Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Knife Attack

A man stabbed two people at the Smith’s Marketplace grocery store in downtown Salt Lake City before being subdued by a bystander.

The attack took place around 5:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the store at 455 South and 500 East. According to a witness, it appears one man was stabbed in the side of the head and another was stabbed in the stomach. The exact condition of the victims is unknown, but police believe the injuries are very serious and possibly critical.

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Knife Attack

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Knife Attack

Police say a bystander with a concealed carry permit witnessed the attack and stepped in to keep it from escalating.

“(The bystander) was suspicious of what might be going on, and when he saw the stabbing, he just drew his pistol and challenged the individual,” which caused the alleged attacker to lie down on the ground, Brian Purvis with the Salt Lake City Police Department said. By the time police officers arrived on the scene, the man was subdued and is now in custody.

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  • Importinvasionny

    Outstanding job!!!

  • wendell

    Everyone needs to post this on their facebook or send emails  because you will never hear of the good concealed carrying does on national tv. Good job to the person who broke this up…could have been much worse.

    •  You know, some segments of the media are finally realizing how large the ‘pro-gun’ audience is. I’ve actually been seeing more and more of these stories being reported over the last 2 years or so. Keep ’em comin’, and KEEP CARRYING!

  • pastorT

    First Mr. Zimmerman now this guy.   Yes, guns do save lives.  Sometimes your own, sometimes others, and sometimes both…Way to go Mr.”bystander.”      Keep on carrying!!!!

  • Cobrawing

    Need we say anymore?

  • S Ryckeghem

    This is a great show of how the system should work,  now if we could only get the state of Chicago…. I mean Illinois to get their heads out from where the sun don’t shine we’d be safe here in Illinois too.

  • Daveat704

    I’m surprise the bystander wasn’t arrested.  Since he did not fire his weapon, he could have been accused of ‘brandishing’.  Once he drew his gun, he should have fired.

    •  I had the same thought, one can rarely count on LE and DA’s “brandishing” a bit of common sense.

    • Jmo Houston

      Well I know in Texas there is a a section of law that refers to using the “threat of deadly force.”  The way I read it was that you were justified in using the threat of deadly force in the same scenarios that you could actually use deadly force.  Not sure how the laws read in Utah.

  • Sstevie17


  • sting5

    All I can tell that in our country the guy, instead of getting a medal for subduing the offender, would go to trials and courts for two years :/