Canada’s Long Gun Registry Set to be “On Ice”?

Canada's Long Gun Registry Set to be
Canada's Long Gun Registry Set to be "On Ice"?

We generally stick to news in the states but it’s important to recognize the right of self-defense is universal.  Our Canadian brothers had an outrageously overbudget and totally ineffective long gun registry implemented in 2001.  Gun rights activists have been trying to get rid of it, almost successfully, in the past few years.  Last night, Canada’s Conservative Party has won a crushing victory over the various liberal parties–and the slaying of the long gun registry looks in the cards.

Canadian voters have radically redrawn the country’s political landscape, handing the Conservative Party its long-sought majority in an election that decimated the Bloc Québécois and humbled the Liberals.

For the first time in history, the New Democratic Party will form the Official Opposition after an extraordinary breakthrough that propelled the party to more than 100 seats.

Read more at The Globe and Mail


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What? Are there no Canadians living in the States? What is this????? This is great news if you’re a Torrie. Wow… this was great. Harper has a majority. Things are really going to fly now. Maybe now we can get the oil out of the tar sands and into American gas tanks and stick it to the middle east. Lots of good things for Canada and the States.

One thing though, it nice to carry a gun down here.