Concealed Carrier Saves a Woman’s Life Who was Being Stabbed

Concealed Carrier Stops A Women Getting Stabbed

Concealed Carrier Stops A Women Getting Stabbed

Yesterday, February 10, 2016, Stephanie Kerr’s daughter, who suffers with mental health issues and has been off her meds, called her down from her office at the GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan. After talking for a few minutes in the lobby, they walked outside which is when things got heated and her daughter attacked Stephanie with a steak knife. She was stabbed numerous times in the neck, abdomen and back.

That’s when Didarul Sarder, SP+ Valet Supervisor, who has a valid CPL, pulled his gun to stop the attack.

“The lady kept saying ‘I’m dying, someone help’ and it was just natural reaction,” said Didarul Sarder, SP+ Valet Supervisor. “I just see this lady getting stabbed. I only had like half a second to think and I un-holstered my firearm and pointed it at her to drop the knife.”

He held the attacker on the ground at gunpoint until police arrived and took her into custody. Stephanie was rushed to the hospital, underwent surgery and is reported to be in stable condition.

“If I didn’t pull out my firearm, the lady would not have lived.” Sarder said. “It was the right thing to do. Someone is dying in front of you, you’ve got to do something. I would have felt like a coward if I didn’t do anything.”

Some media reported that Sarder was escorted off the property by GM security officials and was told he could not work at the tech center because he was carrying a gun on company property. But GM says that he was not fired and sent this out to employees via email:

“An incident occurred between a GM employee and a visitor this morning at the Vehicle Engineering Center (VEC) on the Warren Technical Center campus. The situation is under control and a full investigation is being conducted by the Warren Police Department with full cooperation from GM. The employee has been taken to a local hospital and the suspect is in custody.

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