Driver Prevents Carjacking by Drawing His Own Gun

Driver Prevents Carjacking by Drawing His Own Gun

44-year-old Quinn Massey jumped into a man’s passenger seat at an intersection and implied to the driver he had a weapon, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

The driver drew his own gun and forced Massey out of the vehicle, who was soon arrested afterward.

Had the carjacking occurred while the driver was not in his vehicle, it would have been dangerous and risky to get back his car. However, with him being front and center, he could have easily chosen to comply but instead stood his ground inside a piece of property.

Although the driver was prepared for this occurrence, it, moreover, is rather preventable. Massey allegedly opened the passenger door, implying he was armed himself. Had the door been locked, the driver most likely escapes without straightforward danger to his well-being.

The New Orleans City Council Dashboard crime dashboard states current carjackings are up 120 percent compared to last year. Again, it is great the driver was armed, but it must be reiterated the simple things such as locking your doors can prevent such dangerous measures. We can’t overlook the fundamentals of our safety.

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Sad day for the kid- DV, shooting his parents and now the St Louis County juvenile justice system.