Women That Love Guns

Women That Love Guns

Women That Love Guns

Am I less feminine because I’m a gun-loving girl?

Of course not. (If anything, I find myself getting more girly the more I play with guns.) However, a few conversations I’ve had lately have caused me to examine how loving guns affects my projected self. Allow me to be clear: By no means am I fixated on others’ opinions of me, but as a single woman in my early 30s, I believe it’s understandable that I care (within reason) about my perceived femininity and sexuality.

The first conversation happened a few weeks ago while I was in NYC visiting my family. An old family friend was introduced to my new passion, ArmedCandy. While she was nervously supportive, she quickly asked, “So how’s your love life?” And at the same time she shot my mother a look that said, “Don’t expect grand-kids from this one.”

At the same dinner party a twenty-something (wall-street type) guy mentioned that he found it odd that his colleagues in the “Houston office” carried their guns to work. I responded, “Outside NYC this is more normal than you realized.” Of course, this led to a conversation about guns and concealed carry vs. open carry. As we spoke I could see a look come over his face that clearly meant he was envisioning me as Lara Croft.

A third conversation occurred last weekend while I stood amongst a bunch of gun guys. Standing next to me was a beautiful young woman who is also a Marine. The guys stressed that they find it sexy when a woman knows her way around a weapon. We females noted that, through their actions, these men also appreciated the opportunity to come to a woman’s rescue.

So why is a woman’s femininity and her shooting interests so intertwined?

Women That Love HandgunsI can only speak to this question through my personal experiences, since a deeper analysis might require a PHD or something.

Call me what you will, but I’ve been on more than a few “range dates”. I don’t object to this type of date at all because if part of dating is about finding common interests and we both enjoy shooting then we are starting off on the right foot. One guy was a very good teacher; another was not. One guy was a much better shot than me; another stopped calling when I shot his weapon better than he did.

The good teacher made it clear that he wanted me to be capable of protecting myself and often built on my education. He also appreciated that teaching me meant he could break the touch barrier.

The less good teacher turned me lose with a large caliber pistol before I was ready. When it scared me, he showed me that he was macho enough to handle it.

The guy who shot much better than me used the range as “part one” of a three part date that got incrementally more romantic. The range got some blood flowing but didn’t require too much conversation, then came a glass of wine on a sunset cruise… (yes, points)

Obviously we don’t need to bother discussing the poor guy who was barely competent with his own weapon.

From these experiences, I can decipher one main idea. It’s not the activity, it’s the beholder. If a guy took a girl dancing, they might have a great time even if he had two left feet. Then again he might teach her to float across the floor or he might step on her toes and count, loudly.

What’s clear to me is this: No matter who’s watching, I’m a gun-loving-girl, there’s no doubt.

Through my lifetime of research, the consensus shows there’s nothing sexier than a confident woman who is enjoying herself. Therefore, if I enjoy going shooting and learning about firearms, then the rest should follow… Right? Women are expected to be everything for everyone but at the end of the day we must be true to ourselves. We walk a fine line between Damsel-in-Distress and Self-Sustaining-Island. It’s a difficult balance, but it’s just part of the job. If you’ve got that balance in check, then work it girl! And why not throw guns into the mix?

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  • MTOakey

    You are sexy and confident! Don’t go rushing into any relationship based on just one aspect of commonality… Enjoy life, have fun, stay outta trouble as much as you can! You’ll know the right guy when he comes along, he’ll treat you like a queen and still wanna protect you… 😉

    • I’ll be hear having fun, and waiting 😉

      • Rickp10000

        I knew there were women like you out here! and wish there were more like you!

  • MTOakey

    if you have a twitter account you oughta post here so we can all follow you directly and read your columns!

    • USACarry

      I just posted her Armed Candy Twitter and Facebook links in her author bio (at the end of the article).

  • Aviatorcharlie

    I LOVE the fact that my wife is interested in shooting and self defense!

    To feed my ego she still throws the occasional jar my way, so that I can remove the stubborn lid :), BUT she knows I cannot always be there if she were in danger.

  • Hoboho

    First, I look forward to reading more article of yours.
    Second, Will you marry me!.
    Third, Guys like to help but really, nothing is sexier then knowing that when you’re gone your other half will be able to take care of herself.

    • 1. Thank you
      2. You don’t wanna marry me 😛
      3. We try to make you guys feel needed and wanted within a finite balance

    • OldGunz

      In my opinion it is even better knowing that if during an unforeseen armed conflict if I go down or if for some reason become unable to provide adequate protection, my other half has the knowledge, ability and confidence to do what must be done to keep us safe.

