Concealed Carrier Saves AutoZone Employees

Concealed Carrier Saves AutoZone Employees

Three armed robbers thought they had picked an easy target when they tried to rob a Houston-area AutoZone store on Friday night. That is, until a concealed carrier pulled into the parking lot.

The Texan with a License to Carry (LTC) saw the robbery from outside, drew his handgun and entered the store where the robbers were demanding money from the register.

The man ordered the robbers drop their weapons and get down on the floor. The robbers complied and were held at gunpoint until the police responded.

The three robbers are now probably facing felony charges for Aggravated Robbery with a deadly weapon.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies praised the actions of the concealed carrier and stressed, though no one was injured, that such a dangerous act could have ended tragically.

AutoZone has a strict no weapons policy for employees. So strict, in fact, that they fired an employee for retrieving his weapon during a robbery several years ago.

I also work for an auto parts store on the weekends. Employees are not allowed to carry weapons, including knives. The only consolation is the number of customers I notice who do carry, either openly (as allowed by Georgia law) or when I see the weapons license in their wallet as they pay.

This is just a simple reminder that we may sometimes have to rely on the kindness of a well armed stranger.

Would you enter the store if you saw a robbery in progress? Let us know in the comments!

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  • B

    Absolutely would I help a stranger (or strangers) in need. Something needs done about how private businesses can supersede Constitutional Law. Thankfully someone who was prepared was able to be there to prevent loss of life. 2amStrong.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Private Businesses DO NOT ‘supersede Constitutional Law”

      The Constitution LIMITS GOVERNMENT and GUARANTEES the Private Citizen the RIGHT to determine what they allow on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

      I was told one day I had to stop carrying a firearm in the company vehicle.

      I said, “OK. and I’m now looking for a new employer that allows me to protect and defend myself.”

      He said “never mind”.

      • Wrong. Companies and businesses do get to decide what happens on their place of business. You may not like it, but you don’t own that property, pay the taxes on it either. You can do what you will on your private property, but not mine. Sounds like you don’t understand the concept of what liberty really is.

        • CrustyOldGeezer

          Reads like you don’t know how to reply to the correct person.

          Or maybe it’s a comprehension thing…

          • Sounds like you need to reread what you wrote and do some research. The constitution, in general, is supposed to limit government. SO, in your world, you would think it’s ok to go on anyone’s private property armed. How does that work for the property owner? What if he or she perceives you as a threat? They have a right to defend themselves and in some states property from threats to the life. IMO, you should have been fired if it was company policy. Working is a voluntary act. If an employer prohibits weapons and you don’t like it, find another employer. Comprehend that.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Here’s the operative sentence:
            The Constitution LIMITS GOVERNMENT and GUARANTEES the Private Citizen the RIGHT to determine what they allow on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

            Here it is again split up into separate sentences:

            The Constitution LIMITS GOVERNMENT

            and GUARANTEES the Private Citizen the RIGHT to determine what they allow on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

          • Nope. Not on property you do not own. Even then there are limits.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Keep whining, it looks good on you.

          • I’m not whining, just more informed than you are.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            “Informed” people DO NOT project stupid responses onto other commenters.

            In what world do you live that makes you think any Private Citizen can go on to another Private Citizens property and tell him what he has to allow or deny?

            YOU projected that bit of pure stupidity to my comments, then you fell in love with your own poor thinking skills.

          • bruce shand

            “In what world do you live that makes you think any Private Citizen can go on to another Private Citizens property and tell him what he has to allow or deny?”
            Where did he say that?

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Please learn to PAY ATTENTION.

            Jim Lagnese CrustyOldGeezer 3 hours ago

            Sounds like you need to reread what you wrote and do some research.
            The constitution, in general, is supposed to limit government. SO, in
            your world, you would think it’s ok to go on anyone’s private property
            How does that work for the property owner?

            I do hope this helps you understand the complete conversation……

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            As to my employer at the time.

            I had more value to the company than he was willing to lose.

            You really do need to stop projecting your idiocy into other peoples comments.

