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FNH Concealed Carry Backpack Review

FNH Concealed Carry Backpack Review

Okay, so you’ve got a drawer full of holsters. You like some of them, are indifferent to others, and gave away the ones you discovered you hated. Here’s the thing, you like to tuck your shirt in, and most holsters print whenever you do that. So, what’s a person to do? I think FNH USA…

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My Bullet Proof Laptop Bag

My Bulletproof Laptop Bag

I’m always looking for the slight edge when it comes to my safety… And for a while now I’ve been looking into bulletproof products. Of course, I could be ultra safe and wear a bulletproof vest every day but that’s not going to happen. As any police officer will tell you, wearing a bulletproof vest is not…

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