      • Retired Cop in Marana Arizona

        Sempre Fi !

  • Cobrawing

    Hello Gabby.   Well, I’ll just keep this simple and professional and just say welcome aboard.   Your article is down to earth and hopefully will serve to put not only other females at ease but males looking to jump into the sport as well.   I especially like the name of your blog (Armed Candy), pretty cool!    Your site is well constructed and I like your calm “go slow” approach to the Zimmerman case as well.   We need more solid level headed folks and I’m sure you’ll make a great addition to the group.   Thanks for contributing.

    • Thank you. I’ll keep writing if you keep reading!

      • Cobrawing

        You’re very welcome and I will most definitely keep reading.   I hope it’s alright, but I have already added a link to your site on my own blog.   I have a section dealing with firearms and there are already a few links there specifically geared toward females and firearms.   

      • tionico

        thanks for the warning… and I’ll do my part. Checked out your blog, will forward info to a few Ladies I know who might be interested. I am thankful for such as yourself who “demystify” the world of arms. Many would prefer to keep this world reserved to the “illuminated”.. but hey, remember the War for Independence… just WHO did the hard work then? It was plain old folks like Joe and Jane, doing what they could with what they had, no big deal. Too old to fight? “Watch me” was a common response…. a woman? Plenty to do, including disarming, capturing, enemy combatants, making cartridges, supplying the militia. A kid? fine.. the youngest “man” killed at Lexington and Concord was twelve. Many others under sixteen were on the field, armed, part of the fray. Just life as necessary. We NEED to return to such a mindset, and your words (and others like them) help. 

  • DeanT

    Loved your article and also checked out ArmedCandy. I liked ArmedCandy so much that I recommended it to a lady friend who is just starting to get into guns. That is high praise since I haven’t found many that were written well enough(in my opinion).

  • Elliott

    I say that’s one sexy article. 🙂

  • Dmt1911

    Great article.  However, your first and only mistake was going to NYC.  Yuk!!!

    • I was born and raised in NYC so you can imagine how weird it is that I am now a Georgia Peach who loves guns!?!

  • Mark

    What’s wrong with Lara Croft?

    • Absolutely nothing, strong women are great role models. But I’m not a movie character who runs around getting into gun fights.

    • Reality beats fantasy any day of the week.

  • firelooker

    I like knowing my wife can handle herself if I’m not around and the fact that she can outshoot me is a great feeling. It just means I have to try harder.

    • Great relationships grow together! I love it!

  • Tailslide

    PLEASE!  Women WHO Love Guns!  I’m no grammar nazi, but I can only take so much.

    • That one is all Luke…

    • Rogrrr

      ^5’s to you !
      I’d noticed the same thing and it bugs me too.  But I was a technical writer before I (happily) retired.
      I wish she would take ME out on a shooting date….

    • blogengeezer

       @tail explain: Celtic… WOMAN?… hmmm. singular in name, though multiple entertainers. Good article though. Wife enjoys her gun. Keeps it handy. Worked against a ‘serial’ vehicle stalker, by only being placed on Her dashboard. One stoplight… to checkout her ‘seatcovers’, He Never bothered her again. :>)

  • daddyjim

    My wife became more sexy when she started to carry. I don’t know why maybe she is a little more confident. I think confidence is sexy now she can outshoot all 4 of our grown boys very hot… when she starts outshooting me I hope that will be hottest yet. I am often asked how I got her to carry, PLEASE she does what she wants and I had little to nothing to do with it she is now a firearms instructor and she is even more amazing after 26 years of marriage. I too have armed-candy I hope it isn’t offensive. I hope all females who want to carry will carry and know she will be safer and sexier. 

  • Angel

    If you are ever in the DC area (Virginia), I’ll take you out on a “shooting-date”! 

  • Tattoojohn62

    Dear Gabby,I enjoyed your article,& I must say I appreciate you as a strong,smart,& sexy lady.I would love to go shooting w/you & equally as much love to take you out for a wonderful dinner.I would never feel threatened if you out shot me & hopefully I could then learn from you.I also would learn about you as a person on our dinner date.Enjoy life! & remember I am available & might be who you are waiting on! John

    • If you’re ever in Atlanta, drop me a line.

  • Nunyadambizness

    Hi Gabby,

    Welcome to USA Carry!  I enjoyed your article, and will check out your blog.  As to your family friend, she obviously needs to get a life.  You’re an attractive, sexy, and intelligent woman.  The fact that you like guns is a huge plus in my book, so if you ever get down to Raleigh, please look me up.  🙂

  • JJ_Swiontek

    Gabby, Welcome to USACarry. ArmedCandy is a nice site. More and more of my students are women these days. And of all of the questions from my students, a question about femininity has never come up. Safety, yes; the law, yes; flash-bang holsters, yes; femininity, no. I think it is an excellent question. I will be happy to refer my students to your site. Keep up the writing.