          • JW


            Reread what was said –

            “I said, “OK. and I’m now looking for a new employer that allows me to protect and defend myself.”
            If he had QUIT then why FIRE him? If the boss thought it was that important all he had to say was “OK – Goodby”

          • Unless there’s a contract, it’s employment at will. No one with employment at will has a right to a job, no matter what the constitution says about owning and carrying guns, which isn’t a lot. Lesser matters of employment, like smoking, even off the job, have been decided by the courts in the employers favor. In this case, he would have been SOL with regards to carrying. If the boss didn’t care, he shouldn’t have asked and if the employee carries that carelessly that people can see, then he’s asking for it. On one hand you can’t get fired for breaking rules no one knows you broke, but to flagrantly break rules and expect to get away with it is another story. He could quit, he could be fired, it’s up to him.

          • JW

            You really seem to lack comprehension.
            He said, in essence, “OK, I can’t carry on this job. So I will go find a job where I can” – WHERE DID HE DEMAND THE RIGHT TO CARRY ON THIS JOB??

            If you are a avid beer drinker and go visit someone and they tell you “Sorry, you can’t drink beer in my house!” Then you will either leave the beer at home, in your car, or not bring it. Or if you really want a beer you’ll just say something along the lines of “OK, see you tomorrow. I’m going where I can enjoy a beer”

          • By carrying on the job and as far as services go, it implies what services I sell, not just anything.

          • JW

            Well we seem to be seeing different things in his post.

            What I see is a man that had worked at a job for quite some time (maybe years) and had been conceal carrying the entire time. One day the boss (owner is assumed) decides he wanted no firearms on his property. Which is his right to decide. So he tells this man that he can no longer carry a firearm on company property. At this point the man says “Fine, I will no longer work here and am going to find a job where I am allowed to carry”, this is HIS right to quit a job that does not meet his terms. At which point his boss decides the man is too valuable to loose and makes an exception to this man having a firearm – again this is the right of the property owner to do so.

            Where is the conflict? Why should this man be fired when he had already stated he would leave?
            Right to work?
            Is that only the right for the boss to fire someone for any reason but not the right of a employee to quit for any reason?

          • Lan Mandragoran

            Jim, this is where I cant support your reasoning- the man’s employer said ” no weapons”
            the man replied “Then I will have to find employment elsewhere”
            to which the employer made a change to his corporate policy to keep a valuable employee.

            That is nothing but a quick example of renegotiating between an employer & employee. You can have coporate policy but that aint nothing more than the way you want to have it but far too often a lot of people forget that employment supposed to be mutually beneficial and employees have just as much right to decide what policies they feel like working under as employers have a right to make and enforce company policy

          • You assume he made a change in policy. Who knows. he could be lower or middle management and chose to ignore it. That won’t happen where I work. If his employer actually changed the policy, bravo, but I saw little evidence of that.

          • abolds4397

            Looks like you’re saying the same thing except Jim didn’t understand what you posted.

          • Nope. “The Constitution LIMITS GOVERNMENT and GUARANTEES the Private Citizen the RIGHT to determine what they allow on PRIVATE PROPERTY.”

            Whose private property? Not property you do not own.

            “I was told one day I had to stop carrying a firearm in the company vehicle.

            I said, “OK. and I’m now looking for a new employer that allows me to protect and defend myself.”

            He said “never mind”.”

            The company car wasn’t his property and he didn’t have a right to violate company policy. His boss may have given in, but he didn’t have to give in.

            “Private Businesses DO NOT ‘supersede Constitutional Law””

            Ummm, the constitution limits government. Private businesses aren’t government. That said, the government has found miraculous ways to limit private businesses, but a private business isn’t bound by the same constraints as government. You don’t have a right to privacy at work or bear arms or even free speech. Not unless policy states so. Don’t believe me, research it. Companies have been sued because they limit employees from smoking on their own time, meaning they had to quit smoking period and the companies won the suit. Sorry, I am not saying the same thing at all.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            When I was responsible for 30% of his business, and he made the ‘rule’ up without discussing it, he risked losing that 30% of his business on a poorly thought out plan.

            No, you aren’t saying the same thing.

            Now you are just babbling and overplaying your assumed superior knowledge on the subject.

          • mastertlb

            Hey jim, IF Government CAN”T tell a private citizen what they can or can not do on their private property then those private citizens that OWNED their OWN bakery should not be forced to bake a wedding cake for gays?

