Flashbang Bra Holster Review

Flashbang Holster
Flashbang Holster

As some of you are aware, one of my goals with ArmedCandy is to bring to the market products for women that enhance the shooting and carrying experience. Some of these may be my own designs but many great products already exist. As I explore the currently available options, I share them with you, so that your hunt may be an easier one.

A note before you dive in: This review is of a product that is made for women. There should be very little need for male shooters to weigh in on this article. If you gentlemen do feel so compelled, please, keep it classy. Thank you -ArmedCandy

Ruger LCR
Ruger LCR

I walked into the range and my test group was already playing with the Flashbang Holster and a Ruger LCRevolver. I am immediately terrified as I watch, because the gun is repeatedly pointed at the tester’s left breast. Of course the gun is not loaded, but knowing that the goal of this exercise is to strap a loaded weapon to her chest, that, if positioned correctly, will be pointed at her heart, all day, everyday, makes me question the definition of “success” in this operation. True, the likely-hood of the gun firing, while strapped in place, is minimal, I still find this holster’s configuration concerning. I base this thought mostly on the fact that generally, people shoot themselves when drawing or re-holstering their weapon. (This data was confirmed by multiple shooting instructors.)

Flashbang Holster
Flashbang Holster

The Flashbang Holster is a concept my testers and I love. We are big fans of taking advantage of the female form in order to hide a weapon. In theory, cleavage carry seams like a viable option and the manufacturer’s videos make the holster seem simple and affective.

Flashbang Bra Holster
Flashbang Bra Holster

Then we attempted to install the Flashbang and our confidence went out the window. We just couldn’t get it to sit correctly. The plastic clam-shell came with three different strap lengths for securing the plastic clam-shell to the center band of one’s bra. None of these seemed to be the right length to hold the clam shell where we assumed it was supposed to go. The clam-shell is specific to each gun model and is available for a number of weapons, but in most of the videos, we noticed that the women were demonstrating the holster with the smallest of gun options. Conversely, we were testing with a revolver that is not part of the “smallest gun” category. Still, the holster was offered for this gun model so we pressed on.

I believe our issues began at the packaging. The holster came in a simple plastic zipper bag with a sticker depicting the brands image. Instructions were included explaining how to change the leather straps, but no where was there an explanation of how to wear the holster. We turned to YouTube and found a number of videos but none gave us clear directions. Here is the one upon which we relied:

The group of women I gathered to test the holster represented a range of bra cup sizes and body types and yet, none of us could make the holster sit properly. The busty girls felt that it made them appear asymmetrical, if they could manage to secure the holster at all. The petite woman, who was the only one who got the holster close to working, still had a small central lump appear under her shirt and also complained of breast pain the following day.

Bra Holster
Bra Holster

After a significant amount of time fumbling and poking ourselves, we came to one main conclusion. The smaller the gun, the easier it is to conceal… Wait, we knew that going into this! I could put a Ruger LCP (seen at left) in my pocket and people would just assume it was a cell phone. But frankly, I don’t want to shoot an LCP. I want to carry a gun with which I feel confident. As s**t hits the fan, I’ll be reaching for a weapon with which I often practice, and that doesn’t cause my palms to sting from the recoil. So, I guess I won’t be drawing my gun from a Flashbang Bra Holster. *Sigh* The search continues.

I have heard from women who swear by the Flashbang Holster. I’m glad they have found something that works for them. My test group and I are still hunting for a solution. In the meantime we deal with the difficult balance of weapon preference, comfort and fashion.

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Gabby ArmedCandy is humbly honored to be the first female writer at USA Carry. Compared to the site's other writers, Gabby's interest in firearms began...um, yesterday, but once introduced, she fellinstantly in love with the gun world. With her new passion ignited, she began a female-focused blog and community called ArmedCandy. Gabby hopes to inspire others to learn and explore as she shares her growth and experiences. You can also find Armed Candy on Twitter and Facebook
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Jeff T

You gals are doing it wrong. My wife carries a Diamondback DB9 in either the flashbang or the Marilyn and both ways hide very well. Have you seen the NCIS: Los Angeles episode where the flashbang is featured with a sig P238? The episode title is “Neighborhood watch.


