My Bulletproof Laptop Bag

My Bullet Proof Laptop Bag

My bulletproof Laptop Bag

I’m always looking for the slight edge when it comes to my safety…

And for a while now I’ve been looking into bulletproof products. Of course, I could be ultra safe and wear a bulletproof vest every day but that’s not going to happen. As any police officer will tell you, wearing a bulletproof vest is not comfortable and in 90 degree weather it’s downright miserable.

I’d say that anybody who tells you they wear a vest on a daily basis is either lying to you or they’re probably on the verge of doing something illegal and they know they’re going to need it.

So instead of sweating to death in a vest I started looking at other options such as bulletproof backpacks and laptop bags. However, they were very expensive (usually $500 or more) and I didn’t see anything I liked.

Well, I contacted a fellow I know that makes bulletproof products for the military and police. I told him that I simply wanted a bulletproof panel that I could use in my laptop bag and transfer to other bags. I also wanted to use it for dry fire practice in my house and for unloading and loading my guns in my house.

I told him it had to be level IIIA armor. Level IIIA armor is the highest level of protection that is made for concealable armor. It’s the stuff SWAT teams use and stops up to a .44 magnum.

I decided that a 10 x 14 size panel would be ideal and my friend kindly agreed to custom make one for me. As soon as I picked it up from him I began using it in my laptop bag, which comes pretty much everywhere with me.

I also used it when unloading and loading my guns and dry firing in my house. Plus, it comes in real handy when I have to clean my Glock since you have to pull the trigger to clean it.

The thing is, as soon as I got it I wanted to shoot the panel and test it out. However, I couldn’t bring myself to sacrifice the panel as body armor does cost a decent amount of money. However, before a pistol course this past weekend I decided to finally put it to the test.

Let’s just say I was pleased with what I saw and feel much better about having the panel around for dry fire and other uses. Now I just need to contact my friend and get a new one.

Perhaps it will encourage you to get a panel for yourself. Even if you don’t carry it around in your laptop bag, at least you have a safe backstop to point your gun in your house.

To get your own bullet proof panel click on the “Buy Now” button below.

Panel costs $150 + $16.95 shipping and handling. It costs about $4 to get the panel shipped to me from the factory. Then it costs me about $13 to ship it to you. (Since it weighs over 13 ounces I have to ship it Priority and I cannot use flat rate since the panel is too large for the box.)

The panels are pretty inexpensive and cost only $150 each. If you’ve ever looked into buying body armor you know that a panel for $150 is a good deal. (The best I found online was $230 but it wasn’t as high quality with the same stopping power.)

Since this is custom made and a favor to me, it will take about four weeks to get the panel (Standard time for this type of bullet proof armor is 4-6 weeks). My friend is going to ship them all to me and I will ship them to you.

Even if you don’t carry around a laptop bag all of the time like I do, I still think the panel is a great idea to have at home for loading, unloading, and dry firing.

In fact, I tack one of my panels (I bought several from him) to a wall in my house, tape a target to it, and use it for dry fire practice. (See picture below of panel on my wall.)

Click on the “Buy Now” button below to get your own bullet proof panel


  • Eric Stevenson

    I like this! Unfortunately, I do not have a friend who makes bulletproof products. Is there any chance your friend would be willing to take orders?

  • I, also, would like more info regarding how to purchase.

  • cmputerbiz

    OK, we’re all encouraged to get one. How about some info on how to do that!

  • the real diehl

    You’re not the only one who thinks like that. When passing by the stove in the kitchen I have thought that cast iron skillet might serve the same purpose in a pinch. Have to admit
    it would get a little heavy in the lap top bag.

  • Charley

    Panels are availabe on Ebay. I picked up 2 for about $140.

    • Fyrewerx

      Hey Charlie, could you post a link to the seller’s page for the ones you bought?

  • LiL Pete

    Very cool panel application. No need to repeat yourself over and over though, or shoot stuff without the panel. Everyone sort of knows what that looks like already. We know you like to shoot stuff. Time is money. Still a really, really good idea. Much appreciated. Great demo. Thanks.

  • USACarry

    These panels are now available to purchase. The links are at the bottom of this article.

  • Brian Knoblauch

    I’ve got a bucket of sand for unloading/reloading, but I really like the panel idea. I’ll have to check and make sure they’re legal around here. If so, I’ll probably be ordering one. 🙂