          • Well, governments do regulate businesses. They can’t sell alcohol without a license or to minors and in some cases to people knowingly intoxicated. I don’t think the best outcome was achieved their. Free market fixes it. If they don’t want to make a cake for a gay couple, then they can tell all their friends publicly this happened and if they don’t want to patronize the business, that’s their choice and the business may lose some business and that’s the end of it. Decisions have consequences without government intervention. In this case, they made an example of someone, turning them into a martyr of sorts. It was too much and heavy handed. On the other hand the business owner is an idiot. All money is green and he business isn’t a place of worship. If someone wants to pay for my services, they’ll get it.

          • JW

            Late in the game, but
            “All money is green and he business isn’t a place of worship. If someone wants to pay for my services, they’ll get it.”
            Boss: Here’s $50 and a .45 – go kill my competitor or your fired!

            You: You got it boss!

            Really???? No argument? No “I quit!”? He just paid you for your services and you admit he’ll get it!

          • I dunno. I am not a hit man, are you? Never had a boss that asked me to kill someone, but then that’s never been on a job description and it’s against the law. Going to jail isn’t part of working, IMO. If my job is to make cakes, it’s not illegal and it’s my job. There is a difference between baking and killing someone. Your argument is specious and fantastical and if you equate the you’re facile as well.

          • JW

            Again – “If someone wants to pay for my services, they’ll get it.” – I saw no “if’s” “and’s” or “but’s” anywhere in that statement. You are the one that said you would hire for anything for MONEY! Hey, as YOU stated “ALL MONEY IS GREEN!” (but it ain’t really)

            And most job descriptions I’ve seen has the “And other duties as assigned:” clause. Nothing in what you said or the “other duties” says “other LEGAL duties”.
            Implied? To whom?

          • Lan Mandragoran

            But what Jim said was, “if someone wants to pay for my services” while he did not specify what the services are not obligated to meet someone else’s definition of his services: that would be a silly thing to expect. Taking it to the extreme of murder for hire is completely asinine and, lastly, a person cannot be held contractually obligated to commit a crime so the statements made about employer discretion as to the duties of employees as a condition of employment requiring that Jim concede to this utterly absurd position is entirely without merit.

            I can’t see what you want to give the guy a hard time for as he is correct in his statements the 2nd amendment (which i would support unto death) says you can keep and bear arms unifringed but I am a reasonable man and take that to apply to public property not privately owned property.

            I also think its reasonable for an employer to tell his employees no weapons allowed on the clock but because in this country if a man at work uses a weapon to harm another even in self defense that company is going to get sued, which is complete fucking nonsense but that is the overly litigious society we live in.
            On the other hand barring open carry customers or, individual with Concealed Carry Permits from entry into ones business as it wont EVER stop a single armed crime from happening in any place of business as anyone who would come to that place armed intending to commit a crime is not going to be detered by a “No Weapons Allowed” sign.

            Concealed carry permit holders are statistically shown to be a demographic to be among the least likely people to engage in criminal activities also, open carry individuals are also unlikely to be at large with nefarious intent as open carry is conspicuous by nature and unconducive to criminal activity.

          • I never made the argument that allowing legally armed people in a place of business is a bad idea, just that it’s legal and ok for an owner of that business to proscribe it. I also have the option of going elsewhere. Unfortunately, where I work doesn’t allow weapons. I get some nice benefits though that save me thousands of dollars a year that couldn’t be replaced by another job where I could carry. It’s a risk I am willing to take.

          • Lan Mandragoran

            I also never made that argument, I was actually in agreement with your position there

          • donna_hines

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          • JW

            Ok, I’ll make one more reply.

            Yes, that was taking it to an extreme, however extremes do exist. And, taking the example of the wedding cake. If it is against your morals to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual marriage, but you do so anyway and break your moral code in order to keep your job, where do you stop breaking your moral code and go look for another job?

          • Are you entitled to a job with an employer? If it’s your own business, you have a decision to make and no matter what, that decision has consequences. I think that’s the rub with some. They don’t want to have consequences of their decisions. Even if the baker wasn’t fines and let’s say he was boycotted and lost business, he’d probably bitch and moan. Tough shit. That’s the way it goes.

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        • mastertlb

          You are correct in that your private business is yours to establish, make rules for such as “No firearms permitted”. But when I and others see such signs? I turn around and leave. I refuse to patronize a business where the criminal element can ignore the/your stupid sign of “No firearms permitted” come in and rob, harass or rape female customers or even murder patrons. Those type owners will have to live with whatever happens…

          • And that’s how it should work. People act voluntarily and of free will. I don’t have to patronize a business that fails my litmus tests and they are free to fail them or not.