Exactly. The DB9 is tiny.


I have a Bodyguard .380—it works just fine. Actually the greatest idea ever!  Now women can carry one weapon in their purse, one at their waist and one in their bra—sounds reasonable to me!


I’m glad you’ve got something that works for you!


I have a Bodyguard .380 as well, but this holster will not sit correctly. I am on the smallest strap and it fits right until I start walking it falls down and the handle sticks out away from me….maybe this holster just doesn’t fit my body type right.

Kim Bloomenrader

I have the same gun, and have the same issue with the flashbang, besides being uncomfortable, as soon as I start moving around it slips out from under the bra band. I have modified it a bit, and am now straping it to the SIDE of my bra instead of the middle, seems to work a little better.


That happened to me too. Then I realized I strapped it wrong. The snap is facing out and the little tab pointing up. Then I never had the problem again.

Alexandra Meir

I’ve seen on youtube that if you turn the clasp around so the clasp sits on top of the middle of the bra it fixes that issue. I’m currently doing a lot of research to see if this would be right for me.

Trent P.

My wife has two Flashbang holsters. No matter the time of year or choice of public attire, she can carry concealed. When she is ready to leave to house, she loads the firearm, holsters, and then attaches the holster to her bra (per the instructions from Flashbang Holster).
As for your disagreement with the holstered firearm being pointed at your breast, let me point out a few facts. Ankle holster, pointed at essential parts for running away from a fight. Shoulder holster (vertical), pointed at hip, then flagging body parts upon drawing. Shoulder holster (horizontal), pointed at arm, ribs, and people standing behind you. Cross-draw, most of the time pointed at hips, femoral artery, and reproductive organs. Strong-side belt, pointed at hips for those who are “thick”. I think you see my point.


ohhh, that’s why i have a bruise on my chest


Exactly!! good points!


My wife carries her S&W 642 every day in a Flashbang. It sits fine and is never pointed at her breast. I you all may have been doing it wrong. This method of carrying beats any Ive seen do a woman. In sure you’d recommend a strong side FBI cant or some other über tacticool method of carry, but the one thing my wife taught me is that she can carry a gun and still dress like a girl with the Flashbang. That beats the heck out of purse carry or leaving the gun at home!!


I would almost never recommend purse carry. I’m glad your wife uses & likes her Flashbang.


 I carry in my purse all the time because I cannot find a way to appendix carry or carry on my hip without it being obvious & I carry a Ruger LCP.  I would have to buy pants a couple sizes too large & probably wear my husband’s shirts…

How do you carry?

Henry Chinery

Have you tried a SmartCarry?  I carry my 1911-A1 in one.  No one knows I’m carrying unles I tell them.


Hi. COlleen… I have a Ruger LCP also and the flashbang is great for it. Just wore it for 8 hours today. High carry ( so flip the leather band around the other way) and it stayed put. I did have to play around with the proper fit and position for a couple of days but NAILED IT!! Got the fit I want and it was super comfy all day at work today. Keep trying. Flashbang does work for most women. I am a 38 D and short waisted.


Wow, Gabby, I have to respectfully disagree.  I think the Flashbang Holster is the single most appealing and ingenious method of women’s concealed carry on the market to date.  I am able to easily and comfortably conceal even a Glock 19 without any complaints.  If you have any questions as to the correct way to wear the holster I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Lisa Looper, the designer and co owner of Looper Law Enforcement.  I have seen her demonstrate the Flashbang Holster in person and she is very personable.  If the Flashbang still doesn’t work for you I would look into her other women’s concealed carry line of products, specifically The Betty, Marilyn or Sophia.  Good luck!   

Kelly Neely

Which Flashbang holster Model fits the Glock 19? There are 7 choices and I don’t understand what they mean.


Well, I realize this was intended for females and I do think the article was pretty good!   The only thing I would like to say as a male is there really is no ring the rules all other rings and no holster that rules all other holsters.   What works for some, will not work for others.   At the end of the day whatever works for you and your weapon(s) is the best holster for you.