  • JJ_Swiontek

    Gabby, Welcome to USACarry. ArmedCandy is a nice site. More and more of my students are women these days. And of all of the questions from my students, a question about femininity has never come up. Safety, yes; the law, yes; flash-bang holsters, yes; femininity, no. I think it is an excellent question. I will be happy to refer my students to your site. Keep up the writing.

    • Thank you! I have no training to teach people how to shoot and I prefer to leave it to the pros like your self, instead, I explore all the odd thoughts that flow through my mind while going about my day.

  • Learntwoshoot

    I read your article, and found it interesting you had a shooting date. When my wife and I were dating we had a shooting date, and found we shared a common interest. This has from that first time at the range together and grown into a mutual enjoyment of the shooting sports we still share in our marriage today, and we are now passing on to our children. 

    • I know some women don’t find “range-dates” romantic, but I prefer a date that describes the person who planned it.

      • In the right mindset, a range date can be as romantic as any other type of date.  Here’s how I see it.  Both people can feel safe and sound, you’re both at a firing range, no one’s going to get mugged, hurt, raped or robbed.  It allows for a sense of physical interaction that you’d have to go out of 3 or more normal dates to achieve.  It allows for an adrenaline rush, like no other for both people and that makes it all the some sexy in a sense.  And last but not least (I’ve sure I’m leaving out many others), it allows for the guy or gal to help educate the other party (unless both people are gun fans already) about gun safety and how to properly shoot, assuming that the teacher knows gun safety and proper shooting techniques.

  • Learntwoshoot

    I read your article, and found it interesting you had a shooting date. When my wife and I were dating we had a shooting date, and found we shared a common interest. This has from that first time at the range together and grown into a mutual enjoyment of the shooting sports we still share in our marriage today, and we are now passing on to our children. 

  • Irongoat

    I enjoyed your article!  I always love to hear when other woman start shooting.   

  • Great article.  Your last paragraph sums it up nicely.   Nothing sexier than a confident woman who is enjoying herself…….and balance.  That something I’ve worked to get my young adult daughters to understand.  A balanced person, man or woman, is who you want to keep in your life.
    Reminded me that I need to have some father daughter time again at the range soon.

  • M1911A1

    You folks need a new editor.
    The headline should have read: “Women Who Love Guns.”
    (“That” is ungrammatical, when referencing a person.)

  • You know… I never actually thought of a range date… DUH

    • I have thought about doing a “range date” but when my mother heard about it, she said that no “self-respecting” lady would EVER go for it because “it’s not proper”! *ROTFLMBO*

      What does Mom know! *LOL*

    • It’s not the best choice as a first or second date, especially if you don’t know if she enjoys guns or not. However, a date where a guy shows himself as a thoughtful teacher can go a long way with a girl. Too many guys I know, plan a few dinners, maybe a movie, and then invite a girl to “watch TV on the couch”. (FYI that’s not a stealth question, we know what you’ve got in mind.) Doing an activity, like shooting, gets the blood flowing & the conversation going, and that’s the kinda stuff that gets us in the mood.

  • As I read,how Gabby wrote that some people seemed to question her  femininity just because she liked guns, I like most guys I’m sure, wondered just what did this gun gal look like.  I can honestly say that she’s lovely and any guy would be blessed to have such a lovely lady that also loved guns as much as they do.  She’s correct, having similar interest and things in common makes even the best relationship, even better! 

    Personally, I’ve never been able to understand the mindset of people in general, guys in specific, that think that a lady that likes guns and enjoys shooting is any less of a woman or any less  feminine because of it.  If anything, I personally find a lady that can handle a gun as well as, if not better than me; a massive turn-on above and beyond their beauty, both inside and out. 

    All I could say to Gabby is to hang in there, there are a great many gun guys out there that are looking for a gun gal like yourself, a godd gun gal is extremely hard to find in this day and age! 

    Good Luck & God Bless!

  • Nice article.  My only complaint is the title – it should be ” Women who Love Guns”

  • Samuel

    This was an interesting article Ms. Markowitz.
    I hope you continue posting, and possibly delve into the history of women carrying and the mentality back then.  From my understanding it was very common in New York for women to carry a small pistol, and almost expected.

