Bank of America’s Response to the McMillan Firearms Claim

Bank of America Doesn’t Want McMillan Firearms Business
Bank of America Doesn’t Want McMillan Firearms Business
Bank of America's Response to the McMillan Firearms Claim
Bank of America's Response to the McMillan Firearms Claim

On April 20, 2012 we posted an article about McMillian Firearms claiming Bank of America didn’t want their business anymore due to them being a firearms manufacturer. There have been a lot of different opinions on this of whether the claim was true or not.

On April 22, 2012, Bank of America posted the following on their Facebook page in response to the claim.

We want to let you know that we hear your comments and questions regarding one of our customers. While we cannot discuss the details of any individual client we work with, we can assure you the allegations being made here are completely false. Bank of America does not have a policy that prohibits us from banking clients in this industry. In fact, we have numerous, longstanding customers in the industry.

We are also extremely proud of our support of the US military and reject any assertion to the contrary. We count as clients many companies that provide for our nation’s defense. We employ thousands of veterans, Guardsmen, and Reservists, and plan to increase our hiring this year.

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That doesn’t surpize me  I have been in a battle with them over a modified loan there anwser is to get me out of my house instead at the lease amount it will cost them.But its going to cost them pleanty i will not go away quietly !! i believe the story for sure! good for them


That’s all the proof I need, I’m going right back to bank of America!…just as soon as hell freezes over!

Johnathan Perkins



Bank of America is the WORST bank in the USA. I banked with them since they were C&S, then NationsBank and finally BofA. I finally got fed up with the lack of customer care, the excessive small charges and general lack of service. Now I hear that they’re going to close many of their branches, and I couldn’t care less. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

You said it! I accidentally over paid on a credit card bill and I cant tell you the nightmare I had getting my over payment back. I asked customer service when would they have caught the mistake and refund my over payment… Their response ” We probably wouldn’t have caught it. We don’t keep track of those type of things..I can’t believe Bass Pro Shop continues to use these Clowns for their Credit Card….Dump them now!!!!!


Whipping out the “Military” card doesn’t actually address the firearms industry issue …

not a BoA customer

Which allegations are they denying? 

“In fact, we have numerous, longstanding customers in the industry.” (Until we can drop them, as well.)


When I was stationed in Germany in 1984 -86, BOA was the only Bank the GI had, in my opinion it was the worst Bank I had the displeasure of doing business with ,I was in Change of a 32 Man Maintamance Team and I was lucky enough to keep my Bank Account in America ,but most of my people had this so called Bank.  I splet a lot of time with my troops down at this place trying to sort out the mess and more than half the time it was a Bank error.  To this day ,I still beleive they are the largest bank of CROOKS.


Wow, the official response basically says nothing to either confirm or deny that they don’t want gun manufacturer’s business.  Only that their policy does not “prohibit” it.


Let’s see, believe Kelly McMillan or some faceless public relations hack from a corrupt bank? I’ll stick with Kelly…

wm tipton

I think I’ll play off like I own a gun company and try to set up an account with BoA and see what their response is.


Once again we’re blessed with the typical cowardly corporate response which is always given once their money is suddenly on the line!   The truth is they got a pounding in negative press (and rightfully so)  and now they’re circling the wagons trying to deny something without accepting ownership of it!   

I hate this bank even more than I did before.    They screw Americans over from sea to shinning sea and then they try and deny what they’re doing.   Notice they never really denied that any of this happened.   They just want to now wave the flag and state how they love the military.   This bank reminds me of the old scrooge who ran the greedy bank in Jimmy Stewart’s  “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


I got rid of my BOA credit card several years. Caught them double dipping into my checking account that I used to pay online bills. Did they come clean when I confronted them? NO! The customer service rep got caught in five different lies about the account. When I called to cancel my card the guy acted like a gangster and said it would mess up my credit and kept asking me was I sure. the strangest thing happened when I went to my bank. They said that I qualifed for there credit card. BOA the bankster of all banksters.


Notice that BoA refuses to say the word firearms and tries to get away with simply the industry.

Notice also that BoA does not mention the Second Amendment, but offers up their supposedly positive view of America’s military as a smokescreen. They sound like the two-faced politicians who say, “Yes, I support the Second Amendment. The National Guard and police provide a valuable service.”

Tim Pallies

Bye bye

Mcneill Bo

If anyone would take time to research issues, they would find that BOA was involved in a load to McMillian’s competitor the week before, a loan of 250 million dollars. I personally hate BOA, but if they loaned FGI 250 million dollars, they must not have issues with gun manufacturers. They must have had a different reason for discontinuing business with this customer, if they did at all. There are no news releases from McMillian about this issue, other than something on FB……


 This is a complete lie! BANK of America has a policy NOT to do business with the firearm industry.  It is right out of their policy manual.  They categorize it under social policy and the risk of doing business with the industry.  They don’t want to be sued as the deep pocket in a gun lawsuit.  I worked there for 30 plus years.  IT IS A CORPORATE WIDE POLICY. 