That explains Humphrey Bogarts famous line ‘ She was pointing a pair of 38’s at me , she had a gun too ‘ .


good article thanks for posting it 
seems it would make better sense to angle the muzzle  up pointing toward the left shoulder and the butt of the gun under the left boob if your right handed  if wearing a bra holster  which i would never wear myself it just seems more natural to conceal a gun at the waist imo 

Tom Dunne



How is a holster attached to my bra NOT “female friendly”?

My female CCW students LIKE the Flash Bang holster. Several are now using it.  With safety being a key point, it’s very nice that the trigger guard is completely covered by the holster and is NOT accessible during the draw.  Plus, it is not until the firearm is already out being quickly presented in the direction of the threat that the user can then move their finger into the trigger guard.  – Captain Mike. CCW.Instructor@gmx.com


thank you for pointing the trigger issue that some people have with this set up. what you say is true. I wish more people would realize that they should NOT put their finger on the trigger until they intend to shoot. It’s not draw and shoot simultaneously… UGH. Anyway, it would be a good idea to practice the muscle memory side of the issue before actually loading the firearm and cc’ing. Practice, practice until it becomes natural. ( and safe)


I was disappointed with my Flashbang when I first received it and couldn’t get it to fit right either. After several google searches and looking at images, I realized what the instructions meant about turning the strap around. When I was first trying it, it basically hung under my bra – turning the strap around and having it attach so the snap is at the top not the bottom gave me a much better fit. That way for me, it’s very comfortable and very concealed – I can even wear most of my tank tops with it without a bulge (although I carry an LC9 which is pretty small) It can be quite hot though IMO. I use it about half the time and an IWB the other half.


I have found that the holster made by “Naturally Concealed” works great for me.  I am a large, full busted women, and am able to conceal my M&P 9mm compact comfortably and with no problem.


As a guy my opinion means very little hear on this product, but I’m also a holster maker and firearms instructor.

I see some serious safety issues with this product that was not explained in the article. The angle, lack of a retention strap over the handle of the gun, and only one leather bra attachment strap is something that concerns me. The fact the gun does point at the breast and arm of a woman concerns me.

It’s a interesting concept, but I think the product in the infancy stage right now and I would not recommend it, nor would I wear it if I was a woman for the above reasons.

Hannah Eison

Have you handled one? I own one and the clam shell is VERY snug. Not sure why my arm would be in danger, could see the underside of the left boob being in firing range, but with the trigger guard covered that isn’t likely to happen at all as you don’t put your finger in the guard until ready to fire. Anyway, from a woman’s perspective, and from my hubby’s perspective (firearms instructor and LEO for 20+ years, he is very picky on MY holsters, 🙂 ) these work very well.


OK, now as a man, when I first stumbled on this product I had the obligatory snickers and smiles… BUT…. I have my CCW. My wife has her CCW. I carry 100% of the time. She finds it difficult to carry at all. I have been trying to get her to carry for years. It’s a rough world out there and I want her and our little girl to have a chance at whatever comes their way. After looking a bit more at the product and viewing some demo videos, I forwarded it on to my wife. She forwarded me this article. FINALLY she’s excited about a method for carrying and believes she might be inclined to do so regularly. Thanks for the review. I have high hopes for what appears to be a surprisingly simple, yet innovative, mode specifically geared (as stated above) for the female form. RVS


I tried the flashbang for quite a while. Thankfully Lisa gave me a refund. If I bent over to tie my shoes or pick something up, my G27 would rotate and there would be this big “THING” poking out between my breasts. Visions of “Alien” came to mind!

It was a good idea; it just needs something other than one leather strap to secure it. I’m back to my Crossbreed IWB for everyday carry.

Great article, by the way! Keep up the good work.

Molly B.