            I also work at a place that’s no weapons only. It’s not worth the hassle to violate it and there’s not a good reason to.

        • No, they don’t have the right to pick & choose which USA laws to obey.
          I declare my body a temple and I want to be tax free too, I am my own private entity.

        • No private individual deals with the Public. You deal with the public you ARE a Public Business.

          • Private is meant to be not a government run or owned company. Some might even add not publicly traded. Like the statement “private sector” as opposed to the “public sector”.

          • You know better than this, they use the legal language “Private” to protect CEOs from liability, as well as the corporation. That excuse of an explanation is a complete LIE.

          • I’m talking about common vernacular. Words that people generally use. If you want to talk about corporatism and crony capitalism, fine, but I was on a different track.

          • Meh, I discard BS, stay on the track, stay on target.

          • Time for the “HOW TO” was the 1800s, time for a Revolution.

        • CrustyOldGeezer

          ‘yes they do’ what?

          • “Private” (cringe) Businesses DO supersede Constitutional Law and have done so consistently since the 1900s.
            Let’s take for example “private” Universities exempting themselves from Open & Concealed Firearm Carry Laws.
            There is nothing private about business, they are public, they deal mostly with the public, their books should be public, their CEOs should be held liable.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            To those who continually insist on proving their mindlessness through moronic tirades.

            “PRIVATE BUSINESSES” ARE NOT SUBSERVIENT to the Constitution.

            The CONSTITUTION sets the Obligations, Responsibilities and DUTIES of the ‘federal government’.
            The CONSTITUTION set the LIMITATIONS that the federal government CANNOT ENCROACH on.

            The Constitution is SILENT on “Private Business” because PRIVATE BUSINESS is WE, THE PEOPLE, and the CONSTITUTION is written SPECIFICALLY to PROTECT us from the government.

            Now, go learn up on something your 6 year old mind can handle.

          • There is no such thing as private business, we established that.
            The Constitution is NOT WORKING or did you fail your reading tests ?
            The Federal Terrorist Union “government” has overridden the constitution prior to 1860.
            Circumvented & appropriated powers that are not theirs. You must be a child.

          • CrustyOldGeezer


          • Ariestar

            While the employee does have the right to carry concealed, the employer who owns the property also has the right to fire that employee.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Whatever you are trying to use for brains this morning is not performing up to par.

            Would you like to re-study this thread and try again to be on topic and relevant?

          • jessica-adkins

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    • robertg222

      The constitution puts limits on the government not private business.

    • Business is an entity dealing with the public, occupying public lands, how is it all of a sudden businesses are Private ? This is one of the biggest wrongs in Capitalism.



  • getyourCCW

    I believe a business should either allow you to protect yourself or provide protection. It was up to a customer to protect them.

    • John Sun

      if may be worse if the business allow the carry in the business. lose small cash better then big tragedy

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        fantasizing again?

        The FACTS are LEGALLY OWNED and CARRIED firearms stop, prevent between 1 and 2 1/2 MILLION crimes every year.

        Your fantasy would cause those crimes to go forward without fear.

    • It should be up to the business

  • John Rizzuto

    I don’t think so. Actually, pretty dumb thing to do. Lucky he or others weren’t shot and killed. All he had to do was to call police and let them handle it. That is what they are trained and paid to do.

    • I kind of feel the same way. He had options and wasn’t in danger himself. Had he been in the store, that’s a different story.

      • Charly

        Agree! 🙂

    • David R

      It would be a hard choice, and definitely safe for the person outside.
      You could call the police, wait and watch what happens so you could at least be a good witness – for when the police arrive several minutes later. And hope you don’t witness a tragedy.

      An excellent police response time is 3 minutes.
      A good response time is 5 to 8 minutes.
      A lot can happen in that time.

      Like a lot in life, there are risks either way and people have the choice – in cases such as this.

    • Charly

      I totally agree with you 100%

  • Aaron

    I believe I would have helped out. The scary part is not knowing if the robbers are hyped up on some type of drug. If they are there’s going to be a shots fired. Hopefully you’re not the one getting fired at. You’d better be ready to pull the trigger if you’re going in to help out like that.

