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Things to know about KYDEX holsters

Things to know about KYDEX holsters

KYDEX was the invented by the Rohm and Haas Company, which was a materials manufacturer that worked in the aircraft interior industry. In the later part of 1960’s, industries realized that KYEDX thermoplastic sheets can be made into various shapes. This is achieved with the application of heat and molding the material around forms. Right before the turn…

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Makeshift Holster

Options For A “No Budget” Holster

It's possible – there's a conceivable chance that for whatever reason, you don't have a holster handy and you need to carry. A lot of this can be eliminated by planning ahead but being adaptable is a good trait as far as concealed carry goes. In this article, we'll discuss some improvised options and the…

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Summer Concealed Carry

Summer Concealed Carry: Hiding A Heater When It’s Hot

Summer concealed carry can be a different animal than carry during the rest of the year. It isn't as easy for a lot of people to keep concealment or carry comfortably due to the increase in temperatures and reduced layering. How do you overcome these things? You wouldn't want to stop carrying during the hot…

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process of gun safety

Gun Safety Is A Process, Not A State

Gun safety is not confined to a single thing a person does when it comes to carrying, storing or using firearms. It's a holistic process and a philosophy of owning and carrying firearms. Gun safety isn't a state of existence; it's something a person has to practice all the time. Safe Gun Storage Shooting safety…

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Appendix Carry

Appendix Carry Wildly Popular Despite Critics Objections

Up until the past few years, the practice of "appendix carry" was formerly dismissed as being too dangerous. You'll shoot yourself, detractors say, and you may be covering something with the muzzle that you really don't want to destroy, or something along those lines. Appendix carry is not any more dangerous than any other carry…

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[HOLSTER REVIEW] The Urban Carry Holster

[HOLSTER REVIEW] The Urban Carry Holster

There is a new, innovative concept and design for an Inside-the Waistband (IWB) holster. It sits inside and below-the-waistband for deep concealment and has a leather flap with a magnet attached that connects to a metal clip which fits over the belt. The only thing you see when the holster is properly attached is a…

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Brave Response Holster Review

Brave Response Holster Review

A large number of students, including several females, have said they would like a lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable holster that is easy and quick to put on and take off, doesn't "break the bank" in cost, that could be worn casually without a belt, and would work with more than one model handgun. The females…

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How To Carry A Concealed Carry Gun On A Motorcycle

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to riding a motorcycle with a concealed carry pistol.  A lot of how you can learn to be comfortable riding a motorcycle with your CC pistol is taking a look at how you’re situated on the bike. The three basic seating configurations (with a lot of varying extremes)…

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