on the trigger and there won’t be
any mishaps. Unfortunately, people put their finger on their triggers all the
time, unintentionally. At least with a manual safety there’s a better chance of
avoiding a mishap, provided the safety is engaged. In any case, it’s just a
matter of preference. It should be noted that there are more accidental
discharges with the type of safety that Gluck employs than those with a manual
safety. In the end there are really just two truths, only the person with the
gun has complete control over the prevention of an accidental discharge. Also, whether
or not you have ever had an accidental discharge, it’s just a matter of time.
Remember, all we are talking about is a matter of personal preference. So lighten
up a little.


@Just think, thanks for your intelligent and well thought out commentary. It seems that I had committed a serious “Glock Owners Faux Pax” by suggesting that those who like the Glock but wanted to prevent the “Glock Leg” that has occurred too many times, can install the MSK that is completely safe, reliable and reversible. I have shot several thousand rounds more with this pistol since the modification without any problems at all.
Thanks again for your comment, it is appreciated.


I do not own a Glock, but I am seriously thinking Glock 19, before the federals ban them..
Me: Fulcrum trigger, conventional barrel, and a good thumb safety; cast bullets, bullseye, or Unique powder…
I can see the logic of a trigger safety, but at the same time, I really….. really put a lot of value in my kneecap.


Nice. Some persons are interested in using the Glock as a carbine with the Endo adapter and will need a manual safety.


What the Glock pistol needs is a trigger which breaks crisply from the forward set position, …which has the trigger break of a 1911 pistol, and with it a thumb safety, …which acts like a thumb rest when the safety is in the ready fire position. Again, just like the 1911.
Next make the trigger more narrow, and open up the trigger guard so my fingers do not drag on it as I pull the trigger.
The Glock would be a very nice gun.


Robert, what you described is the CZ75 and it is available in many configurations, My EDC is now a CZ75c Compact, 14 round mag DA/SA with a safety, but not needed with the DA first shot. It is all steel and a bit heavy for those who are not used to carrying. You can get it with a Poly Frame and steel slide (ALA Glock) in the CZ75 SPO1. Great guns, very accurate and inexpensive.
Still have my Glock and I have helped 15-20 others install the MSK for it and it makes the Glock a really safe gun…


Glock pistols are completely safe out of the box. If one is in doubt and needs a safety, plenty of exceptional weapons with manufacturer-installed safties are available. Why anyone would modify a Glock with third-party gear is beyond me.


Bill, I agree. Glock pistols are safe, but I have personal knowledge of competent users of Glocks that have had or witnessed inadvertent discharges of Glocks and 1911 style pistols that are cocked and in SA mode. Many have received “Glock Legs” because of the “Cocked & Unlocked” mode of carry, for whatever reason. the MSK corrects that problem for them. You have every right to keep and use your Glock without the safety, that is your right to choose to do so, but if someone wishes to enhance their property in a manner that does not endanger anyone else, then they should be able to. I have had mine for 7 years now and have not had any issue with it and have had 15 others, some in law enforcement, some in private security and private citizens that have added this safety feature and are very happy with their investment.
Many of the ‘advanced’ features that the Glocks now have are a direct result of modifications that owners have made to their pistols (the aggressive ‘stipple-like’ rough handgrip frames, accessory rails for lights and lasers, tritium STEEL sights instead of plastic sights, etc.Using your vein of thought, no one should put “Mud Tires” on a 4×4 because they did not come from the manufacturer with them. All innovation should stop because the original designer did not THINK to do it first. Wait, we should all be using muzzle loading flintlock pistols because semi-automatic pistols were not “original”… Sorry for the sarcasm, but it is their property and if it does not make in inherently unsafe, then if they want it, then do it. I don’t like PINK guns, but far be it for me to tell a young lady that she can’t have a pink (or Tiffany Blue) pistol!

Some Rabbit

Or you could buy a brand of gun that already has a manual safety or a decocking DA/SA pistol (yes, both Walther and Canik make striker fired guns like that). IMHO, Glocks are: unsafe, butt ugly and over-rated. Glock fanboys need not reply.

Some Rabbit

Better yet, only carry DA/SA pistols. If you can’t or won’t invest the small amount of time it takes to master the that first DA trigger pull, maybe you shouldn’t carry a gun at all. And yes, there are DA/SA striker fired guns (Walther P99, Canik TP9v2 and Schmeisser SLP9).