  • thatdroidguy

    I absolutely would enter and help! I would want someone to do the same for me! As a CCW holder I feel it would be my civic duty!

  • Dwight Tapp

    Interesting scenario and a topic that comes up frequently in the training courses we offer at DoubleTapp Outfitters. In our CWP class, we remind students that the CWP is not a license to act in the position of law enforcement, rather, the CWP is for YOUR personal protection and use of lethal force should only occur when you have no other option. It should not be your first line of defense, but the last line of defense. The question often arises, what should or can you do if you are witness to a situation when lethal force is being used in committing a crime? Should you intervene? Stand down and observe? Call the police? Our concern in the CWP class is that many CWP holders are not sufficiently trained to assess a situation and engage in a potentially lethal outcome. We use training videos when a “good samaritan” with a CWP intervened to stop an crime and was killed by the primary, or in some cases, a secondary and unseen shooter. Moreover, there is variability in skills among CWP holders – some train judiciously and frequently with their firearms while others may have only fired that firearm once or rarely. For many with a concealed carry permit, we feel morally obligated to prevent a lethal crime, but one must also consider the cost/benefit analysis as well as potential outcomes. In the story above, the perpetrators surrendered their weapons, but what if they had decided to open fire – what then? The potential for human casualty increases. Innocent lives could be lost. Yet, some will ask, what if you stand by and do nothing? Personally, I have a wife and children that must be weighed in on any decision to engage in a potentially lethal confrontation. An attempt to save an innocent life, could result in the loss of my own, and a family left behind without a father and husband. A great example and teaching lesson. Thank you for sharing this post with your readers!

    • mastertlb

      Since you want to speculate the “What if..” scenarios…. What if this Texan thought like you ” Nope I’m not getting involved” for what ever reason.. “I don’t have training, the CWP is for YOUR personal protection, a jet engine is about to fall off and smash the store. What ever.. But “WHAT IF” the robbers intent was to leave no witnesses? How would this Texan feel after watching the MURDER of those workers knowing he could has possibly stopped it? And please don’t tell the call the cops BS! when time is a factor.. providing there is good cell service 1/ call 911 and explain several times what is going on, answer the sheet of questions they ask (fact) up to 5 mins before they say police have been dispatched. 2/ Police in area? across town? UN-engaged? 3/ travel time. Now do YOU want to stare into the end of a muzzle waiting for cops? “WHAT IF” the sound of sirens panics the robber “BAM” you’re dead. Sorry Tapp but I.. like thousands of other “Joe’s” will stand up and try to help our neighbors regardless the cost and yes even at the cost of my own life. We AMERICANS have been doing that for centuries.

      • It’s easy to say you’ll be the hero, but when it comes down to it, who knows. Only an idiot throws his life away. Altruism is as nutty as narcissism.

        • Ian Hausser

          Maybe altruism is idiotic and nutty for you, but Jesus`s teachings taught me and many of my fellow Texans that altruism is the way to go, and by the way, altruism is one of the main virtues that made America a prevalent and blessed nation . Sincerely yours: An idiotic Texan.

          • Well, if we’re going to be honest, one, his name wasn’t jesus. Jesus is a transliteration of yesu, which is a nickname for Yeshua, which in english would be Joshua. We can call him Josh if you like. Two, What accounts for Yeshua’s teachings was written long after he died and he died through execution. That said, he basic message wasn’t altruism, but of how to treat other people, which is basically the golden rule. Love others as you would have them love you or later in John, lover one another as I have loved you. That’s his message boiled down. Often, altruism is used as a tool of control and while in some ways its opposite of narcissism, it shares some traits, but I digress.

            The virtues that made america great aren’t altruism, it’s that anyone can come here and have an opportunity to get in the race. No guaranteed outcomes, just a guarantee to get to the starting line. At the time, governments were monarchies, some absolute where there were defined class divisions where outcomes were defined to whom one was born to. On top of this, countries had official religions and to get into a position that was worth anything, one had to be a member. We got rid of all that.