I have had the original Flashbang for my Ruger LCP for about a year now and am another very satisfied user. While it is not my favorite holster, because it can get hot/sweaty on these 95 degree, humid days…it DEFINITELY serves a great purpose in allowing me to carry on body no matter what I am wearing. It completely conceals, but you do have to put the strap over the top of your bra so the gun is more tucked up there, instead of dangling down. I actually made a little adjustment to my bras and the gun is super stable…but even without that, this holster is a handy thing to have. I wear it whenever I am dressed up, when I am going clothes shopping (so I don”t have to bother taking off my gun when trying clothes on), and often in the warmer weather when I have skimpier clothing on – light, thin tanks and shorts. I only wear shorter dresses, so it works fine for those – it would be a problem trying to reach up under a maxi dress! I am a very safety conscious person and feel comfortable with the holster. With the fully covered trigger and a very securely seated gun, I have no issue with it the barrel being – basically under – my left breast. The motion of the draw is done by grasping the gun and putting pressure on the gun downward to free it from the plastic clamshell and then sweeping it to the face front. So the gun starts horizontal – in front of the body, facing left, (not pointing at your arm which should have used to lift your shirt) and as it comes out of the holster, the muzzle either stays in a horizontal position or drops slightly toward the ground, then swing 90 degrees in front of you to face your attacker. So, I don’t feel it compromises my safety. Similarly to my LCP, which isn’t my favorite carry option, it serves a great function, in allowing me to be armed and concealed in situations where a larger gun just wouldn’t be feasible.


several items came to mind as I read your review. 1. “… if positioned correctly, will be pointed at her heart…”. How is this pointed at your heart? I guess you don’t know where your heart is. 2. A lot of women shoot the LCP. No they don’t shoot 50 rounds through it at practice because after a few clip-fulls, it does sting the hand. but in all fairness, in a situation where you’ll need it, you’ll never feel the recoil nor hear the bang. If that’s the gun that’s the most concealable, then you’re a lot more likely to have it with you. The large revolver left at home because you couldn’t conceal it is useless, no matter how many times you shot it at the target range. 3. This same company makes a couple other options, one is the Marilyn, which still uses the bra but sits in the top for easy access when wearing a dress or loose-top, v-neck shirt. They also make two other models you might like more. 4. Learn your left from your right. The pictures of the LCP is on the right, not the left in your article. Conclusion: This holster assessment was done by a woman who didn’t ask a man for help to figure out how it all works. Case closed


you had me agreeing with you till that last comment…I resent that…I just think she was calling things as she sees them and it wasn’t a male vs female thing it was just she didn’t have a lot of help trying to figure this new piece of aquipment out.


For deep concealment of a firearm the smallest lightest gun is the choice. Unfortunately those guns are not fun to shoot. They are not designed to be fun to shoot. They are not duty guns, range guns,or game guns. They are for emergencies only. Sure you have to shoot your gun a couple of times a year to be sure it works and it functions with the ammo you choose but it is not like you will be shooting it on a regular basis. This review says “As s**t hits the fan, I’ll be reaching for a weapon with which I often
practice, and that doesn’t cause my palms to sting from the recoil.” I would that if you have to use your gun to protect yourself or loved ones from harm why would you care that your hand stings a little. In fact I could argue that you might not even feel the recoil or hear the report. Maybe a little later after things settle down a little there might be some sting in your palm. But so what that minor pain will just serve to remind you that you are still alive and intact.


I agree. I think you need to carry a gun for the specific purpose you own it. I have the Ruger LCR and altho with .357 shells it has a kick you can use .38 for less of one. I got that gun to take while I run on trails. I do prefer larger guns but for running I need a lightweight one. As you say you wont really be thinking wow this kick is going to hurt my hand. I will be thinking get this creep off me or stop eating my dog you crazed coyote !

