Feel Good Measures do not Fix the Real Problems We are Facing

Feel Good Measures do not Fix the Real Problems We are Facing
Feel Good Measures do not Fix the Real Problems We are Facing
Feel Good Measures do not Fix the Real Problems We are Facing
Feel Good Measures do not Fix the Real Problems We are Facing

With the recent acts of violence in Connecticut a young man whose mentality was that of a child, killed his mother, and then went to an elementary school, continuing his killing spree. He killed twenty people and later committed suicide as a law enforcement was arriving.

As a parent and former law enforcement officer, I am deeply troubled by these acts. My heart goes out to everyone whose lives were drastically changed on that day by the acts of a killer bent on revenge against his community.

The media has begun calling for more gun control. Their requests for more gun control have been latched onto by liberal political leaders who travel with personal body guards provided by our tax dollars, trying to further their own agendas. Most of these politicians come from communities in states that have some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. These same communities also suffer from the highest crime rates in the nation. I would like to know if any of these politicians would walk through their own communities without those unarmed guards. I would be surprised if they would!

Law enforcement is calling along with the NRA, for preparing for violent attacks, training for teachers, parents, law enforcement and those who would be responding to incidents so we can recognize the warning signs before the event.

“On December 17th, 2012. San Antonio Texas, a man opened fire in a restaurant, then ran into a movie theater parking lot shooting one person, going on to enter the movie theater firing one shot missing everyone. An off-duty Sheriff’s Deputy working security then shot the gunman stopping him.” (SOURCE)

Knee jerk reactions ignore the real issues!

These killers all have similar patterns of anti-social behavior, obsessions with paying back the community for wronging them, and a large number of these killers suffer from mental illness!

Why do killers select places like gun free zones to carry out their acts of violence? Fueled by their perceived suffering from wrongs that have been done to them by society, they want us to all pay for these perceived wrong doings. Yet they feel these gun free zones are a safe haven for them to carry out their brand of revenge.

Has our society created this anomaly? The creation of gun free zones, zero tolerance for any violence, only gives these killers a place to act out their murderous revenge on our communities, without fear of force being used to stop them immediately! Does a school reinforce the mentality there is no violence in a gun free zone by removing students who act out from the school. The simple acts of making threats of violence or a fight between student’s schools will expel them temporarily if not permanently in some cases.

The belief is these safe havens will be a safe place for our children to learn and grow in. Those administrators and politicians, who first envisioned a gun free zone creating a safe place, may have never considered this same safe haven could attract a killer bent on personal revenge. The policies and laws creating a gun free zone may cause people at the scene to suffer from indecisiveness due to the mindset instilled by the system designed to protect them. We know in the past some of these people have acted bravely putting themselves between the killer and others during their last acts. It is interesting because this person may have chosen to become mentally prepared, properly trained and equipped if they had been given the option. Instead of being given the false hope a gun-free zone alone would keep them safe. Having unarmed teachers and volunteers watch for suspicious persons coming onto school grounds are nothing more than the first victims to greet a killer when they arrive at your school.

The Proper Reaction to Active Violence

It is common knowledge by those who train our military, law enforcement, and private trainers in personal protection training, when responding to active violence the only reaction capable of stopping the violent person is by responding with an equal or greater use of force.

However even those who could act as volunteer security will be not effective, unless this system has the proper development, training and equipment for the volunteer(s). A system like this could work with the proper support, development, training and equipment overseen by law enforcement.

“Law Enforcement Officers will Respond”

When we talk about your local law enforcement, they are the response to “the killer embarking on their murder spree, making society pay”. Not every community will be able to afford a paid law enforcement officer stationed in their schools. In some communities, responding officers may be on scene in minutes. In rural areas response times could be as long as a half hour or more depending on where the State Highway Patrol Trooper(s), Sheriff, and Deputies are responding from. In some cases these officers might be the furthest they could be from the scene when they are dispatched to the call. In other parts of our nation they may only have one or two officers for their community. These officers could be at home sleeping after working a night shift only to be awoken by a phone call to come and help.