            So, we can talk about religion or what makes this country special, but the two don’t mix as much as SoCons would like to believe. As far as Idiocy, I’ll leave that up to the individual to decide. I think the biggest problem facing this country is the lack of critical thinking and the acceptance of narratives that at best are half truths and at worst, total bullshit. Most people don’t like to question anything, let alone what they’ve been taught or believe. This has become a major problem that has led to the crappy candidates we have running for president as well as the ignorance toward fiscal malfeasance that will probably kill us as a country. People just want to exist in their own little world believing fairy tales as long as they have their baubles and bullshit. Is altruism nutty? Ask Ayn Rand. She had some good inside into the bad side of it.

          • Ian Hausser

            Say what you will my liberal friend, use as much rhetoric as you wish, whine as much as you want about this great nation, but at the end of the day you can leave and head to Africa or mexico, they will surely be happy to receive you 🙂 and yes, may Jesus bless you 🙂

          • A liberal in the true sense, like Thomas Jefferson. Not a conservative authoritarian loyalist as yourself. You would have sided with the brits. As far as whining goes, ain’t so. Just pointing out your ignorance. You probably think Yeshua’s parents were mary and joseph christ. As my dad would say, stunad.

          • Ian Hausser

            Jesus, son of God may forgive you for what you are saying, because you don´t have any idea of the complete an utter idiocy you are spewing out.
            Have a blessed day 🙂

          • I don’t believe in invisible men in the sky that don’t exist.

          • Ian Hausser

            It`s ok buddy, he believes in you.

          • That’s quite a magic trick

          • Ian Hausser

            Yes my friend, that`s why He`s God Almighty, He has quite a large amount of “magic tricks up His Holy sleeve” I hope one day you seek, and find Him.
            C`ya around 😉

          • Some believe, some don’t. Buono fortuno

          • StoutCortez

            Jim the straw-man slayer. No devout Christian I know believes in “invisible men in the sky,” either.

          • Maybe I should introduce him to the Easter bunny.

          • StoutCortez

            How clever. Infantile theology.

          • StoutCortez

            Do you deliberately lower-case Christ? Does that make you feel good?

          • You’d fit in fine with the taliban and may be even isis.

          • Mark Belk

            Can you imagine Davy Crockett or Jim Bowie having the conversations in the above post? He’ll, Mexico would end at the Oklahoma border if they thought like that. The reason this country is in the mess it’s in is because men have ceased to be men. The revolution should have already happened and been over since 1965.

          • There’s a difference between fighting in war as a soldier and interdicting a robbery as a civilian. It has nothing to with gender or sex and everything to do with choice. Can you imagine if everyone was as altruistic as some here desire? It would be a Wesley Mouch wet dream.

          • 1865 is when the Free Republic died and the Federal Terrorist Union won the “hearts & minds” of USA Citizens through Lies & Deception.
            That is when we lost Amendments IX & X that legally protected individual & state rights.

          • StoutCortez

            “Jesus is a transliteration of yesu, which is a nickname for Yeshua . . .”

            Wowie! A real-life biblical scholar! How impressive. Too bad you got hung up on names and missed the important message.

          • You missed a whole lot more than I ever will.

          • bruce shand

            Jim, it’s hopeless once the self-congratulatory authoritarians and the religious step in.

          • You know who else is pro gun bans ? Criminals !
            Me thinks you complain too much.

          • The want for a civilized society taught me that.

        • mastertlb

          Tell ya what jim… Why don’tcha tell that to our veterans, the families of veterans who didn’t come home that they were idiots for throwing their life away. That standing up for what this country stands for was being narcissistic. I never said “be a hero” but the message to stand up for your fellow human being is clear. Hell jim even you have rights one of which is to your opinion and yes jim I as a proud American will defend your right to it.. even to my death.

          • People believe all sorts of things that don’t hold up to scrutiny and I think you’ve misread or read into what I said with your own biases. Go back and think about it. Don’t know what veterans have to do with it. It’s like you’re using the appeal to a higher authority fallacy. This isn’t a discussion about the military. It’s a discussion as to whether or not to interdict robbers that aren’t threatening your life. As far as my opinion goes, I don’t need you to defend it. I’ll do fine on my own. The question isn’t whether or not you can do it, interdict, but is it wise. Some of us have different opinions here. That’s what I’d expect.

