Brewer Vetoes Arizona Bill Allowing Guns on Public Property

Brewer Vetoes Arizona Bill Allowing Guns on Public Property

Brewer Vetoes Arizona Bill Allowing Guns on Public Property

Gov. Jan Brewer rebuffed gun-rights advocates by vetoing for a second time a bill to allow guns on public property, and sent a strong message that such a proposal would need wider support from police, cities and the public before she would sign it.

Brewer’s veto of the bill, which could have let guns into city halls, police stations, county courts, senior centers, swimming pools, libraries and the state Capitol, was the latest setback for a push to expand the right to carry guns in public places in Arizona.

Legislative efforts to put guns on university campuses, just outside K-12 school grounds and in homeowners associations all appear to have run into roadblocks this session.

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  • SF_Ret

    This one goes both ways.  Government offices are in need of tight security.  If they use a metal protector, It makes sense to me (lowers the number of cops needed).

    If there is no metal detector, you might as well legalize it.  Otherwise, it will only be the criminals that bring it inside.

    • Luis Vargas

      metal detectors and manned by cops or armed rent-a-cops, otherwise, it is pointless, too.

  • Mark

    “Notice to visitors: only criminals may be armed in this building”

  • VeganDave128

    Time to veto Jan Brewer.

  • Tom

    why does she persist in protecting and allowing victim rich zones….

  • When the criminal element can no longer feel comfortable, that they are the only ones armed besides the police, society will have a better chance of eliminating the criminal element. We need a Presidential candidate who’ll stand up to support and enforce our Constitutional rights, that lets the states know, they cannot infringe upon that right. We need nationwide carry conceal, same rule for all states, all schools, all colleges, all public and government buildings, including the Post Office. I am not a fan of big government or documentation of gun owners; but I think everyone should be required to vertify they are trained, just like drivers of vehicles are. Yes, I realize there is corruption within the license bureau, but we cannot have numbskulls running around with deadly weapons; we’ve seen what happens when a driver gets a vehicle license that shouldn’t. Somehow we need to get beyond the corruption. Schools should be required to teach safe firearm and deadly weapon education. I am not saying our guns need to be registered, just that as an owner, you understand the responsibility and know how to safely handle the weapon and the circumstances that allow you to use it. Sooner or later, a compromise is going to be necessary, we might as well put together a brilliant plan before some garbage we don’t like is forced upon us.

  • Jeffboydnm

    Need to replace this RINO