roadcop training instructor

I was at the range yesterday with a 73 year old woman I’ve been shooting with for over a year. It started out as a couple of paid lessons and blossomed into a quick friendship. She is a safer, better shot than most of the guys I shoot with and I often opt to spend my “personal” range time with her..We met up with a mid 60 year old who just got her FLA carry and was testing an H&K 9mm because she wanted a gun that would definitely kill (eeek!) and planned on carrying in a bra holster. I explained that this wasn’t possible based on gun size, her build etc, at which point she went to the Taurus JUDGE! She coudn’t handle her daughters 9mm..
Ladies, if you’re going to carry, particularly at night, please go for a purse with a gun compartment built in. The weapon sits at a 45* angle with the barrel pointed forward and down and you can walk along with your hand on the pistol inside the compartment without being noticeable.Should the need arise, you could even point your purse at the assailant and squeeze off a round or two. No fumbling, fuss or muss, and the ability to carry a REVOLVER (my recommendation for a fail safe defense piece due to reliability) with a 4 inch barrel to help balance bigger loads .38 special, .38+P or .357 magnum. I’m also a fan of .357’s because of the variety of ammo you can use (all of the above).
Take classes and aim for center mass. police officers statiscally miss the first 3-5 shots at ranges of under 10 feet and a bullet travels a long way!
Lastly, practice, practice, practice..Know your forearm and practice after ALWAYS, no matter how sure you are, CHECK FOR AMMO IN THE GUN before doing so..A good shooter will double and triple check a semi automatic before handing it to you let alone dry (test) or practice firing..
Stay safe!!

Callie W.

I am a small framed woman that wears 34C underwire bras. The Flashbang is disappointing in the concealed department. I carry a LCP .380 Ruger and there is no way this gun fits in my bra and doesn’t show. It stretches one side of my bra cup further than the other and the underwire sticks out from my body the width of the holster and gun.

It’s okay if you don’t care about comfort, concealment, or support for your tatas. When I wear the holster with a sports bra during exercise it looks like my sternum (the snap) is protruding from my body.


I bought a flashbang from Looper for my Springfield XD Subcompact 40cal and it does NOT fit my gun….If the sights were not on it, then it would fit good!! But I need that there!! The holster is too small….so be careful if you buy a flashbang from Looper that is for a Springfield XD… it does not fit the gun


I. Own one and wear it everyday and don’t have a problem. You can see it if I wear a really right shirt but that’s it. I never have had a problem with it except the first day when I strapped it on upside down. The strap I mean. I’m looking at buying another one.

why isn’t there one for the Bersa 380cc

Lori Beyer

I would NOT recommend this holster. Super uncomfortable and it all
around poor design. Good theory but it just doesn’t work!!

l smith

I am a busty girl (DDD cup size) I just sent my flash bang holster back for a refund because after having it for a month of constantly wearing it and readjusting it I could never get it to sit properly. I am a plus size woman and I have yet to find a holster that I can comfortably wear. I have a ruger lcp. But just got a ruger lc9. I have tried white hat IWB holster, N82 (which my husband loves for his baby block) and the flash bang. None of which I was impressed with the fitting. Lately I have just been putting the ruger down in my bra or in my pocket.

Zuly C

I’m a new gun owner, and I’m having trouble deciding on a cc holster. I love the concept of the Looper Flashbang and Marilyn holsters, but they don’t make them for the Ruger SR9c. Do you know of any similar holsters that would work for my gun? Not sure if I’d like IWB or OWB, since I don’t often wear loose fitting tops. Thanks.


Has any one used the glock 27 or is it to big


Has any body used it for a glock 27. When it be to big to hide.


I have a Ruger .357 and have not had any luck wearing the flashbang.
It pops out though the strap is secure enough that it wont fall, it flips put of my bra and it looks like an alien is trying top escape. I have tried all the straps to see if it helps and no luck.
I have yet to successfully wear it so its collecting dust as we speak.

Jessie G

I am a B cup and have gone through every bra in my ‘arsenal’ looking for a perfect fit for this holster. I would love to hear what brands of bras out there actually work with this. One would assume that you can only conceal this if your bosom is large enough, but I have seen many YouTube videos of women smaller chested than I having success with this product so I decided to waste my money and give it a go. The problem, of which FlashBang Co. is aware, is that it is not designed with a good center of gravity. The screw and snap are placed on the side of the holster away from your body. The SIDE, not the top. Even tucked under your bra cup, if you make any sudden movement it flips up and becomes situated with the top of your pistol on your sternum and the handle/magazine facing straight out. I wish I could post a photo here, but try to imagine. It’s one thing to have to fight it to keep it concealed in it’s normal position, but this is crazy. I think if the screw/snap were at the top it would hang down against your body and stay put, for the most part. It’s totally uncomfortable and keeps the barrel pointed right at your breast, not underneath it. Kinda scary with a Ruger LCP which doesn’t have a safety.