          • mastertlb

            Nah that’s ok jim I can read just fine like this statement of yours “” An attempt to save an innocent life, could result in the loss of my own, and a family left behind without a father and husband.”” And what I take from that statement is YOU are more important than any other human being. There is risk in anything you do.. yes you could be killed but I would rather die trying to help a fellow human being rather than watch them be murdered. Now to help you understand what Veterans have to do with this and I apologize for confusing you but veterans dead or alive put their lives on the line for an ideal… WE ALL swore the same exact oath to up hold the constitution and so on.. I won’t go into detail because that and things like the 2nd amendment would more than likely cause you severe confusion. Let me ask you a simple question.. a different scenario if you will…. you happen across a car accident, the car is aflame, you hear a baby crying, screaming, do you risk your life to try and save the baby or do you stand there pissing your pants answering the 911 operators questions? your reply will define you…

          • For most life and death situations, that’s true. If it wasn’t, the human race would have been gone long ago. That said, altruists, true one, have different brain wiring that is sort of opposite of psychopaths, but both are outliers on the bell curve, meaning their distribution in the population is in the single digits and IMO, just as problematic.

            Most people are more cautious. With my own family, that’s different for me, but for strangers, some different rules apply. In this case I don’t have all the info. Are the three perps the only perps? Are they armed? Is my life in jeopardy? If I was inside, the answer to whether I would do something or not might be different. I always weigh risk. Intelligent people do that.

          • mastertlb

            interesting… so if I understand this correctly your own self preservation outweighs another human beings life.. that you will watch another human be murdered because the odds are not EXACTLY in your favor?
            Yes “intelligent” people always think of risk… Then we act.. yes we may be hurt, maimed or even killed but when we stand before our Creator we can say with pride ” I tried” … Sounds so much better than ” I watched”

          • One, I don’t carry often because my job is a weapons free zone, two, I’m not bulletproof, and yes, it’s my choice to make a rational decision as to whether or not to get involved in a situation that could end my life as it is for anyone else. Shaming me for it changes nothing and shows an authoritarian side of you to use a lame form or any really of coercion. Progressives like to do that. As far as creator goes, that’s your belief not mine. Only a monster would impose unwanted and unearned obligations on someone else. Communist governments like to do that. You’re in good company then.

          • mastertlb

            Shaming you? Perish the thought… to do so would infer I thought you a MAN and not the cowardly atheist little boy replying here that has stooped so low as to try and cast dispersion’s of authoritarianism, Communistic endeavors upon me and others that would have the balls to help a fellow human being in their time of need. Most wives would TRULY hate to lose their husbands so senselessly but knowing the character of their hubby would understand why he put himself in that danger.. he was a MAN. Would your “wife” be as proud knowing you could have helped but just watched? I’m guessing “she” will say yes but betting heavily down deep she will be ashamed. Now go ahead and rant some more.

          • Yes, you don’t hold up to scrutiny, end discussion. Goodbye.

        • Part of survival and self preservation is to exterminate all threats to your life. Regardless if it is imminent or not, do you truly want to walk away with criminals armed behind you ? Are you that suicidal ?

          • More motivated reasoning and confirmation bias. One, there’s distance and structure between me and the criminals. Two, I am in a car. I can drive off while they are in there. Three, My job isn’t being a cop. Just isn’t. Playing the hero has consequences and the best weapon is between the ears, not a gun. Four, Going against 3 to my 1 lowers my chances of survival. If what you say is true, take pictures and pic them off later, one by one when you have the drop…If that’s your job. It’s not mine. Five, how do you know that not only might there be a fourth in the store, but a fourth or fifth in a car waiting outside? Now mr driver texts his friends you’re coming.

            I really can’t believe what some people here believe. Either you have something to prove or you want to exercise power, or maybe both. Some conflate risk with duty. You can’t fight if you’re dead. I think there needs to be some critical thinking and some of you give the anti-gunners plenty of ammunition, pun intended. Take a step back from altruistic/hero altar and reexamine what you believe and think. You only get to make a mistake once in situations like this I’d bet most aren’t trained for multiple targets to begin with. Like I said, good luck.

    • Charly Vang

      Very good thought and 100% agree with you… 🙂

  • I don’t know if I would. one against three…depends on how they are armed. I wonder if they only had knives? I would probably call the police for sure…If I was already in the store, maybe I would do differently. I am not a cop and making the decision to interdict is a heavy one.

