Concealed Carrier Playing Pokémon Go Shoots Back

Concealed Carrier Playing Pokémon Go Shoots Back

Concealed Carrier Playing Pokémon Go Shoots Back

Around 4AM Monday morning, a group of six people were in a Gary Reese Freedom Park in Las Vegas playing Pokémon Go when a robber and an underage drivers drove up demanding their money and property at gunpoint.

Little did the criminals know, one of the players had a concealed carry permit and was carrying his own firearm.

The concealed carrier pulled his own gun and both him and the criminal exchanged shots.

One member of the group was shot in the stomach and rushed to the hospital and one of the criminals was shot and was treated for a gunshot wound. It is unclear if it was a player with a concealed carry permit or another member of the group that was shot in the stomach.

The location the players were at was reported as being a “hot spot” for the Pokémon Go game. While it may be fun to play, people need to think about how criminals could also target these hotspots especially at 4AM in the morning.

Photo By Eduardo Woo

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Freedom Park? Definitely not one of the safer parts of town.


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I understand the need for caution and exercise it, but it’s also too bad that the filth of society makes it impossible for people to even enjoy a simple game. But, the reality is, if you’re going to go into the lion’s den, be sure you have the biggest teeth.

Rickey Cook

adults playing a child’s game hmmm makes ya think why are we failing in the job markets. and other areas