Female Concealed Carrier Fires Shots at Fleeing Home Depot Shoplifter

Concealed Carrier Fires Shots at Fleeing Home Depot ShoplifterAccording to a few news reports, around 2PM today in Auburn Hills, MI, Home Depot security guards were chasing a shoplifting suspect that hopped into a dark SUV that was waiting for them.

That’s when a 48 year old female concealed carrier started firing at the fleeing vehicle possibly hitting one if their tires.

The suspects haven’t been located and it is undetermined if the CPL holder will face charges but she is currently cooperating with police.

In all of the concealed carry classes I’ve taken, it was stressed that you should not fire at someone fleeing the scene unless they were in the process of committing another crime. Another was to know where your bullet is going to end up. We don’t know the exact circumstances of this situation but it seems that if her life was not threatened, maybe she should have thought twice about opening fire on the fleeing vehicle.

So let’s here from you. If you were in the parking lot and saw store security chasing someone out of the store and hopped into a car. Would you open fire or just keep to yourself?

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