    • Thanks! I’ll look into that. Would you like it double spaced, with references in MLA or Chicago? 😛
      But in all seriousness, it is something I’m now curious about…thank you

  • Firefly

    A confident, self reliant woman is sexy and any woman who cares about her femininity has a, ahem, leg up on those who don’t. A confident, self reliant man shouldn’t be intimidated by such a woman’s,,,skills. I enjoy hearing of women who wish to learn the art and skill of gun ownership. The more lady gun-owners there are the more voices all of us have in Washington. A Girls and Guns Magazine-I’d buy it.

    • SweetOlBob

      Right Firefly.  G’wan ahead and pack, Gals.  Tell everybody you like guns & shooting.

      If you turn off some hunk, it will be only because he is infected with I call “The Tarzan Syndrome”.  You’re better off unless you prefer being the “You Jane” part of the relationship.
      Somehow, I just can’t get a mental picture of that.

  • SweetOlBob

    You go Gabby !  I don’t see anything wrong with a woman toting  heat.  If more of them did it, it would discourage a bunch of molestations and robberies and rapes.
    The only thing I see wrong with girly carry is that a large percentage of women who do carry either don’t dress for it or lose a tiny pistol in a voluminous purse, under the make-up bag, the Kleenex, and the address book.  Down there, collecting dust and lint, it only adds a little weight when she swings her purse.  Some of the cute little carry guns I’ve seen ladies proudly carry wouldn’t stop a sickly pussycat.
    Go ahead and carry Gals, but keep in mind that it’s there.  And of course Keep your head up.  Look around.  Meet the eyes of suspicious people.  Think about your situation and surroundings.  And then shoot the attacker if you have to !  —- Serveral times !

    • I don’t like to go smaller than 9mm and I’m not a fan of purse carry, just sayin’

  • Huapakechi

    You remind me of my DiL.  A cute little blond that stands about 5’2″ and weighs about 100 pounds.  Hunts bow, black powder, and rifle.  Carries a semi-auto and two extra magazines.

  • LongJohnGolden

    Very well written article.  I am going to a Front Sight class in June to improve my handgun skills.  Although I have hunted and shot since I was a young man I never was able to shoot a pistol worth a darn.  I admire anyone who improves themselve with a firearm.  Just think, you will be able to protect your Mom’s grandchildren that much better if the time ever comes.

  • Godisalive

    As you say, “Some guys find a self-sufficent woman sexy.” (paraphrased)  I was a single Mom for 7 years, (many, many years ago).  I carried a gun on me for protection & I learned to change the oil in my car & do minor things to it.  Did work on my house & I built airplanes for a living.  The jobs I did there were mostly considered Men’s jobs & I was good at it.  When I went out, I was all woman, dresses & heels.  I loved the expression on a man’s face when he was blown away at my “hidden talents.”  That usually gave me some idea of what this man was like.  You keep right on being yourself.  My husband was attracted to that side of me as well as the feminine side.  We are going on 23 years now & he has been a Godsend.   

    • Revjen45

      My wife and I have been married since 1969.  One of the things I appreciate most about her is her competence in the matters of real life (great cook too, or does that come under matters  of real life?).  In a serious situation there is no one I would rather have watching my 6 than my wife.  She would be a most serious opponent in defence of Self and Family.

      Aside to Ms. Markowitz: I assume “Gabby” is short for Gabrielle.  Gabrielle is such a beautiful name I can’t see why a lady would choose to go by “Gabby.”  (Anybody else old enough to remember Gabby Hayes?)  Oh, and your photo would be so much “sexier” if you were holding an AR or AK.  I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • USgunner1911

    As a military Firearms Instructor it is absolutely the oppsosite with women and guns.  I believe that women with guns are even more sexy.  I bought my wife her first gun and she feels absolutely empowered.  Women and guns are incredible, and the writer Gabby Markowitz, gotta say she is pretty hot.

  • dan45cal

    One benefit about women who love guns is that if things get serious down the road, I’m not going to get in big trouble at home for buying that new Weatherby I’ve been looking at. 😉

  • Dphillipsjr357

    Nice article. I like to see women taking an interest in guns because there are more predators than white knights these days. Besides, the whole “damsel in distress” thing is a bit over rated and can even lead to a complete victim mentality. I believe a guy can feel much more at ease working nights or going out of town for business if he knows his family is still well protected in his absence.

  • blue skies

    Title should be “Women WHO love guns.” 

  • Fyrewerx

    Shortly after acquiring “our” Glock 19, my wife took “possession” of it as “hers”. She promptly informed me it was time to go get my own gun. My only “revenge” now is to pick up an S&W M&P Shield, and let her shoot it “once”.

