Louisiana Bill to Weaken Self Defense Laws Shelved

Louisiana Bill to Weaken Self Defense Laws Shelved

Louisiana Bill to Weaken Self Defense Laws Shelved

Members of the Louisiana Senate Committee of the Judiciary deferred an another attempt to weaken the state’s self defense laws.  HB1100 was launched by Rep. Burrell ostensibly as an attempt to clarify state law but Chris Rager, a lobbyist for the NRA, said Louisiana law does not allow people to be an aggressor. “The harm of the bill is that it can actually cause confusion rather than clarify,” he said.

This bill was one of several advanced in the wake of the Treyvon Martin shooting.

From the article:

State Sen. Greg Tarver, D-Shreveport, posed the question of what would have happened if Zimmerman shot Martin in Louisiana. “Would the man be charged with murder?” he asked.

Rager declined to offer an opinion, noting the confusion over what transpired before Zimmerman pulled the trigger.

“It depends on the facts of the case,” he said.

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  • If Zimmerman had shot Martin in Louisiana, it shouldn’t have made any difference at all. Based on all the evidence, Martin attacked Zimmerman, viciously beat him, and was reaching for Zimmerman’s gun when Zimmerman shot him in self defense.
    It appears that here in Louisians, as eslewhere, this incident is being used in an effort to limit or take away our 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Imagine what will happen if Zimmerman is found guilty?
    The antigunners will push to repeal concealed carry, stand your ground, and castle doctrine laws faster than you can snap your fingers.

  • John Doe

    If Zimmerman is guilty of murder it wont change a thing. Anymore than a brain damaged rogue cop murdering or raping someone causes us to get rid of law enforcement.
    Zimmerman wouldnt be the first CCW’er to commit a crime, or a murder.
    Innocent or guilty lawmakers arent stupid enough to give up their jobs by trying to overturn CC laws.