    • Scouse

      The difference between life and death, person with a stolen handgun, never fired it (in a lot of cases) finds that little part called a trigger, and some one is dead.
      That happened to my best friend in Ontario. Canada.
      One of the robbers in a gun store robbery, used the pistol in his hand to point. “Down on your knees” BANG. Bullet in the top of his head. His heart stopped 2 hours later. I was holding his hand.
      So if I was that customer, and could enter with cover in sight, my scream of “Drop your guns!” Would have broken bulbs!

      • And what if you’re the one that gets the bullet to the top of the head? I’m over 50 and have nothing to prove anymore. If I can help, fine, but if it’s too much risk and I take one for the team, will the store clerks be paying my bills or funeral? Doubt it. Sorry about your friend, but under the circumstances, even if someone came in, they’d be too late. I dunno…I’ve become less sanguine as I age. Discretion is the better part of valor.



  • Andrew Cox

    I’m with most of the people here and would definitely help. I open carry and most stores where I live prohibit the employees to have a weapon as this AutoZone does. Since they can see my weapon, I’ve been thanked many times by the employees for carrying because they say they feel safer knowing that if something should happen, someone is there to intervene and stop the situation. It’s not to say I wouldn’t call dispatch first to advise them of the situation though.

  • abolds4397

    There’s a certain amount of risk you’ll take just going in alone, and not knowing what you’re up against. That situation worked out favorably and that doesn’t always happen. You have to always make sure your head is on a swivel or you could be hurt or dead. Being inside the store may have presented a different situation, whether you drew your weapon (because you had to for protection) or got a good description of the people to inform the authorities. I see some mention civic duty but remember there’s a huge difference between going in and already being inside. You’re no good to them if you went in and they shot you (3 to 1). Additionally, your attempt may cause the death of the employees along with you and your family will suffer from your loss. I’m saying think first, about everything before you act so you can keep yourself and other innocent people alive. Great conversation, God bless all of you!

  • Mike .

    I would have called the police unless I saw that they were executing the employees. You cannot see all of the aisles from the outside. So you enter the store and confront the perps at the counter not realizing that there is another somewhere else in the store who gets the jump on you. Bye, Bye………’re now dead!

  • John

    Though I to carry a concealed firearm every were I go, I would have to say that no buddy knows what they will do until it’s happening at the point in time. So to say what I might do in this situation I would only be speculating on.



  • John

    And yet if Hillary Clinton and Obama had their way, we would only be able to have a cell phone.

  • Louie

    I would have not intervened if I saw this situation occurring from the parking lot. Just would have called the cops and waited unless they tried to shoot me on the way out of the store, then I would have had no choice. If my family or myself were the direct victims then I surely would have pulled my weapon and stopped the threat. Just because you have a CCL doesn’t give you a right to be a vigalante. And protecting property, especially someone else’s is not worth risking my famiily’s life for.

  • TCDrDave

    I personally will if at all possible boycott any business that is forcing it’s employees to be in a criminal safe zone.

  • bill

    Very fortunate it didn’t turn south on him. Come through the door an focused on the three who were robbing the store. Did he in fact know that there might have been a forth or fifth standing off to the side.

  • Steve

    It is a good thing the three robbers complied. If one of then had turned and opened fire, there would have been a much different outcome. Perhaps the CCW citizen could have taken all three, but unlikely. More likely he would have killed the first one, wounded the second and been shot by the third. And maybe one or two store employees would have been shot by the robbers as well.

  • MAS

    “Would you enter the store if you saw a robbery in progress?”

    It would depend on the tactical situation and that involves a bunch of different situations to consider. Are my wife/children/friends with me? Is there cover and a good opportunity to take immediate violent action to throw them off balance or drop them outright? Are we inside the store (escape possible?) or out? LEOs called (of course) and not far away? Are the crooks using or about to use deadly force? Most important, can I/we survive the encounter?

    In the best of scenarios (if deadly force was imminent with no other options) I would and what will follow is going to sound over the top for many. I would not announce but start the whole event by placing rounds in the perp(s) in as many potentially deadly spots as possible. I don’t want a conversation, unless it is to make the perp turn off his mouth before pulling his trigger so I can pull mine first (many times). I don’t want to wound him, I want to kill or make him completely ineffective as quickly as possible. I’m not going to be there to do anything but win and save innocent lives.

  • TX is not a red state, yet, it’s still Purple.