Close Your Eyes to Improve Your Draw

Close Your Eyes to Improve Your Draw
Close Your Eyes to Improve Your Draw
Close Your Eyes to Improve Your Draw
Close Your Eyes to Improve Your Draw

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I spend about 10-15 minutes every day dry firing. Some days I solely work on trigger control and other days I only work on my draw without even pulling the trigger.

Today, I’d like to share with you a way to improve your draw so that when your gun comes out of the holster it has a lot better chance of coming up on the target. First off, get in your shooting stance. I prefer the modified-isosceles stance where my feet are about shoulder width apart and my right leg (gun leg) is dropped back about six inches.


With a safe and empty weapon, practice your draw and bring your gun up on target. (It can be a mark on a wall, or I use a target that is taped to the bulletproof panel on my wall.)

Practice your draw several times until your gun seems to come right up on target every time. What I mean by this is that when the draw is complete your sights are aligned and you can pull the trigger and hit what you’re aiming at without any adjustment.

Once you’re comfortable with your draw, close your eyes.

Then practice your draw again and if all goes well you should have perfect sight alignment on the target when you open your eyes. However, the chances are you’ll be a little off. The reason for this is because when your eyes are open you likely force the gun on target at the last second. In other words, if you’re doing the correct draw with your eyes closed, you know your body is naturally aligning the sites.

And if it isn’t, this is when you need to adjust your feet, adjust your grip, and move your body if necessary. After you’ve made a few adjustments then draw with your eyes closed again and see if you’re on target this time. Obviously, it may take a few adjustments before you achieve proper sight alignment, but this is time well spent.

The fact is, once you repeat this new draw over and over it will be ingrained in your mind and almost become automatic. And this is clearly a good thing because if the day ever comes where you have to draw your gun to defend your life, you’re newly perfected draw will come right out on the target you’re looking at.

I realize practicing your draw is not as fun as shooting and isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but if the stuff ever hits the fan, you’ll be more than thankful to have a quick draw that leads to correct sight alignment. Just remember to triple check that you’re being safe when it comes time to close your eyes.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Maybe I’m doing it wrong. But when I’m trying to draw and get rounds on target in the quickest time possible, I find it critical to see the front sight as soon as possible. I can’t do that with my eyes closed. And I can’t be guaranteed that my feet and body will be in optimum alignment if I ever do need to draw my gun for self defense.

With that in mind, I’ll agree that practice is important. I question whether some of your methods are valid though.

Chris Wood

I think the idea is muscle memory to enhance and make target acquisition quicker.
I am going to do this to see if it helps me. Pretty sure it will.


Mmm maybe. Developing muscle memory implies consistency. As noted above, you don’t have that in the real world. I bet this method would be great for steel challenge, where you have the luxury of assuming the same starting position every time.

Benson Skelton

I think muscle memory implies, and demands repetition. Try it. I think you might find your stance becomes instinctive.


So what happens to your muscle memory when your feet are not in perfect alignment and your body isn’t square to the target?

Reminds me of Jim Carey’s karate spoof where the student isn’t attacking him correctly.

Agnon Mema

The “trick” is to make the gun an extension of your arm/hand — not to just train your body to be in any one specific position. If you can point your finger at something without facing it squarely with your body — you can learn to do it with a gun.

Agnon Mema

You can easily and accurately point your finger at an object/person without having to face it/them squarely with your body — which means that when you train yourself to make a gun an extension of your arm/hand, you can easily and accurately point the gun at an object/person without having to face it/them squarely with your body. That’s what muscle memory can do.

Adelbert Waldron

After reading many of Jason’s blog posts, I am convinced he is not only not an ex CIA officer, but that he has never picked up a firearm.

Linda W. Morrow

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Just N Case

What does this have to do with this article Linda?

Adelbert Waldron

Linda is a spammer JNCase. Kind of like Jason too only way off topic. Just give her negative on her comments like most do to Jason’s self-promoting blog posts.

Agnon Mema

It’s about developing muscle memory, and it works in a wide variety of situations and positions because one of the most important parts of every shot is where you actually point your hand(s) and arm(s) — not just the gun. In fact, the gun, to be at all effective, should be an EXTENSION of your arm(s) and hand(s). It should not be just something you hold in your hand because you don’t always have the luxury of taking the time to line up the sights.

Benson Skelton

Cool. Have to try this. I am a big fan of muscle memory. Thanks.


Hi Jason,
Thanks for the article to encourage the draw practice. My main concern as a fellow instructor is that I fully understand why you would close your eyes to draw to enable you to make the necessary correction on target. Although, I train to never take your eyes off the threat, blend the front sight with the proper presentation with eyes wide open to ensure that you will not shut your eyes from practicing that way! As you well know- repetition is key for muscle memory, and our eyes can and will shut if you add this into your draw, causing possible disorientation from the front sight. No matter what, the idea to practice this dry fire draw every day before your daily ccw walk- is absolutely priceless!

Jim Isbell

I use my laserlyte on the P3AT. This laser allows me to cover the laser with my finger so it doesnt show on the wall (because as you say, you will automatically correct it if you see it is off target) then I draw and point, not at eye level but at waist level. Since I shoot from waist level, I can not use the sights to see where it is pointing, BUT I can remove my finger and see where the laser is on the wall. At first I was off by over a foot, but by continuing to practice and then incorporating the information I get when I “release” the laser beam, I get better all the time.

Anna Marri

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James Bonanno

Hi Adelbert,
My name is Jim and I was curious why you are so hard on Jason and a few others at times? I know he is a younger kid, but, do you really feel every thing he writes is that bad. I am a handgun shooter myself and carry a ruger sr9c each day, No military backround, but I have taken many hours about 100 or so on training. Mostly drawing for a holster and some tactics, I would like to know your backround, I believe it is Military and I if correct, thank you for your service, Don’t take my note wrong, it is not to be confrontational, but to learn a bit. Stay safe and god bless.


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