  • I’ve been around guns for decades and I think I can help clarify some things. 1. Women do not outshoot guys on average. It’s the lady who isn’t afraid to jump through all the hoops in a so-called man’s world who outshoot guys. Big difference. 2. Changes in weapons design has helped make guns popular once more for women so that it’s no longer preceived as a macho thing. 3. Believe it or not, only after WWII were guns viewed as a macho thing. Women in history always had weapons close at hand from the queens of England to the saloon girl. 4.Your attitude reminds me of Emily Miller from the Washington Times. She’s on FaceBook and has written about her progress in buying a gun while living in Washington D.C. She went through 17 steps to buy a gun that takes minutes in one of the Red States. Her articles are an eye opener. Lastly, thank you for writing about your experiences. It will help educate the male instructors on the female view.

  • Dwarven1

    Perhaps I’ve read too much Heinlein (if there IS such a thing) but competent women simply ARE more sexy. And part of that competence is knowing how to take care of yourself. 

  • Moonpie1016

    First off……great article….and i love the entire NY part…..bunch of mamby pamby’s up there that think by outlawing guns no one will have em…. 🙁 what a sad train of thought….(as we all can see that Chicago is a FINE example of how criminals will NOT get guns if you outlaw em)…..anyway…maybe you helped to enlighten some of them up there….the enlightenment process has to start somewhere, a tiny spark.    

    Secondly, I dont think you have to worry about giving your mom grandkids…you are a beautiful lady, and chances are good you will find yourself a man who is a gun believer which is a good thing because your child(ren) will be raised around them and taught to respect them.

    Thirdly, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a lady that shoots and knows how to handle a weapon…..men like to think they can be the “protectors” but in reality, men are like cops, they arent around when you need em most so you have to be able to defend yourself…..

    Kudos to you Gabby and i look forward to reading more of your works 🙂 🙂 

    • Careful, I was born and raised in NYC
      But yes, the mindset up there is different. I often say, in New York, “gun” is a dirty word. (but then, that’s how I was raised, and look at me now!)

      Thank you!

  • Guest

    Giving someone a larger caliber than they are ready for can be disastrous. Any person who does this does not need to be at a public range or take anyone shooting with them.

    • Believe it or not, it’s a very common mistake among guys taking their girls to the range. (well not just guys, it could be anyone who tries to teach a newbie but hasn’t had any training themselves)

    • Believe it or not, it’s a very common mistake among guys taking their girls to the range. (well not just guys, it could be anyone who tries to teach a newbie but hasn’t had any training themselves)

  • Rogrrr

    Whenever I take a (female) newbie shooting I first explain everything that is going to happen, including LOUD noise and recoil. I explain the vids where MrMacho gives his MONDO caliber to his petite GF and how it HURTS her. I tell how she then runs to all her GFs ranting on how bad/dangerous guns are, which spreads like wildfire, creating gun-hating women.
    I start her with a 22 and explain sight picture and have her shoot at close range (3-5 yards). She hits the target with regularity  (I give her positive reinforcement the whole time) and she is happy.
    Then I shoot my 9 into a small group and tell her to watch the recoil. I ask if she’d like to try it. She does and again hits the target and is still happy.
    Then I shoot my 45, same drill. Usually SHE ASKS ME to try it. She hits the target and is happy. I explain that she has shot one of the most powerful pistols around and she is then proud of herself. She usually asks me to take her shooting again.
    WE WIN this way.

  • And I Love Women Who Love Guns To!!!

  • Jrilla

    I really enjoyed this article and will keep my eye out for more. I also liked that you didn’t dignify the three grammatical snobs with a response. They are not entirely correct anyway.

  • Rdc2co

    I had a date once with a lady who never missed a perfect bulls-eye….too bad she’s my “sister”….
    We’re not at all related- just a best friend….who was leery about guns. Her armory is catching up to mine very quickly……..

  • She’s cute as can be and carries a gun. I don’t care if the title isn’t grammatically correct. Stop picking knits fellows and appreciate the meaning of the article.

  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    Awesome! I just got my wife to shoot a few weeks ago and she actually enjoyed it (when she shot the Walther P22 – couldn’t get her to fire my Glock 26). Am getting my 9 year old daughter into it also as I want her to be comfortable with firearms, and if need be, to defend and protect herself as she gets older. Hope to get wife and daughter to fire the AR-15 soon also as if the SHTF and I am taken out, they can carry one and take out the SOB who took me out :). Kick butt ArmedCandy!

  • TJ

    How very very cool! I teach a couple all female classes at our local range and I have never thought of any of these women as non-feminine. I think it is fantastic the some women like guns; I wish more did. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll find that perfect woman for me and she will HAVE to enjoy guns…. it’s a prerequisite.