More gun laws will have limited effects on stopping this type of violence, as criminals do not abide by our current gun laws. If stricter laws were enacted these killers would only find other ways to get firearms, cutting instruments, blunt force weapons, motor vehicles, and so on. These “killers” will still be attracted to places where they expect little to no resistance when they set out to take revenge on our communities.

The real solution is changing the system that uses policies and laws that are ineffectual in deterring and stopping these killers who are bent on taking revenge in our communities.

The only effective way of stopping a violent act or a killer in progress is to use force effectively, quickly, bringing the killer to a stop.

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Matt Schlueter is a retired Deputy Sheriff from South Dakota with over 19 years of combined experience in corrections and law enforcement, and held the position of Firearms Instructor and DARE officer with the Sheriffs Office he worked at till his retirement. He is also a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, and owner/chief instructor of Schlueter Firearms Instruction. Matt’s goal is to provide the best information possible for those who want to further their knowledge and skills in shooting handguns. Matt’s goals also include providing the best training courses possible for students who attended courses he is offering. For those wishing to contact him please visit his website at www.learntwoshoot.com, or www.zwarriortraining.com or you can join him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SchlueterFirearmsInstruction.
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Totidem Verbis

You’re spot on, however who’s willing to listen to reason as you articulated. Emotion vs Logic is an age old problem. How do you reach people who have only two responses, not to listen or “so”? The majority of the issues we have is that we are problem solvers who keep giving in to their demands in return for something they promise. Then we keeping acting surprised when they don’t deliver on their promises. We can’t explain it, try to fix it, comfort them and most of all stop believing they will be good to their word. I see it all of the time where children just get scolded and threaten but thats the extent of it, and they do it again. Its a pain in the ass when you have to stand their with them to makes sure they keep to their word when we would rather be doing something else. But when you no longer trust the other side, you have to be standing right there giving them the skink eye to make sure they don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes.


As usual, very well said Matt. However, the voices of reason are either not being listened to right now or are being drowned out. The political cowards are about to launch their usual knee jerk over-reaction policies. They are imposing more restrictive laws they foolishly HOPE criminals and those who are already mentally gone will follow.

There are some changes that can be made to tighten up things but no one on the other side is prepared to listen to any of our suggestions. Again, they foolishly think more words coded in a book and placed on a shelf will make them safe from the evil in the world. God himself put words on a stone tablet and in holy books of all denominations . . . which are themselves being routinely ignored. Yet, politicians stupidly think THEY can craft more words that will do what God’s coded words have thus far been unable to do.

Matt, what you said makes a lot of sense and I agree with it all. At least you’re not advising us all to hide our identity from our government, as if WE had something to be ashamed about as another author recently stated. They can pass all the laws they want. THIS firearms owner will be holding on to his weapons no matter what they write on a piece of paper. Just as the criminals are ignoring these laws . . . so will I.


No matter your stance on what the president and his underling are proposing, isn’t it kind of funny four of his executive orders are similar to points in this article See the ones taken from Fox News below:

The following is a list, provided by the White House, of executive
actions President Obama plans to take to address gun violence.

12. Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with
proper training for active shooter situations.

13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and
prosecute gun crime.

18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource

19. Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship
and institutions of higher education.


Simple question: how will criminals/psychos (or potential criminals, who don’t follow the law already) follow new laws?


Excellent points, but I’d bet most readers have already figured this out…but wishing the masses being spoon fed what to think by the media could see this.

As someone pointed out, when the NRA suggests putting armed resources in schools, it was an awful idea. When the media’s preferred outlet does so, it’s met with falling all over themselves with awe at the wisdom.

Then there’s the commenters who poo-poo the idea, saying that the concept of if the principal in S.H.E. had been armed, she might have stopped the scumbag…they ENTIRELY miss the point…if said scumbag thought that there MIGHT be someone armed in there, he likely would have gone somewhere else.

Marry Root

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Lorin Chane Partain

These killers keep getting labeled as insane, yet they are sane enough to pick easy targets.


saw Annon’s comments from 16 days ago. Agreed. One problem – our Church (read denomination) has said in their book of resolutions that ALL CHURCH PROPERTIES (my caps) are declared weapons free. Who said that Methodists aren’t liberal?


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