Charles Nichols Brings Unloaded Open Rifle Carry to Redondo Beach, CA

Charles Nichols Brings Unloaded Open Rifle Carry to Redondo Beach, CA

Charles Nichols Brings Unloaded Open Rifle Carry to Redondo Beach, CA

The California State Assembly recently passed a law banning open carry of unloaded handguns.  Now some activists are bringing unloaded rifles out in protest.  His stance: “Since California has made it illegal to carry a handgun, I have to carry a shotgun. People should be allowed to defend themselves in public.”

Charles Nichols brought his unloaded 12-gauge Harrington & Richardson shotgun he purchased about 30 years ago with some shells taped to the back to a city pier.  The protest was peaceful, although upon entry to a nearby park his shotgun was confiscated and he was criminally cited for bringing the shotgun onto park property (a violation of a city ordinance).

Nichols is also the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed Nov. 30 in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles challenging California’s firearm laws.

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  • We have the same problem in Illinois.

  • Joe

    Well… If they don’t want people to carry short range weapons, thats fine. Just bring rifles and shot guns. That will really help people. California is so dumb.

  • pastorT

    “He is endangering the safety the community by
    pushing a political agenda and putting dangerous firearms into our daily
    lives,” said Sheri Barnett, a spokeswoman for the group. “He is scaring
    the community and inciting gun violence. ” The only thing that is “scarey” here is the liberal political agenda that seeks to disarm the law abiding citizen while criminals walk around armed to the teeth! They fight to disarm the law abiding public and craft laws and fill courts with judges that give more rights to the criminal than the citizen and the innocent victims of crime.

    For now Mr. Nichols and others commit civil disobedience with an empty gun. If something drastic doesn’t change we will soon have to fight for our freedom with loaded guns!
    God save America!

  • tionico

    How would it be if ten thousand Californians (or visitors to that crazy state) were to take to the streets with unloaded long guns in protest? What will it take for the PEOPLE of that state to wake up and DEMAND their rights be restored as guaranteed under our Second Ammendment, and the two recent Supreme Court decisions? These stupid hoplophobic laws are the one “deal breaker” in my consideration of moving back to that state. I will NOT voluntarily live anywhere that requires my being disarmed.

    • Lorin

      I live here, and trust me those of us who believe in the second amendment are far outnumbered. For every person here who loves liberty, there are a thousand idiots who can barely drool on themselves let alone think properly.

  • The Second Amendment to The United States Bill of Rights protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. California’s laws inhibiting, or preventing the bear of arms anywhere is unconstitutional. Politicians who signed onto a law that violates the Second Amendment are traitors plain and simple! Citizens should not have to go to court every time a politician passes an unconstitutional law. But, if we must, then the state must be held to pay our attorney fees.