I’m a veteran and was hired by the bank last year because I “served my country honorably”.  The guys in my office took me to get my CCW permit, and the bank puts on a bird hunt every year.  Also, they -we bank huge and I mean HUGE names in the industry.  I’m not going to pretend that I know what was said, but I don’t think it’s what is being reported.


Supporting the state (military) has nothing to do with supporting citizen’s 2nd ammendment right.


Corporations again hiding behind carefully crafted words.  McMillian Firearms never said BOA has a policy, implying a written code.  McMillian never mentioned anything about BOA not supporting the military. 
It’s funny how I can bank for years with a local or regional bank or credit union without a single charge hitting my account, but these huge banking corporations with their huge amoujnt of resources and revenue nickel and dime their customers to the poor house.  As if I needed another reason not to use BOA. 


BOA is like every other lending institution, under Intense Political pressure. They are also in the ‘business’ to earn a Profit for their Shareholders (Citizens, Retirement funds ‘municipal,county state’, and countless other portfolio entities, including foreign investors). During the….. Fiscally Insane…. ‘Fairness and Equality’, (uncollateralized, low Experian ‘paper’) years following the 1999 Congress putting ‘teeth’ into the… ‘Community Re-investment act’,.. they (and others) were ‘forced’ by big govt, to accept ‘Sub-Prime’ loans….which encompassed ‘Everything’… boats, TVs, cars, houses, businesses, equipment purchases, land,….. Everything.

In exchange, they were also promised by govt political figures, ‘help’, if they were to ‘save’ a major brokerage. The act of ‘saving’, would be ‘politically’ repaid, by ‘bundling’ the ‘weakly collateralized (to say the least) ‘instruments’ and selling the ‘sub-primes’ to Fannie and Freddie (taxPayers then were Forced to assume the Bad debt, after all They ‘voted for’ and elected the purveyors of unsustainable ‘Fairness and Equality’). It all happened as ‘plotted’. 1999 and the CRA, was a pivotal year, with unprecedented govt interference into the banking, financial industry. Banking has Never been the same. From a devastated stockholder, retired private contractor in the industrial/financial sector.


I have an ALASKA AIRLINES Visa card which I will drop like a hot rock if McMillan’s story is true.
In reading BoA response “does not have a policy that prohibits us from banking clients in this industry”, it would seem that while there may be no company “policy”, it certainly doesn’t deny an anti-gun ideology.

Pablo Sanchez

Notice their response did not say which industry….

Joseph Lewis

I closed my BoA checking and savings accounts yesterday.
This wasn’t the only reason, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back after many other absurd policies and policy proposals.
This is actually quite similar to their flip-flop after the proposed $5/month fee for debit cards.  Once they got bad press and started losing business, they changed their mind.
This is a pattern that I’m sick of, and that’s why I don’t want to deal with them anymore.


Notice they support our military but said not a thing about the private citizen with a conceal carry.

Alan D

All in upper management jargon- they all sound the same!

Robby Tienhaara

Bank of American think the American people are stupid. This is absolutely about individual rights of gun ownership, the 2nd Amendment. All they responded on was the support of the military with big business contracts to line their pockets (along with the current Plutocracy in Washington D.C.), to stupid to support the Constitutional rights of their patrons. It is appearant this Bank is controlled by the current regime, and is anti-American. They should not be allowed to call themselves Bank of ‘America’, that is an insult to Americans when a Plutocratic business lies about it’s name.

I don;tlike BOA but there in business to make money so your not hearing the truth about why they broke ties.Nothing to do with guns. Business is business

BOA can’t give you detail of there relationship with anybody or they would be sued. Just facts. If this is a problem I’m sure there are plenty of gun Co just waiting to sell you a gun. I have more then I need .lol


Funny how they have clients in the industry but don’t say what industry! Also why being the military into this?


I wish people would or could get together and put BofA out of business forever. I beg all Americans to NEVER do any type of transactions through BofA ever again. This might send a message to pull their heads out of their back sides and be thankful for fire arms( in the hands of responsible people)that played a great part in making this county what it is today.


Don’t any of you look for the facts before you shoot off your mouth?


Bank of America should have it’s name revoked, how dare they even use “America” in their name brand profile. There is not enough tar and feathers in the US to paint over there greed and misdeeds.